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Read here to learn why I so get struggling with emotional overeating and how to create life lasting change. Ready to shift your relationship to food and your body? Contact moi here for a FREE discovery coaching session. Let's do this (together).   [Keep reading...]

Hey you!

Ready to design your BEST life? You are so in the right place. I know so because I have redesigned my own life many a time. I truly know what it takes. I'm here to guide YOU to do the same. Ready? Come over and join me on my site for tips and ways to get [Keep reading...]

Podcast: Living An Empowered Life

Had so much fun on  this podcast with awesome hosts, Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonnar. Tune in here!     [Keep reading...]

The 3 Important Questions To Ask Yourself

The 3 Most Important Questions To Ask Yourself

VoicePenPurpose Podcast on Becoming An Author

If you are an aspiring writer or wondering how to get started with writing, check out the Podcast I did with Amy Brooks, host of VoicePenPurpose. I have some creative tips that helped me get unstuck. Excited to share them with YOU. Go here to listen [Keep reading...]

Julie on the Mindful Movement Podcast with Sara Raymond

Listen HERE for a rich conversation with podcast host, Sara Raymond of the Mindful Movement, all about how to add more mindfulness, attention and intention in your life. Sara is a host, pilates teacher and studio owner and wise woman all about mindfulness. To listen to more of Sara's Mindful Movement podcasts and check out her [Keep reading...]

Julie on the True Conversations Podcast on Self-Love with Meghan Enriquez

Listen HERE for my in-depth conversation with Meghan Enriquez, host of the podcast True Conversations, on how to REALLY develop kindness and love with yourself (beyond what you can imagine). Check out more amazing True Conversation podcasts: Enjoy [Keep reading...]

Julie on the Tranquility du Jour Podcast – Get a PhD in YOU

I had the honor of being a guest on host Kimberly Wilson's delicious podcast, Tranquility du Jour. Listen HERE for our conversation regarding making real changes in your life and strategies how to do so (real-deal authentic talk here) from my book, Get a PhD in YOU. Kimberly is the author of 8 books, owner of [Keep reading...]

Julie on The Nice Guys on Business Podcast

Listen HERE to an in depth discussion on current events, including our thoughts on how to tamper anger and add calm (re: the CEO of Uber loosing his temper). Please note: if little ones near by, adult language used.   [Keep reading...]

The 5 Gifts of Anger

Thrilled to share this article I recently published HERE on Thrive Global, Arianna Huffington's new platform to empower all of humanity to thrive [Keep reading...]

Designing Your Best Life on Happy, Healthy You!

Learn to design your BEST life on Connie Bowman's powerful podcast, Happy, Healthy You HERE!   [Keep reading...]

My Path To Sacred Self-Discovery

You've got to check out the Wellness Universe. It is a platform filled with so much inspiration, positivity, resources, events and people focused on adding more love to the planet. Thrilled my blog was just featured here:    [Keep reading...]

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