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Kathy O’Neill

Life Designer® Transition Coach supporting clients with big life changes.

​Those in their midlife years tend to take stock. They begin to evaluate where they are in life, their priorities, who they are and who they want to be. This often comes with a desire for a big change – a different career, a more fulfilling job, a relocation to somewhere they’ve always wanted to explore or a life after retirement. Many questions arise. Have my priorities changed? If so, how do I figure out where to go from here? Where do I even begin? Can I really make a big change? How do I fit a big life change into my already very busy life? Kathy helps answer these questions and guides and supports clients through these major transitions. 

Change has been a consistent feature in her life including multiple relocations and career changes. Kathy has relocated to several major cities; Boston, New York, Washington DC and Rochester NY where she now resides. With a masters degree in public health from Yale University, her first career focused on administration of public and private health care systems. Her second and longest career started in Manhattan where she began producing TV commercials, web video content and short documentaries. 

Kathy’s third career as a transition coach draws on aspects from her first two careers; the focus of serving others from her healthcare experience, and from her years as a producer, the deep listening skills required to discern what’s important to her clients and setting up systems to bring to fruition what has been learned from that deep listening and the story behind the person. She would love to support you in creating your new story and what’s next for you. Set up an appointment for a free consultation

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