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Food For The Brain with Dr. Richard Shuster

Dr. Richard Shuster is a licensed clinical psychologist, keynote speaker, CEO of MARS Industries, and the host of The Daily Helping with Dr. Richard Shuster: Food for the Brain, Knowledge from the experts, Tools to Win at Life which is regularly downloaded in over 100 countries. On his podcast, Dr. Shuster’s guests educate and inspire listeners through their stories, expertise, and passion for helping make a difference in the lives of others. His mission is to help people become the best versions of themselves and as a result, make the world a better place. A sought after media expert, Dr. Shuster’s clinical expertise and podcast have been featured in such publications as The Huffington Post,,, Reader’s Digest, Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan, and others.
Dr. Richard shares about how his life-threatening car accident in his twenties lead to a total mind shift and change in outlook that transformed his life, and now thousands of other lives. He shifted his career and after two degrees, decided to focus on how to help others live their most powerful life. We discussed the findings of his doctorate on the impact of social media on one’s personality (spoiler alert: it’s not good) and how he’s laser-focused on being a force for change and wellbeing. Dr. Richard then faced another big scare where his wife almost lost their first son. Their son ended up being born with severe torticollis (this is when a baby has their head turned to one side for an extensive period of time) and had major issues moving his neck and a deformed head and face. Thankfully their medical background assisted in getting the therapies and support they needed, and out of this experience, Dr. Richard birthed the “Every Kid Rocks” foundation in which he raises money to give to teachers and schools that identify children who need therapies like OT, PT, and other sessions but can’t afford it.
In addition to Dr. Richard’s podcast, he has just launched an incredible new assessment called the POWERS, which has already gained much traction. The POWERS instrument, which stands for Prediction Of World Class Excellent Rating Skills has been designed for three realms: 1. human performance 2. PTSD and the Veteran community and 3. Addiction and Recovery.
Things We Learned From This Episode
  1. We’re preconditioned to feel good when doing good for others. Find ways to help others and be of service as often as you can.
  2. Try and focus on what’s right and honorable about others rather than where they are falling short. The POWERS assessment is strength-based and highlights your top three superpowers.
  3. Social media doesn’t have to be bad, but just understand that every time someone ‘likes’ your post, you are getting a hit to your brain that is just as addictive and similar to smoking a cigarette.
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