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Meyers-Briggs Training : Organization wide, Teams + Individuals

    • Improve Communication & Team Dynamics
  • Deepen Individual Self-awareness
  • Boost Team Performance
  • Understand Personality Types Working Together
  • Increase Work Effectiveness & Excellence

Millions of people throughout the world take the MBTI assessment each year.

Book a one, two or three day training for your company or team. All participants will take the assessment followed by an in-depth overview of personality types, how they interface with each other, interactive group activities and engaging new ways to understand each type.

Julie is a Certified MBTI Practitioner

The Workplace Excellence Series

Delivering Essential Skills for Workplace Success

The Workplace Excellence Series is designed to help people understand and deliver the essential workplace skills that companies demand today. Participants of the ten-module program will gain a better understanding of the employer’s perspective, practical skills, and the “bottom line” in ten essential areas.

  • Incumbent workers learn to deliver greater value that builds career and company success.
  • Students increase appreciation for their education, and build habits for future career success.
  • Job seekers learn to show their value to prospective employers and get hired faster.

Use the whole series, or select modules to meet individualized needs. Facilitation guides, slide presentations, and supporting materials are available for each module.

1. Adaptability

navigating success in the changing workplace

Today’s workplace is changing faster than ever, and companies need employees to respond appropriately and efficiently. Participants in this module will learn strategies for succeeding in a  changing environment, improving personal adaptability, and managing stress.

2. Communicationability

verbal & non-berbal communication in the workplace

Companies can’t success if employees do not communicate clearly. This module will help trainees gain tools to improve verbal and non-verbal communication, learn the importance of active listening, and tips for effective greetings and introductions.

3. Dependability

maximizing your time in the workplace

More than being ‘on time‘ and working efficiently, companies need employees to use their time wisely. In this module, participants learn a 5-step process plus strategies to focus on top priorities; stay engaged and productive; and avoid procrastination.

4. Presentability

displaying the image of your workplace

Companies need employees who positively display their image. Trainees gain a basic understanding of excellent professional presentation, plus how to identify and cultivate the company image, build a wardrobe quickly and affordably, and continuously improve.

5. Reasonability

managing your mindset in the workplace

Companies want employees who consistently maintain a productive mindset. Participants discover how to identify, adjust and improve problem outcomes, and practical ways to cultivate reasoning and a mindset that leads to success.

6. Respectability

thriving in the multi-generational workplace

Companies need employees who get along and bring out the best in others. Participants gain an understanding of the five generations in the workforce, and learn strategies to appreciate differences, play to everyone’s strengths, and improve the ability to thrive.

7. Suitability

fitting into the culture of the workplace

Companies hire people who can do the job and who fit into the culture. Participants find out why work culture is important, and how to successfully learn, adopt, and promote the culture of the industry, company, and/or department.

8. Transitionability

making a smooth job transition

Employers expect employees to manage their personal lives in ways that support company success. Participants in this module learn how to prepare for a new job, succeed in the first 90 days, and maintain life/work balance for personal, career and company health.

9. Workability

realities & expectations in today’s workplace

In the changing workplace, companies set expectations for employees to meet or exceed. Participants gain an understanding of today’s realities, expectations, and their role in supporting the bottom-line; how to increase profit, earn their keep and their raises, and exceed expectations.

10. Writeability

written communication in the workplace

Writing is a part of every job, and often used to measure capability. This module teaches the rules for today, how to craft and deliver messages, writing effective emails, a crash course in social media, and tips for workplace texting and replying to messages.

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