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How To Become an Influencer for The Greater Good with Julie Reisler

Meet Julie Reisler

Julie Reisler is a mentor and master transformational coach with over ten years of coaching experience and a master’s degree in health & wellness coaching. Julie is the founder of the Life Designer Coach Academy, a coach mastery training certification program, host and founder of the You-est You Podcast, with 300+ episodes, and author of Get a PhD in YOU. Julie has been featured in Forbes magazine, MindBodyGreen, The Chopra Center, and Thrive Global. She is also a prominent teacher, course creator, and guide on the popular app Insight Timer and is on the faculty at Georgetown University in their coaching program. Make sure you take Julie’s Free Intuition Test to find out your intuitive superpowers to manifest your dream life at To learn more about Julie and how she might support you on your You-est You journey, go to


Hello brave dreamers! I really hope that this special 300th episode celebration will illuminate and remind you of the sacred gifts already within you, ready to be expressed. I brought in my dear friend, Rev. Frances Fayden, podcast host, author, and interfaith minister, to have a deeply honest and raw conversation about what it means to step into a greater mission of service, leadership, and influence. While my journey started with a commitment of doing one weekly episode for a year, I stayed the course because of the blessing to interview leading experts and prominent leaders who share their hearts, experience, lessons learned, and wisdom. It has been a gift to host this show, and I hope and pray that whatever episodes you’ve listened to have added expansion, upliftment, and greater possibility in your own life.



To Compare Is To Despair

One of my greatest lessons has been to stop comparing myself to others and taking others off the pedestal, no matter how well known they might be. Pedestals are dangerous as they create a ‘better than’ mentality, and as you know with the You-est You concept, no one is better than another. Instead, some have planted their seeds earlier or at different times than you, and often we’re seeing the finished byproduct that might have been planted years ago. Additionally, in interviewing a wide range of spiritual leaders and influencers, I’ve been reminded that the goal is not to be anyone else’s version of your You-est You. Yet, rather it’s to get inspired and moved by another’s story, journey, and lessons learned to tap more deeply into your own authenticity. Pedestals don’t belong in this journey of deeper self-exploration and self-compassion. I’m hoping that as you tune in, what’s being reflected back to you is what’s possible when you follow your greater vision and dream. That’s why I think of you (and myself) as brave dreamers. It takes tremendous courage to express and become your You-est You. I’m grateful you’re here and would love to hear how you’re taking other people off pedestals so that you can see your own divinity staring right back in your very eyes. Rather than compare, get inspired and know whatever you’re hearing is an example of what’s possible. 

Learning To Expand Your Visibility

One of my biggest lessons over the 300 episodes I’ve recorded has been to let go of the fear of judgments, of what others might say about me, and about my own inner judgments, especially given so many episodes have treaded into territory that I might have shied away from in the past. I’m learning that the most important thing you can do is stay true and authentic to your own truth. To come from a place of unconditional compassion and heart and trust that it’s safe to be more visible and share my thoughts. We naturally crave connection at a deep level, which is most potent when being vulnerable and willing to be seen. I share this with those who might struggle with visibility or fear of being seen in a larger way. If you know in your heart you’re up to big things and here to be a change-maker, it’s imperative to start shifting the way you see your own visibility. Ways to do that are through community, finding a great mentor, coach, or friend who is on a similar path and can hold you accountable to your bigger dream. That’s the first secret on how to become an influencer.

Impact Mentorship Program

After two years of dreaming up how to make a bigger impact with entrepreneurial women who want to birth their vision, I have finally decided to put together the Impact Mentorship Program. It’s an intimate group I will be mentoring that will help others who want to write that book, give a TEDx talk or start a podcast. I’ll be sharing my lessons learned, wisdom, and support to guide heart-led women looking to shine brighter and get on the world stage so they can become influences as well. For more information about applying, go to

Final Thoughts

Learning how to become an influencer is partly seeing yourself through a lens of love and being able to use what you once may have seen as weaknesses as strengths. Another is feeling the fear and doing it anyway. To commit and show up no matter how scared you are or how few people you think are there for you, because if your message is being heard by one person, know that it will only grow from there.  


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Looking To Help Others Know Who They Are and Design Their Best Life?

If you are feeling a strong urge to help other big-hearted empaths get unstuck and design their best life, you’ve got to check out my Life Designer Coach Academy. It is a world-class four-month virtual live coach certification program that will give you proven tools, techniques, practices, and methodology to be a powerful coach. This coaching program is for aspiring and current coaches looking to fill in the missing pieces and gain confidence and mastery both in the coaching core competencies and the integrative health modalities from a mind-body science, positive psychology, and healing arts perspective. To learn more, go to

Sacred Connection

As always, this community is a sacred, safe place built on love and acceptance. It was created to help you evolve and expand into your highest self. Please share your wisdom, comments, and thoughts. I love hearing from you and learning how you are being your truest, you-est you. Please join us in our Facebook group The You-est You Community for Soul Seekers


Join host Julie Reisler, author and multi-time TEDx speaker, each week to learn how you can tap into your best self and become your You-est You to achieve inner peace, happiness, and success at a deeper level! Tune in to hear powerful, inspirational stories and expert insights from entrepreneurs, industry thought leaders, and extraordinary human beings that will help to transform your life. Julie also shares a-ha moments that have shaped her life and career and discusses key concepts from her book Get a PhD in YOU.

Here’s to your being your you-est you!

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