Cindy Petsche

Life Designer®️ Coach

I’ve spent most of my professional career in sales, specifically selling software in the association and not-for-profit space.  Over the course of my career, I was recognized consistently as the top revenue producer for the companies I represented.  While I’ve enjoyed my career and it brought me success and recognition, I’ve always felt the need to build something of my own and was drawn to becoming a life coach and having more “purpose”.  The skills that led to my success in sales –  my innate ability to ask questions, honing in on client’s needs, and guiding them to finding solutions to make them successful – are some of the very same traits of a good coach.  

It seems like a natural fit for me to shift my focus to help my coaching clients discover what they want in life and help them define, set, and achieve their goals.  I am beyond excited to help them reach their fullest potential and live the lives they want.