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Client Love…

With loads of gratitude 

Your coaching has been SO helpful for me, Julie! I feel very blessed to have your support. You are a joy and inspiration!

— Sage L.


I hired Julie to be my personal Life Coach and it was the best decision I could possibly make to help progress my life to the next level. Working with Julie is like an out of body experience where she helps me see what I’m doing and not doing, from a birds eye view. Together we explored where I truly want my life to go and I was able to finally see what it is I truly want out of my life. We explored the reasons why I’m not where I want to be and all the things that were holding me back. Then we came up with a way forward that was achievable and realistic. Needless to say, my life took a turn for the better! With Julie’s coaching, I started creating a plan for each day, I began to reflect and learn better, and I started to grow my business. The best part is that I’m now actually aware of the things that are holding me back, even though most of them are subconscious. 

I highly recommend Julie as a coach to anyone who may not be where they want to be in life and aren’t really sure how to take the first steps towards achieving the life they want!

 — Eric K. ||

Eric pro picture

Julie is one of the most skilled Workplace Excellence facilitators I’ve worked with. She is a dynamic presenter who connects brilliantly and naturally with her participants. Julie has a high level of knowledge and a love for the material, she is authentic, engaging and excellent at creating an interactive environment for optimal learning. We would love Julie to continue teaching our Workplace Excellence course to our varied clients. I can’t recommend Julie enough – – you’ll love her teaching style, personality and positive attitude.

–LeVorn Smalley, Cyber Works Coordinator and Industry Navigator IT/Cybersecurity, AAWDC


Julie teaches our leaders how to avoid victim thinking, expand their horizons and use powerful communication skills, guiding them to be more innovative, creative, empathetic and successful individuals and leaders. I recommend Julie to anyone seeking an intuitive, engaging, transformative and inspiring speaker with a splash of wit.

— Gib MasonCOO, VP Finance & Administration, Board of Directors UMBC Training Centers, Former CFO & President, 180s


Julie is a bright, dynamic and highly perceptive facilitator. She recently helped our University to plan and implement an ambitious cultural orientation for faculty and staff. She made us feel at ease and quickly earned our trust. Julie was an extraordinary facilitator; amazingly responsive to the participants, intuitively sensing when the energy needed to shift and she kept the program moving smoothly and seamlessly. Julie has the perfect combination of intellect and warmth. She truly shines in front of a group where she presents powerfully yet remains highly approachable. We want to hire her to lead all of our future orientations and other programs.

— Gail Doerr, Vice President for Marketing and Enrollment Management, Maryland University of Integrative Health


Julie brings a tremendous amount of compassion, listening and intuition to the table in her coaching sessions. Her enthusiasm for my success has been heart-warming and inspiring, and brings a sense of unity to each session. I’m typically not one to seek out external help so Julie’s style of listening and giving me space to talk through my thoughts is invaluable. I’m truly grateful for Julie’s presence, spot-on observations, ability to listen without an agenda and intuition.

— Wendy R.

Julie is a phenomenal coach! We developed a program together that twas tailored to my needs. She offers warmth, understanding, encouragement and a push when needed. I always felt heard and taken care of. She is knowledgable and experienced, which shows loud and clear in her coaching.

— Kathy O.

Julie was an integral instructor at the HowGirlsCode Summer Camp where she helped the girls develop not only their minds but also their emotions, breathing & flexibility. Combining classroom learning with mindfulness and yoga made the week much more dynamic, healthy and fun. One parent commented, “My daughter now notices when I am tense and shows me yoga poses that will help me to relax.

— Kathleen Egan, President, HowGirlsCode

Julie’s energy is absolutely infectious. She is truly gifted as a coach. When you’re ready to take charge of your life, Julie can show you how to grab the reins. I’m extremely thankful for having her as a coach.

—Chris R.

Julie gave an authentic, engaging, and empowering speech at our event.  I highly recommend her as an impactful speaker for your event.  I am sure she will deliver an incredible speech that will inspire and motivate your clients.

— Ash Shukla, CEO of Financial Chakras

You have helped me to enrich my life in so many ways and I just want you to know how grateful for that.  I think the world is a better place for Julie being in it!!!!  Thank for you sharing your gift with so many of us and letting us pass your light on.  You are exactly where your gifts bring you and I am so happy that you are my coach.

— Christine P.

Coaching with Julie was an incredible experience. At first I didn’t know what to expect, and Julie showed compassion, empathy and a desire to guide and help. She really got me thinking about aspects of my life in a new way and look at areas I hadn’t thought about. I’d highly recommend Julie to be your coach!

— Courtney M.

I am so thankful we met and to have Julie now as my coach! She has been wonderful keeping me on track and getting me to a better place. I am thrilled to be working with Julie and I love all the things she has helped me work on and change.

— Grace G.


In the press…

as seen in

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The Baltimore Sun

So, ya may not have known this about me, but I’ve got an extensive background in health and wellness related on-camera TV & Film work – in hosting, voice overs and modeling (another gift – given my emotional eating past).

I’m quite thankful to have been featured for Canyon Ranch Resort & Spa in June 2013 & September 2014 HEALTH magazine, July & Aug 2013 & September 2014 MORE magazine, June & September 2014 & July 2015 New York Times magazine, June 2014 & July 2105 Boston Globe and September 2015 Town & Country magazine.

In the summer of 2015, grateful to share that two of my Canyon Ranch Resort & Spa photos appeared in the Manhattan subway – all about mindfulness and well-being.

Bet ya also didn’t know I’m in a bladder control commercial for Chesapeake Urology (yup, you read that right) or hosted a  KRAFT snack commercial making butterflies with cheese & veggies with a boy who is not my son (he played it well). Additionally, I had the good fortune to host over 20 US News & World Report ‘Best of Travel’ segments, WBAL-TV cooking shows and other health related programs.

I’m darn grateful for being chosen to represent an authentic and realistic healthy life.

Down the road dreams: Publish my book, Get a PhD in YOU, tour with my film, ‘Hungry For More’ (my journey with emotional overeating to self love), and host an interactive show on living powerfully + highlighting your life changes…stay tuned!


I had the pleasure of doing a shoot on healthy living and well-being for Virginia Parks & Recreation. The focus was to motivate community members to live healthier lives around movement, eating well and connecting with others. A shout out to Don Sweeney, phenomenal photographer.

Arianna Huffington at the GMU Lead To Wellbeing Conference

I love Arianna Huffington! She is a global leader, inspirer of a new well-being model and I quote and mention her in my book (hence happily giving her a copy)

New York Times best selling author, Tucker Max

Hanging with Hal Elrod, best-selling author of The Miracle Morning (thrilled he endorsed me book)

Laughing with Jon Berghoff, world-class trainer and founder of The Flourish Leadership Institute, business partner with Hal Elrod and creator of the Best Year Ever Blue Print Event and Quantum Leap Mastermind

Published Thoughts…

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Healing Presence Focus at  Maryland University of Integrative Health


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“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.

Live the life you imagined!”

— Thoreau


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