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A powerful way to change the world with Amy and Michael Port

25 years ago, Amy and Michael Port earned their MFAs in acting from Yale and NYU, respectively, before working in TV, film, and theater. Now, at their Heroic Public Speaking Headquarters in New Jersey and for organizations around the world, they teach how to give better speeches and presentations both onstage and off. Disney, QVC, Guardian Life, Best Buy Canada, and Poo-Pourri are among the organizations that trust Michael and Amy with their high-stakes performances. Michael is the author of Steal the Show and 7 other books that have been translated into 29 languages and has been on the bestseller lists of the NY Times and the Wall Street Journal, among others.   


The motto at HPS is to change the world one speech at a time. I resonate with this intention fully. I had the privilege of attending Amy and Michael’s two day intro speaking course, CORE, at Heroic Public Speaking and was b l o w n away. Even with a background training in on-camera and voice over as well as acting and improv, I found the two day intro course, or appetizer to their main meal program, to be incredibly powerful and helpful. 


We discussed ways to find deeper meaning, maximize your potential, connect more deeply with family and be of service in these trying times, especially as it relates to speaking and being self expressed. 


Here’s a lot of what we talked about:

  • Add playfulness and take advantage of this ‘staycation’ time by raising expectations of yourself and children, having fun and being creative.
  • Let the stage or screen be the place for drama, don’t bring it into your life.
  • Rather than worry about how you might look or come across in sharing your thoughts when speaking to an audience (be it virtual or on the stage), focus on being helpful and of service.
  • Be highly intentional about the language you’re choosing when speaking and how you want the other person to feel. Language and the intention behind it is powerful.


Michael talked about his struggle with dyslexia and how he grew up thinking he was “stupid” because of his struggle with writing and reading. What’s amazing to me is that Michael has written 8 bestselling books and moved past his struggle with dyslexia because he realized it was more important to write and create meaningful works that would help others. His first book, Book Yourself Solid, became an immediate bestseller and is still a sought after book.


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