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It’s time for a new type of leadership, an authentic You-est You type of leadership.

Many successful leaders still face self-judgment, doubt, anxiety, stress, fears, lack of worthiness, disconnection, overwhelm and lack of balance. We all have strengths, yet they are often under utilized, leading to a lack of energy, purpose and engagement.

These Next Level Leadership experiences are carefully crafted and cultivated for each individual client, with a focus on creating from strengths verses weaknesses.

I lead and facilitate:

  • 30-minute breakout sessions
  • power hour keynotes
  • half-day workshops
  • full day immersions
  • summits
  • VIP retreats
  • lunch and learns
  • and more….

Participants will leave with clarity, focused action plans and a next level commitment to their vision.

Topics include: Next-Level Leadership, Next-Level Vision, Next-Level Performance, Next-Level Engagement, Next-Level Mindset, Next-Level Wellbeing, as well as Creating the Collective Genius and From Scared to Sacred.

What do I know about next level leadership?

I spent 11 years working for the most successful franchise of a Fortune 500 food company as the Director of Recruiting and Director of Guest Relations. During my time in HR at Panera Bread, I conducted many leadership trainings, coached applicants and worked with a diverse community of managers, accountants, directors and the executive team to ensure the success and thriving of all managers. I went back to school and got my Master’s Degree in coaching and over 12 certifications in leadership, mindset and positive psychology.

I am obsessed with maximizing your potential. Frankly, I live for it. I chose to start my own company that does just this – taking you, your team and your company to the next level.

As a facilitator and speaker, my style is experiential and dynamic, always focusing on your employees connecting to their individual talents, energy and strengths and to the collective intelligence on your team and in your company.

My secret sauce is bringing my positive energy, deep listening skills and ability to hold space for greater openness, engagement and vulnerability with each attendee.

We’ll use positive psychology principles proven to change your mindset and outlook. We engage the right brain, which is the seat of creativity, innovation, and new ideas.

Your employees will be part of a highly interactive, action orientated and transformative experience. They will get a deeper connection to their ‘why’, to their vision and to their strengths.

Next-level leadership doesn’t just look to where you and your organization is headed, but recognizes the wisdom in the past and from each individual. A leadership style that fully integrates and allows you and your employees to bring all of themselves to the workplace, and that draws from the collective wisdom and diversity of strengths from each person.

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To say that Julie is an amazing speaker or teacher does not do her justice. She is a powerful Thought Leader who has the ability to bring a group of anyone, including Combat Veterans, to a place of pure serenity. As a keynote speaker at our Summit and TEDx LadyBirdLake, she had the audience completely mesmerized. Women and men, young and old….she enables people to be the very best version of themselves! The greatest gift I can think of is to give someone the gift of Julie teaching.

Cassaundra Melgar-C'De Baca

Executive Producer , TEDx Lady Bird Lake and CEO of VETTED