A Life Coach’s 7-Day Workbook To Become Your You-est You®

A Life Coach’s 7-Day Workbook To Become Your You-est You®


I want to give you a big warm hug!  I’m so glad you’re here.

My name is Julie Reisler, and my passion is to help incredible individuals like you step into your genius and empower other people.  I’m sharing the most helpful tools I’ve learned after mentoring, coaching, and teaching hundreds of coaches, leaders, and creatives both as a professor at Georgetown University and within my coach certification program. 

These tools are some of my best practices to help you feel more confident, clear, and connected to your best self so that you feel inspired to take on the world (whether it’s as a life coach or not).

With the right support, you can become your You-est You®!

What’s inside:

Powerful life-changing mindset practices to help you stay confident and attract more abundance.

Practical and easy ways to get grounded and manage your stress (audio included) to support your mental and physical well-being.

7 days of proven activities, templates, and meditations to guide you to make your biggest impact.

How to become a productivity maven by planning your schedule in advance, earning you more time (YAY!) — and yep, more success!

25+ pages of guided practices to help you feel confident, focused, and empowered.

12 bonus intention cards and a template to create your personal manifesto.

This free toolset has everything you need to set yourself up for success. 

This free toolset is a 7-day workbook designed by a certified master life coach to specifically help you uplevel your routine and self-care habits for success so you can radiate and become your ‘You-est You’!

This toolset is a 25-page guide consisting of powerful mindset practices, grounding meditations (and audio), a new beautiful time management system and template to set your personalized schedule for your best productivity, a personalized energy assessment, and so much more…

This toolset will allow you to start immediately with your transformative personal growth work, whether or not you ever decide to become a coach or work with a coach.

Whether you want to be a coach or not, you can use the proven practices in this 7-day workbook to design your best life.

This 7-day workbook comes from the real practices and tools I’ve used to help hundreds of clients over the past decade to design their best life.

As a mentor to hundreds of coaches with over a decade of coaching mastery and success, I know a thing or two about transformative coaching. Eager to learn powerful new coaching techniques? Refine your skills? Increase your own self-awareness? Make money doing what you love? Be on a healing path? My Life Coach’s Toolset will help you take your business and light work in the world to the next level.

Julie Reisler, a board-certified master life & wellness coach, was voted ‘Top 10 Most Influential Life Coaches in 2023’. She’s a mentor to thousands of coaches, change-makers, and soulful entrepreneurs. Julie is the host of The You-est You® podcast, a global show in over 175 countries, and the author of Get a PhD in YOU, an Amazon top-pick. Julie has been featured in Forbes, MindBodyGreen, The Chopra Center, Bustle, and Thrive Global for her work as a coach, teacher, and conscious business leader. Julie is a multi-time TEDx speaker and has spoken on stages throughout North America. She is also a popular course creator on Insight Timer; the number-one ranked mindfulness app.

Julie holds a master’s degree in Health & Wellness Coaching from the Maryland University of Integrative Health and is a professor at Georgetown University in their coaching program. Julie is the founder of the Life Designer® Coach Academy, a leading-edge certification program where she certifies spiritual life coaches from worldwide. To learn more about Julie, go to juliereisler.com.