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Excavating Your Authentic Self with Nick Jankel

Join us for a conversation about how to find true inner peace and self-love from within. Nick Jankel is an award-winning thought leader, author, and professional speaker. Nick is the founder and CEO of Switch On Now and author of the book ‘Spiritual Athiest’ on Amazon and at Barnes & Nobles. Nick has advised organizations like No.10 Downing Street, Kellogg’s, HSBC, Microsoft, and WWF. He hosted a network TV show on BBC and has been on the BBC World Service, CBS, and Hay House Radio. He has appeared in The Economist, The Guardian, and The Financial Times; and has taught at SciencesPo, Oxford University, and Yale University. He received a Triple First from Cambridge University in Medicine and the History and Philosophy of Science.

Nick shares that 15 years ago he had everything that you’d think would bring happiness; a successful multi-million dollar business, apartments he enjoyed, a girlfriend and a thriving career. The problem was Nick felt empty, miserable and unhappy inside. He began a journey of inner discovery, healing and excavating of his highest potential, what we call his ‘you-est you’.


Things You’ll Learn From This Episode

  1. The Greek definition of crisis is turning point. See whatever crisis you are dealing with as a turning point in your life to give you a deeper sense of who you are.
  2. Whatever you are looking for; peace, purpose, passion, self-love, already exists. It doesn’t need to be developed, it just needs to be uncovered.
  3. Find a daily practice that resonates, remembering a practice is about practicing and not getting it perfect.
  4. Purpose is not defined as a number or goal. It is about showing up in a way that the divine within you can allow you to become your whole self.
  5. Whole means holy and to heal. We are all designed to be whole.


Tune in to hear Nick’s wisdom and learning along the way. There are lots of profound nuggets in this episode to ponder.

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