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Don’t Do Life Alone with Nathalie Doremieux

Nathalie helps heart centered women turn their expertise and influence into recurring revenues by helping them create and grow online programs that impact millions. Born in France, Nathalie has lived the true american dream.

After finishing their Post Master Degree in Computer Science and Ergonomics, She and her boyfriend (and now husband), decided to pack their bags and try their luck in the US. They landed in the Silicon Valley in California and quickly found a job there. After 10 years living a fun but overly busy life, in 2005, Nathalie found herself asleep at the wheel on a bridge in San Francisco. She realized that it was time to change the pacing of their life. She and her husband, 3 kids, 2 dogs and a cat, decided to sell everything, pack their bags and move back to France to stop the craziness of working the corporate and build a new life on their terms. Nathalie and her husband took yet another leap of faith and started their own business together to help big hearted entrepreneurs create impactful programs online. Nathalie shares about her journey to becoming her ‘You-est You’. To learn more about Nathalie go to:


Nathalie shared vulnerably and openly about her growing up feeling invisible, not smart or good enough. It wasn’t until she left her small town in France and started to realize she had more to offer than what she grew up thinking. Nathalie learned to get comfortable being uncomfortable and talks about how this has helped her to grow, expand and ultimately serve at a high level and in an impactful way. Some of the key take-aways that I hope inspire you are:

  1. The past does not have to define your present or future. Surround yourself with people who can help you see a new perspective. 
  2. Use past challenges, upsets and breakdowns as an opportunity to learn and ask yourself, ‘How did that happen for me?’ 
  3. Building resilience comes from learning and growing from your past and seeing your strengths verses your weaknesses.
  4. We all have at least one powerful membership idea within us. An online membership provides the gift of community, connection and personal growth.


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