Begin every day with a powerful intention.

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Begin every day with a powerful intention.

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The PASSION Summit

I’m so grateful to be one of the keynote speakers for the PASSION Summit May 12-13, 2020.


Two days that will forever change your life as we explore individual and group passions, create a supportive global community and learn to live life to its fullest while giving back to others. This summit will bring you world class speakers, impactful content, a networking costume party you will not want to miss, a passion village to entice the senses both personally and professionally while providing tools, products, and resources to support the attendee’s personal growth, mindfulness, health and business goals, bonding together while helping others, and building lifelong relationships. This is not just a motivational speaker conference, but a springboard to you living your life with more passion, purpose, and fulfillment than you ever thought possible.

Make a commitment to invest in yourself, ignite your passions, and fuel your existence! Step up to VIP Admission and get additional exclusive perks and experiences! If you’d like to join me in register here!

Next Level Retreats

Do you feel like your inner light is turned off or that you are often running on empty fumes?

It is crucial and a necessity to make time and create the space to step into the next version of who you are becoming. I believe that we must fully accept, embrace and honor who we are and where we’ve been before we are able to release what no longer serves us and step into what we are ready to become.

In my retreats, I bring in the sacred (the meditation, the manifestation, the intention setting, the visualization) and the space for you to connect back to your heart, body and soul.

These retreats are for those who are truly ready for their next level life – in their bodies, in their relationships, in their friendships, in their careers and in their spirituality.
Get ready for a full reset of your mind, body and connection to your highest self, your you-est you.

 Your next level self is waiting.

Connect with me to learn more about my upcoming Next-Level Retreats.

To say that Julie is an amazing speaker or teacher does not do her justice. She is a powerful Thought Leader who has the ability to bring a group of anyone, including Combat Veterans, to a place of pure serenity. As a keynote speaker at our Summit and TEDx LadyBirdLake, she had the audience completely mesmerized. At her breakout teaching session, I witnessed Veterans who had never talked about their experiences, openly share with the group their struggles as well as their proudest moments, seamlessly and without reserve. Women and men, young and old….she enables people to be the very best version of themselves! The greatest gift I can think of is to give someone the gift of Julie teaching.

Cassaundra Melgar-C'De Baca

Executive Producer , TEDx Lady Bird Lake and CEO of VETTED

Julie attracts wise women on quests to become their best selves. She is a source of light to many, presenting the questions we need to ask ourselves to uncover our true desires and goals.

Maria Olsen

Attorney & Author

Unleashed was both soul-soothing and energizing!  It was an wonderful opportunity to honor and celebrate amazing women who are on the quest to discover their best-selves!  Julie created a warm and welcoming space, opening the door for all to share their most sacred vulnerabilities, as well as support and encourage each other in designing their hopes and dreams for the future.  There was almost a magical feeling about the day!  As a result of attending Unleashed, I will honor myself daily and bravely pursue my purpose!

Jen Szymanski

Wellness Coach

Julie’s Unleash Your New You-est You retreat was nothing short of brilliant. Carefully crafted journaling, sharing and meditation activities created a day of opening and possibility.

Lisa S.

I felt immense power in the connection of women, hope and choosing a positive route for my life!


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