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How to heal your relationship with money (and yourself) with Tarek Bibi

Tarek “Bliss” Bibi is a rising star with massive social media following who has already changed the lives of over one million people worldwide. Tarek works with business women and men on the spiritual path to help them “Thrive Doing What They Love!” Through his revolutionary Infinity Healing modality he is able to help his clients achieve and manifest their hearts desires with infinite ease and grace even if they have not been able to achieve their results elsewhere.


Tarek Bibi, aka. Mr. Miraculous, is a facilitator of inner transformation helping people on the spiritual path around the world transcend all their emotional and psychological blocks at their core level. In an instant Tarek is able to help people release years of pain and problems to Live Life Miraculously!


A very sought after speaker on telesummits, in the media and festivals, Tarek’s warm, sincere and loving heart-centred presence helps and heals all who are inspired by his own journey from abuse to living an inspired life.


Tarek is a sensitive, gifted poet, musician and artist with a commitment to helping young people all around the world become their best selves and learn to use their gifts and thrive in this new age of consciousness. He has been labelled an empath, indigo, a star seed, an earth angel, and a lightworker. He earns the name Mr. Miraculous because of the instant breakthroughs he has assisted his clients in achieving. Where nothing else has worked Infinity Healing has made it possible in an instant.


We talked about Tarek moving through trauma in his own life and begging the Universe to give him a second chance. His whole life changed after this encounter and he started to open his eyes to a deeper spiritual connection, to a process he now uses and calls the “Infinity Healing Process” and transformed his relationship with money and self connection. Here are some of the powerful take-aways from our convo.

  1. Health is a form of self-care. Taking care of the vessel you live in is crucial.
  2. There are some great steps to take to heal your relationship with money: start by imagining money as a person and writing a letter to ‘money’, journal and ask yourself what are the past beliefs about money (like rich people are mean, etc) and begin the reprogramming process by picturing something wonderful every time you think of or exchange money. This is a great way to rewire your way of thinking around money.
  3. Ways to stay grounded as an empath include being careful what you consume (both food and media), master self-care and time to move, dance and take excellent care of yourself, ask what brings you high energy and do more of that. Tune into your own inner wisdom to see what your body needs. 


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