Life Designer® Coach Academy

Your Wellbeing #Goals

Free Masterclass with Julie Reisler

Prioritize your health, mindset and wellbeing goals in 2022!

Julie will share ways to identify your most important wellness goals to help you create your healthiest new year in mind, body, and spirit. Julie will guide you through a powerful process using the Wellbeing Wheel worksheet from her book, Get a PhD in YOU. You will also get a sneak peek into the Life Designer® Coach Academy to learn how to help others do the same. Free gifts included!


Caitlin Doemner


I closed my first coaching client before I graduated, more than paying for the cost of the program itself!

Julie radiates love and positivity. Her presence allows people to feel safe and tap into greater potential than they even realized.

I’ve been a consultant for years, but wanted to have the skills I needed to connect people with their inner wisdom and empower them to make life-changing decisions on their own. 

This coaching program is transformational. 

The coaching I received from Julie allowed me to break out of the limited belief that “I am not enough” and into the truth that “I am the vessel”. The coaching I’ve received from my fellow students has empowered me to declare myself an artist, despite long-held fears of inadequacy, and give myself permission to play and relax and create from a space of ease and joy, rather than “produce” or “achieve” from a place of proving. The coaching I have given to others has been declared “life-changing” and I closed my first client before I graduated, more than paying for the cost of the program itself!

Anne H Espiritu

Wellbeing & Empowerment Coach

Taking Julie’s Life Designer® Coaching course was the best investment I have made

Taking Julie’s Life Designer® Coaching course and being in her energy was the best investment I have made towards aligning myself with the person I aspire to become. I love how Julie’s energy is a sacred blend of heart, mind, and spirit.

Her teachings are both spiritual and practical — perfectly balanced so that no matter where you are on your journey, you will leave her presence and program feeling nourished, held, and empowered.

When I see Julie, how she shows up and does all of the amazing things she’s doing for humanity, I instantly recognize a future version of me.

Tè Monareng

Life Designer® Coach, Co-Founder, Light Your RAY Coaching

I am thankful for saying yes to your coaching program!

I am thankful for saying yes to your coaching program! The power of yes is nothing but a miracle waiting to unfold.

I am greatly humbled and blessed to have been a part of your community this past year and now understand my gifts and purpose.

I wish for more men to experience what I have discovered for myself. Thank you for providing the space to emerge as a powerful coach.

Eme Ray

Founder & CEO of DoctorLocks and Life Designer ® Coach

After taking the Life Designer ® program, I can honestly say I’m a damn good coach!

This coaching program is transformational. 

Julie has a natural ability to create a safe space that allows you to push through your limiting beliefs and empowers you to move from theory into practical, real-world coaching that creates dramatic impacts quickly.

Before working with Julie, I knew I wanted to be a coach, but I really had no idea what that meant or how to get started. I wasn’t confident that I would be taken seriously or that I could effect change for others.

After taking the Life Designer ® program, I can honestly say I’m a damn good coach. I have learned a cadence for my sessions, what it means to truly hold space for others, and the confidence I can help elicit effective change for others consistently. The program took everything that was worrisome or scary to me, and just erased it all – and on the other side of it, I came out of it a new person.

Gina Casbarro

Life Designer® Coach + Feng Shui expert

I am now clear and confident!

Before going through the Life Designer® Certification program, I lacked confidence in building my business as a coach. Julie’s program and teaching gave me the strong foundation I needed to move forward powerfully and confidently in the work that I do. 

I am now clear and confident and know the value of the coaching services I provide. I am so excited to continue to grow this business and to offer opportunities to spark transformation for every person I serve.

I love how Julie comes from the heart in everything she does – whether teaching, coaching or mentoring. Her passion for what she does is contagious and her deep belief and encouragement in me always helps me to step into a bigger version of myself!

Katie McCollum

Certified Life Designer® Coach

I’ve learned how to trust myself while powerfully coaching others through anything.

For the past three years, I have wanted to take a course to become a coach but couldn’t find the right one. The Life Designer® coaching program gave me the confidence, skills, support and encouragement to help people transform their lives.

I’ve learned to trust myself while powerfully coaching others through anything. What’s exciting is that I’ve connected with incredible classmates, and have learned how to be heart-centered in my life and a heart-led coach.

Julie is truly open, loving and non-judgmental, while allowing for you to step into your own light and teaching you how to be a masterful coach.

Tricia Madden

VP, Human Resources & Empowerment Coach

This program has opened so many doors for myself, my future, and my career!

I’m speechless. What an amazing experience this certification program has been! Honestly, the Life Designer® Coaching program completely surpassed my expectations.

I’ve developed relationships with incredible people in our Cohort, I’ve learned how to coach (which was so scary for me in the beginning), and have opened so many doors for myself and my future purpose and career.

Thank you for this opportunity! My most heartfelt gratitude to you for this life-changing opportunity!!!

Arleen Milian

Director of Client Relations, Diversity and Inclusion Practice Leader

I now possess the self-confidence and core competencies to be an effective coach

For many years I have had the vision of earning a coaching certification, with Julie’s gentle nudges and support I was finally able to take the leap! Julie brings unwavering energy, support, and knowledge in class and out.  

Having completed the Life Designer® Coaching Certification Program, I now have the knowledge, confidence, competencies, and tools to be an effective coach.

Moving ahead, I look forward to growing my coaching business and know I will always have a cheerleader and friend in Julie.

Jodi Davidson

Leadership & Life Designer® Coach

This amazing experience will surely help me move forward!

I have been a leadership coach for many years, but wanted to fine tune some aspects of my practice. 

Through the Life Designer® Coaching certification, and by observing Julie in action, I was able to recognize my growth edges and tap more deeply into the intuitive nature of coaching that she role models so beautifully.

Thank you, Julie, for this amazing experience that will surely help me move forward!