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Get Over ‘I Got It’ with Elayne Fluker

Meet Elayne Fluker, who is on a mission to remind unapologetically ambitious women that having it all doesn’t mean doing it all alone, and that support is the key to success and fulfillment! Elayne is a powerful coach, speaker, host of a podcast and new TV show, and soon to be author of her upcoming book – “Get Over ‘I Got It’”.

As a coach, she specializes in supporting Black women who have been successful in their careers, yet they’re ready to transition into their next chapter through entrepreneurship — a move that can be challenging without support. My work is at the intersection of personal development and personal branding. She works together to discover your zone of genius, overcome limiting beliefs, adopt an entrepreneurial mindset, increase your visibility, set you and your business up for success, and create work that you love!

Elyane is so passionate about helping women to lean into support and have that be the new normal. Here are some of my most favorite and powerful take-aways from our conversation:


  1. Having it all doesn’t mean doing it all! It’s time to rewire ourselves and realize that we’re not meant to do everything ourselves (yes, talking to you, dear passionate achieving woman!)
  2. Use this new mantra instead, to overcome feeling shame with needing support, “Support IS Sexy!” (love that)
  3. For those of you entrepreneurs, you’ll probably agree that this path is the greatest journey of personal development and opportunity to learn how to say yes to support. Whether you own a business, run a family or work for someone else, you were never meant to do everything on our own.
  4. Stress and feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders can lead to health issues, getting support is one of the best ways to allow your body to heal and feel more freedom. 

As an inspirational speaker, she helps ambitious women get over what I call “I Got It” Syndrome, make empowered tasks and embrace support as your superpower.

She’s spoken at the UN, LinkedIn, Columbia, NYU, Spelman, Howard University, the Women’s President’s Organization, the Essence Festival and ColorComm, and she has led more than 200 workshops and panels in the U.S., Europe, Africa and online. I’ve also appeared as a featured guest on the “Today” show, “Nightline,” “Extra,” “Inside Edition,” CNN, VH1, BET, Sirius XM and many more. (

As host of her podcast, “Support is Sexy” — which has has more than 750,000 downloads and reaches listeners in 130 countries — she’s personally interviewed more than 500 diverse women entrepreneurs around the world and shared their inspiring stories. (

You can find out more about Elayne at and of course in the show notes.

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