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The 5 Reasons Why Thyroid Disease Is My Biggest Gift

If you have ever struggled with Thyroid disease or any physical ailment, I know you'll find this helpful...

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Mala Bead Magic

Ever wondering what the heck all the rage is about mala bead necklaces?

Check out my short video tutorial here with Made As Intended Jewelry (their malas are gorgeous and well priced) here

Getting Off The Shame Train

Watch the sneak peak here.

I created HUNGRY FOR MORE, to help break the silence around emotional eating (in truth, could relate to any way we sooth and comfort ourselves from outside sources). This is all about my journey about seeking self love in boxes, bags and in ice cream cones to finally finding self love from within. While this film is about my experiences, I created it to engage you - to illuminate what's possible in the darkest of moments. My friends, this is our journey and together we can change our thoughts, experiences and ability to love ourselves and the planet more. For more info on showing HUNGRY FOR MORE, go to my Events page.

I Hope You’ll Dance

Read my article here on Unsung Sheroes :: Women Acknowledging Women, where I share about my childhood love for dance, and how I let someone's careless comment about me, take me away from what I loved for nearly 20 years. "Dancing had been my sacred experience of release and self love...   [Keep reading...]

Joy Camp – A Life Changing Retreat for Women

Watch here to get a sense of our retreat and stay tuned, my friends. [Keep reading...]

Podcast in: Sacred Time – The Benefits of Retreats

Taking time to 'retreat' in a society that has most of us on autopilot, is crucial for our mental well-being and critical to destress and cultivate a life full of presence, intention and recharging our inner batteries. Join Connie Bowman, Host of Happy Healthy You, author and actress, and me for a podcast all about the importance of retreats and our JOY CAMP Retreat in Scottsdale, AZ this June. For more info on Joy Camp, go to 'Events'

Podcast in: Super You! Advanced Goal Setting Podcast

Listen here to learn how to make your 2016 life goals stick and come to fruition. Pinky swear promise. We have fun + you'll dig this!   [Keep reading...]

Hungry For More

Read here to learn why I so get struggling with emotional overeating and how to create life lasting change. Ready to shift your relationship to food and your body? Contact moi here for a FREE discovery coaching session. Let's do this (together).   [Keep reading...]

3 Secrets for Making + Keeping Your Resolutions

Learn how to make goals that will stick AND that you will stick with! Promise, this one is helpful + fun.

Podcast in: Mindful Eating – How to Take Control of Your Health and Wellbeing

Listen here to the Dr. Gwen Show about how to start listening to your body and change your relationship to food and with yourself.   [Keep reading...]

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