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There is so much more joy, freedom and peace around the corner for you.
I promise!
In fact, it’s likely better than you ever imagined it could be.

But first, we have to go there. To peek inside your head and your heart to understand what is holding you back from being the you-est you.

My private programs are meant for big hearted leaders who aren’t messing around anymore. Who are ready to make a commitment to themselves and their futures. Who crave more and want to be more in this world. And who want to heal and let go of the stuff, the inner debris and old wounds, that hold them back from feeling happy, whole, and worthy of everything they want. They want to lean in and go big. They are ready for the next level of what’s possible.

If you’re reading this right now, I know you’re that person. And you can rest assured that while my coaching process is mighty, it’s also gentle and kind. I will hold space for you to share your most vulnerable self and it will always be met with love and understanding.

You might cry. You might laugh. You might express old anger and frustrations at the top of your lungs.

It’s all good. I’m here to guide you and show you the way to becoming someone who loves yourself on every level, and has compassion for your mistakes and flaws. I’m all about your next-level life and next-level you.


Quantum leap your life when you align to your soul’s purpose. In this powerful 3-hour session, we’ll use my intuition and yours to dive into the core of your heart’s desires. We’ll accomplish in one day what you would typically do in 3 to 6 months by infusing quantum leap energy. We’ll do healing and spiritual practices to clear whatever might be stopping you, look at your mindset and beliefs and co-create a map for you to implement from the moment we finish. This is a highly intuitive and guided process that uncovers what is most important to your higher self, then from there we will create a customized plan and design for you. I will teach your practical spiritual tools and help you learn to access your heart intelligence and move forward with confidence, ease and empowerment.
The experience includes:

  • Pre-call inquiry to declare your goals, challenges and desires
  • A 3-hour intensive virtual coaching session
  • One 60 minute follow-up coaching call post-intensive
  • A supportive community of like minded individuals

**Pricing varies depending on whether the session is done virtually or in person. In person sessions include a healthy meal with Julie and spiritually based gifts.


For three whole months you’ll be guided through a life-changing process this allows you to rediscover who you are really are, what you really want and how to start creating the next-level life for yourself. I will also help you to tune into your own inner wisdom and use this innate super power to unlock your You-est You. As an intuitive empath, I will use my intuition and yours to co-create your life transformation. On average it takes 90 days to create change and develop new habits. Get ready for major breakthroughs and a much deeper connection to your higher self. You will emerge as your You-est You.

This experience includes:

  • A heart-centered discovery call to map out your desires and goals
  • 3 monthly 1-hour intuitive coaching calls to initiate transformation
  • Email support between sessions
  • Getting to know, trust and feel your heart intelligence and intuition


This is an intensive life changing year of coaching for high achiever soul seekers who are ready for a transformation of mind, body and soul in all areas of life. You will get a high level of focused attention, support, intuitive guidance and coaching for an entire year.

This one-year spiritually enlightening 1:1 coaching program includes weekly one-hour coaching sessions three times per month, unlimited email access, extra healing and intuitive sessions and other lovely surprises.


Rachel B Lee

Co owner, CMO and Branding Ladyboss, Standout Authority

Loretta Monareng

Leadership & Life Designer® Coach, Loretta & Te Light Your Way

Rev. Frances Fayden

Podcast Host,
Author and Miracle Mentor

My income increased 57% in the first few months of working with Julie!

Before working with Julie, I was struggling to be more visible. My heart wanted to grow my Lightworker Mentoring programs and reach a lot more people, but my fears of ‘being seen’ were holding me back.

When I read Julie’s book, I knew she could help me heal my self-image and become the influencer my soul was ready to become. That’s exactly what happened!

Because of my work with Julie, I launched my podcast and ranked #7 in the all-time bestsellers in Spirituality on iTunes! I am also a noted contributor on Insight Timer. My work is reaching and blessing people all over the world, which is a dream come true!

Julie is both incredibly intuitive and incredibly strategic, a rare and perfect combination for exponential success.

Jen Szymanski

Coach, Facilitator and Owner,
Szymetrics, LLC

Julie guided me to access my inner voice and intuitive wisdom

At the start of 2020, I had the great privilege to work with Julie doing the YOU-EST YOU VIP Intensive day. Before our work together, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and out of sorts with the many directions I could go in with my career while being a present mom. Leading authentically with her heart and intuition, Julie guided me to access my inner voice and intuitive wisdom to better serve myself and others. She helped me uncover the areas  I needed to heal and clear in order to move ahead. As a result of our amazing session, I gained clarity, alignment and tools to elevate myself in life and in my business. I have updated my entire website, attracted beautiful new clients and feel much more at ease. I am so grateful for my personal and professional transformation, for Julie and the light she brings into the world!

MaryBeth Hyland

Founder and Chief Visionary
of SparkVIsion

I am so grateful for Julie

My word for 2020 is Intuition. When I saw that Julie was offering a 4-week online course on that very subject I KNEW I had to participate! As a mindfulness teacher, I am well-versed in practices to slow down and get more in touch with myself. However, Julie’s course gave me NEW specific heart-centering and grounding tools that I have incorporated into my daily habits. I feel a deeper sense of divine connection as a direct result and have a whole new relationship with my own intuition. I’m so grateful for this beautiful soul and the gifts she offers the world!

Amy Scott

Certified Professional Financial
Expert & Coach

Julie’s guidance made all the difference in my business

THANK YOU, Julie, for a wonderful and powerful intensive VIP coaching session. Being with you and experiencing your guidance and support made all the difference for me and my business. I am so grateful for your intuitive coaching and helping me to shift my energy and clarify my vision and perspective.

Dezi Hernandez

Coach and Mom

Julie lead me down a path to truly get to know myself and love who I am wholeheartedly.

When I first began working with Julie, I had a lot of heavy emotions and I felt lost. I went into the coaching looking for guidance on whether or not I should quit my job and start a coaching business of my own but what I got instead was much more powerful. Julie lead me down a path to truly get to know myself and love who I am wholeheartedly, that way the guidance I was searching for would come from within. Although the path we took was far from linear, sometimes causing me to question my investment in myself I can confidently say it was worth every single thing I put into it. After working with Julie I was able to create a “manual” of sorts for myself that I am able to refer back to whenever I am feeling out of whack. This included things like- what brings me joy, what depletes my energy, what self-care practices work best for me, and how to quiet the chaos of everything in my outer world. Julie taught me how to ask bigger, deeper questions so that I could find better answers. She provided a safe space for me to share my thoughts, fears, and dreams helping me bridge the gap between who I was and who I wanted to be. I am a lifelong fan of Julie and all her work and feel so incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her. She is an absolutely amazing soul. Watch Dezi’s video testimonial here

Gina Casbarro

Feng Sui Expert & Coach

Julie’s Guidance made all the difference in my business

Julie has a fantastic ability to create communities of like minded people, coach and support from a place of love. When working with Julie and in her community, you will have the opportunity to connect and learn from others with similar passions and struggles, and be encouraged to reflect and set up new habits that will support your success. I highly recommend any way you can work with Julie!

Cassaundra Melgar

Executive Producer , TEDx Lady Bird Lake and CEO of VETTED

Julie enables people to be the very best version of themselves!

To say that Julie is an amazing speaker or teacher does not do her justice. She is a powerful Thought Leader who has the ability to bring a group of anyone, including Combat Veterans, to a place of pure serenity. As a keynote speaker at our Summit and TEDx LadyBirdLake, she had the audience completely mesmerized. At her breakout teaching session, I witnessed Veterans who had never talked about their experiences, openly share with the group their struggles as well as their proudest moments, seamlessly and without reserve. Women and men, young and old….she enables people to be the very best version of themselves! The greatest gift I can think of is to give someone the gift of Julie teaching.

Maria Olsen

Attorney & Author

Julie is a source of light to many

Julie attracts wise women on quests to become their best selves. She is a source of light to many, presenting the questions we need to ask ourselves to uncover our true desires and goals.

Suzanne Longstreet

Mindset & Success Coach

If you’re thinking of working with julie, Jump In!

Before coaching with Julie, I was aware that I wasn’t paying as much attention to being healthy as I needed to. As a busy entrepreneur, I put my time, energy and focus into building my business and often didn’t make the best choices for eating or exercising. During the coaching sessions, I realized that I still had some past trauma about not feeling attractive due to a bad past relationship. I was quite shocked as I’ve been working on clearing my past for years and this was an area that was never addressed. Once this was cleared up, I immediately started to focus on my needs have also seen my business grow as I’ve been willing to be more visible. My advice for those thinking of coaching with Julie, is to jump in. Julie uses her wisdom and intuition to get to the real heart of the challenge and move you forward. I very much enjoyed each and every session in Julie’s loving energy.

Lauren Pêna

Social Media Strategist, Founder of Social Wellness

This community brings much more into my awareness to be grateful for.

The School of Sacredology has been so impactful in helping me find peace, explore my higher consciousness, and operate from my heart rather than always from my head. It’s great to have the support from the group, and I LOVE hearing all the different perspectives. This community brings much more into my awareness to be grateful for. I soooo appreciate Julie for the light she brings to my life!

Maria Shae

Clinical Psychologist,
Master Coach and Healer

I’m so inspired by the powerful way Julie works

I’m so inspired by the powerful way Julie works. She has the gift of working with right and left brain integration, mind-body-spirit deep heart work in a “practical” & very real authentic way that produces rapid and transformative change with people. Having 26 year’s experience with a master’s degree in clinical psychology, a former adjunct university faculty and a lifetime of continuing education in eastern and native wisdom traditions, I have rarely come across such a gifted teacher, healer & coach. I’m so grateful and glad that you have crafted your gifts into this sacred community & I can’t recommend the School of Sacredology enough!

Jamie Hocking

Author & Entrepreneur

This was exactly what I needed

I was blessed to work with Julie during the darkest moments of my life. I was in need of guidance, support, and connection. I joined Julie’s program all about connecting to your heart and intuition. This was exactly what I needed, especially during a huge transition of selling my house, walking away from a former business, the breakdown of many familial relationships, and an overseas move. Julie’s support helped me to believe in the magic of my intuition again. I finally took aligned action writing and created a powerful website where I share my own poetry, musings, and channeled messages. With Julie’s support, I was able to finally put myself out there in spite of my lifelong fears about being visible. Thank you, dear Julie for helping me in my awakening and for being a bright light even in the darkest of times.

Tammy Johnson


You’ve Transformed my life!

I’m so grateful for you and your gift, you have transformed my life. Julie’s program was incredibly powerful as she helped me to cultivate and live out my purpose and generate more income from the inside out! And, I saw an immediate financial increase in my business. Thank you Julie for such an amazing opportunity to expand and grow on all levels!

Nathalie Doremieux

Entrepreneur and Founder, New Software Marketing Membership Platform

I finally gained self confidence, self-love and the courage to be visible.

Before working with Julie I was completely disconnected from myself. I felt invisible and I could not see a way out. I finally gained self confidence, self-love and the courage to be visible. Julie gave me some very practical exercises that I can do to reconnect with my heart when I get out of balance. I love how insightful Julie is and the positive energy that she brings to every conversation.

Jennifer Underwood

Founder of Bilingual Partnership Solutions, Certified Life Designer® Coach

I now create my own value and worth!

‘My money is not safe with me!’ This is the limiting belief I have worked so hard to understand. As a result of Julie’s Sacred Mastermind I shifted my mindset from “overspending and underearning” to “creating my own value and worth!” I went from charging for my time to creating value-based offers. No more charging by the hour! This program offered me a new relationship with money! Money is fun, generous, and sacred!”

Dolores Hirschmann

Coach, Founder, and CEO, Masters in Clarity

Julie guided me back to my inner wisdom!

I’ve been in a fast-paced business growth mode, that while exciting and fun, has left me unbalanced and lacking time for personal care and joy. Julie guided me back to my own inner wisdom, to my intuition and capacity to heal myself. She guided me back to me! In addition to learning how to give myself permission to be present with where I am, she helped me get clarity around what I want and how to both create and manage my desires and goals.