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I offer a variety of programs, sessions, coaching and retreats on well-being, work/life balance, changing habits, effective communication, emotional intelligence, leadership skills and making lasting change.

Whether it’s in the workplace or in your personal life, you bring your whole self where ever you go. Learn tools, techniques and strategies how to increase your mind-body connection, performance, creativity and life satisfaction. Be it 1:1 coaching, workplace excellence sessions for your team or a wellness retreat for your organization. I am here to serve you.

Menu of Offerings

  • Lunch & Learns – at your business, office, school, community (1 hour)
  • Retreats (half day, full day, 2 – 3 day) –  corporate, staff, team, groups, party, masterminds
  • Corporate Leadership Workshops (1 hour, 2 hour, 1/2 day, full day) – course descriptions below
  • Workplace Excellence Series – 10 modules (see Workplace Excellence tab)
  • Customized Mind-Body Wellness program (see Mind-Body Wellness tab)
  • Hungry For More mindful eating + nourishment program – (webinar or in-person) or condensed 1-day retreat
  • Speaker (see Book Julie To Speak tab)
  • Women’s Mindfulness Retreats
  • Girl Empowerment programs – builds self-confidence, self-love, mindfulness with barefoot flow movements
  • Group Coaching – organizational, team, family, group
  • 1:1 Individual Coaching

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Corporate Leadership Sessions


Emotional Intelligence Course

Emotional Intelligence is crucial to creating and maintaining a vibrant, productive, healthy and successful company. Building keen self and social awareness generates positive relationships, effective communication and increased productivity. There is an enormous advantage to understanding the role emotions can play when leading and interacting with teammates. Research shows that 60% of workplace success is linked to Emotional Intelligence. Knowing how to manage emotions is a key component to creating synergies that can be a foundation for a more successful workplace. In this course, participants will learn strategies to better navigate their emotions and key techniques how to use a non-reactive approach to managing one’s emotions within the organization. Unlike IQ, Emotional Intelligence can be developed. Fostering an environment that develops Emotional Intelligence is critical to the flourishing of any organization looking to expand and achieve greater heights.


Growth Mindset Course

Creating a growth mindset within an organization promotes a culture of positivity, creative thinking and openness to change. Foundationally, many people get stuck in a fixed mindset, which hinders the ability to learn, grow and perform new actions, which results in distress, frustration and often job dissatisfaction. Learning how to change your thoughts and beliefs, to develop a growth mindset is crucial to fostering an atmosphere of inspiration, creativity, innovation and productivity. In this course, participants will explore techniques and strategies around mindset and semantics as well as developing a proficient understanding of fixed vs. growth mindset and how to constantly cultivate a successful mentality.



Mindfulness in the Workplace Course

Mindfulness has been proven to create happier, more productive and innovative employees within organizations. Google has seen the return on investment of creating a mindfulness program, Search Inside Yourself, geared towards teaching employees how to pause, reflect, focus, breathe, adding more mindfulness to all aspects of their lives. Research shows that learning how to pay attention to the moment without judgment or criticism can decrease reactivity and impulsivity, slow down your stress response, improve your immune system function and positively affect your blood chemistry. Participants will learn and experience mindfulness and meditation techniques, better understand the basic neuroscience behind mindfulness and explore the mind-body connection. By consistently applying these mindfulness techniques, participants will positively shape and alter the way they handle work related projects, relationships and stress.


Personal Accountability Leadership Skills Course

Taking ownership of actions and skillful leadership is crucial for developing, supporting and maintaining a healthy and robust organization. This experiential and practical skill-building course provides both seasoned and new employees with a concentrated focus on maintaining positive relationships as well as in- depth tools and techniques applicable in any position. Participants will learn to ask different kinds of questions focusing on personal responsibility; using action verbs, how and what instead of why and ‘I’ statements. They will also explore their values, leadership styles and key components to being a skilled leader.


Version 2

Mind-Body Wellness Programs

Did you know that your mind and body is connected (scientifically proven). That you have more sensory neurons in your gut than in your brain (no wonder you get gut feelings). Or that any habit you’re not thrilled with is changeable (key ingredients: action and accountability).

Whether it’s a lunch & learn session, a half day retreat or customized wellness program, I will engage, teach and guide you to  understand how change works in your brain (i.e. neuroplasticity, trust me, this word will become your new best friend), the unbelievable benefits of meditation (breathing & sitting still), why mindfulness is crucial for optimal health, how to eat with more awareness and achieve your well-being goals.

Scroll below to get a glimpse of past events & offerings…

Partial List of Clients:

University of Maryland Baltimore County Training Centers

Georgetown University School of Continuing Education

Social Security Administration (SSA)

Anne Arundel Workforce Development Cooperation

BW Primary Care – Bridge to Wellness

Maryland University of Integrative Health


World Wildlife Fund

Canyon Ranch Resort & Spa

The American Society of Hematology


Harkins Builders, Inc.

Associated Builders & Contractors


Mellennial Media


Panera Bread

HowGirlsCode (Mind-Body-Coding Camp)

International Coaching Federation (ICF) Maryland Chapter

University of Maryland Baltimore County Admissions Department

Haven on the Lake Spa & Retreat

Maple Lawn Women’s Networking Group

Collaborative Divorce Association, Inc.

Rock Creek Sports Club

Photo Gallery

Teaching Essential Leadership skills in front of a live studio audience at SSA.


Gearing up before my live recorded class on Being a Skillful Supervisor at SSA.











4WEB (403 of 448)

Vision Boards 101 Course


Key learnings and take-aways for cyber security students in two day Workplace Excellence training.


Vision Board 101 session with Maple Lawn Women’s Networking group.


Nutrition 101 and Healthy Habits group session for students in the HowGirlsCode Mind-Body-Coding camp at UMBC.


The Am I Hungry?® Mindful Eating weekend retreat at Maryland University of Integrative Health. Warning: this program will change your life.

















Teaching 1 of 10 Workplace Excellence modules; adaptability, with cyber security students.








Fox News interview for the mind-body program with the HowGirlsCode camp.










Mind-Body-Flow class with third graders in the HowGirlsCode camp at UMBC.


HowGirlsCode participant reflecting on what she’s grateful for.










Getting creative with personalized vision boards…

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 4.03.22 PM

Interview for Happy, Healthy, You on overcoming emotional eating.


Being grounded like a tree (while having fun) at the HowGirlsCode camp.


Reviewing healthy nutrition tips and facts to over 60+ girls at the Mind-Body-Coding camp at UMBC.



girlPower session with super strong and fabulous participants.


Discussion about changing habit patterns in the Am I Hungry Mindful Eating weekend program at Maryland University of Integrative Health.


Leading a Mind-Body Flow class with participants at Haven on the Lake, Columbia, MD.























Mary’s powerful vision board from my course: Vision Board 101 – Find Your Purpose and Passion course at the Maple Lawn Women’s Networking Group.

athleta shot

Fun opp to share, show and teach at Athleta in Georgetown.







Speaking on Nourishment: Mind, Body + Soul at the Beth El Soul Center in Baltimore, MD.

Realign with your natural state of joy (we get it, often this feels lost)…Joy Camp is all about re-finding your joy, rebooting and creating a life you love. Join us in Scottsdale AZ | June 5 – 8 | A life changing retreat for women|
























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