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Choose Love: Heart-centered Living

There’s a lot of energy going on right now between our all being a little over a year into the pandemic, feeling out how to best care for our bodies and those we love, and how to boost our immunity and keep our spirits high. In this episode I share ways to tune more carefully into your heart’s inner wisdom and how to come from love versus fear, no matter what is going on.


I share my practice in how to identify triggers, see what’s really going on underneath the surface and how to let your heart share what you really need to heal. This journaling practice has been transformative and a game changer for greater healing.


Self-care is not selfish, it’s the opposite. It’s time to start rewiring the way you look at caring for yourself; mind, body and spirit. We are a triune being, needing attention, care and nourishment for all three of these aspects of ourself. You are worthy and deserving of full self-care and time to nurture your full self.


If we want to change the consciousness of this planet, it starts with you and I learning to gravitate and get comfy staying in our heart, i.e. in love versus fear. Practice by putting your hand on your heart and asking what it is that is the most loving thing you can do at that moment. Start to train yourself to be heart-centered in all aspects of life. It’s not only possible, it’s how we are wired at birth.

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