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Accessing Your Akashic Records with Lisa Barnett

Lisa Barnett is the international bestselling author of From Questioning to Knowing: 73 Prayers to Transform Your Life, and The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records.

She is also the Founder of the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom where she has taught thousands of students worldwide to access personal Soul wisdom and guidance to transform your life, working directly with your Akashic Record Keepers. You are in for such a treat with this very cool conversation about all things Akashic records.

With more than twenty years of experience in spiritual healing, Lisa teaches these simple tools which empower individuals to find greater fulfillment, happiness, abundance, and health. Lisa helps you align with your soul path, understand your soul contracts, and complete your karma and vows. Lisa is also a teacher on the esteemed spiritual platform, The Shift Network. If you are interested to learn more, have your Akashic records read or anything to do with this conversation, the best place to find Lisa is at

Sign up to take Lisa’s course on Accessing the Akashic Records on the Shift Network. Other teachers on the Shift Network are Dr. Joe Dispenza, Michael Beckwith, Louise Hay, and Carolyn Myss.


Here are some of the takeaways to consider from Lisa’s experience:

  1. All of our souls have a sacred contract of sorts; we journey in each lifetime to learn, grow and advance as a soul.
  2. There are record keepers who are light beings, not of the human realm, who can share with you your past lives and most importantly, your contract for this life. All karma is already healed, it’s more about learning about your own karma, a deeper awareness and waking up of who you really are (unconditional love), and understanding how you can heal it from within.
  3. Karma is never a punishment and is there for your soul’s learning.
  4. Each person has 3 angels guiding them at all times.
  5. Anyone can access their Akashic records – Lisa’s book and courses can teach you how to in her 5-step prayer wisdom system. (I have used it and it’s amazing)




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