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How To Balance Your Energy to Access Your Potential with Cathy Christen

Cathy Christen is a holistic peak performance strategist passionate about helping people design their life as the masterpiece it was meant to be. She brings awareness to the extraordinary potential within you, inspires you to fully develop the gifts you’ve been given, and provides business and personal coaching tools to help you elevate your energy to it’s highest level to start living the life of your dreams today! In this episode we dove into how not to compare yourself to others and discussed excellent ways to re-balance your energy. Tune in to hear her powerful and user friendly strategies: blindspot check, physical tune up, emotional assessment and a gratitude practice. Cathy has coached 100+ people over the past decade to start and grow profitable businesses, 5 national champions, and exclusively mentors 35 entrepreneurs annually across multiple market spaces. Cathy is responsible for over $42 million dollars in sales for Cutco/Vector Marketing. She oversees the Gulf-coast division of Cutco/Vector, which produces over 5.5 million in sales annually. She is also co-founder of Elevated Fitness and Nutrition; an energy and lifestyle company focused on a holistic approach to help others have the energy they need to really LIVE their best life. Personally, she and her husband Spencer Christen have a deep passion for health, giving back, and living life to the fullest. They are both dedicated supporters of the Angel Wings International and the Front Row Foundation, and have a strong desire to inspire and educate those around them on how to elevate their life to the next level and live every day as though it could be their last! 

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