Gina Casbarro

Tè Monareng

Life Designer®️ Coach

Meet Loretta and Te Monareng

Over the past three years, Loretta and Te have both traversed an intense transformative self-love and belonging journey, resulting in a desire to now help walk others home to their radiant selves and to shine their light. Having both received Life Designer Certifications, they are co-founding together, a life coaching practice, Light Your R.A.Y. (Radiant as Yourself), focused on serving ambitious individuals to overcome fears and limiting belief patterns to unlock their purpose and unique limitless potential in their life careers.
A big part of Loretta’s self-love journey was around shedding her guilt and shame around her bi-sexuality and feelings of unworthiness tied up in her faith tradition that she was raised in. Te’s journey began in humble roots in South Africa during apartheid and the revolution for equality amongst black South Africans. He at times, lost trust in people and in hope of a better world. He suffered from feelings of inadequacy that can come from living in poverty and oppression. They are both deeply committed to and passionate about creating environments of love and belonging, healing from the wounds of rejection, racism and systemic oppression through deep inner coaching work under the motto, “When there is no enemy within, the outside enemy can’t hurt you”. They have created a unique three pillar coaching offering focused on Healing through Self Awareness, Discovering Your Light through Self Care, and Shining Your Light through Self Actualization. Loretta and Te have traveled extensively and have a deep love for humanity, for cultural differences. They enjoy daily partnership as they raise their beautiful four children in San Clemente, California. They can be reached at