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How to Impact Millions with Selena Soo

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Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Hello, Us listeners.

You listeners.
Thank you so much for being here today.
I'm so so excited for you to be part of this conversation.
You're going to get to meet a amazing powerhouse woman, someone who I am honored to call a dear friend and has been extremely inspiring to me.

You're gonna get to see why in just a bit.
She is, uh, definitely a role model and somebody who has really demonstrated incredible courage and will be cheering you on to really share your voice at a larger level.
So I'm so excited to introduce you today to Selena.

Sue Selena is a publicity and marketing strategist for visionary entrepreneurs for experts and authors who want to reach millions with their message.
She's helped clients and students get featured in places like O, the Oprah Magazine,

Forbes and ink and land interviews.
Unpopular podcasts and national T V.
Many of Selena's clients have become industry leaders with six and seven figure business is raving fan bases and hundreds of thousands of followers.
Her signature approach comes down to building powerful and long lasting relationships with influencers and the media in a very thoughtful and authentic way.

A former New Yorker, Selena now lives in the gorgeous beach area in beautiful Puerto Rico.
Oh, my gosh.
Every time I see you near the beach and your photos, I'm like,

uh, sister, I want to join you.
That looks amazing.
So, so thrilled to have you here.
Welcome, welcome.
Thank you, Julie.
And I'm still looking forward to the day that we're in Puerto Rico together, you know,

toes dipped in the sand and drinking pina coladas.
I know it's coming soon, okay? Yes, please.
And when? Yes.
Well, let's maybe we can just start out a little bit about your your story, Your journey moving from New York,

Moving to Puerto Rico.
Um, getting into this whole world of publicity.
Why? This has been something that's then you're calling and your purpose? Um, those are kind of two questions.
So whichever you feel called to share about first Yeah,

I mean, we can start with how I got into this world of publicity.
So in my mid twenties, I went through a quarter life crisis where I was clinically depressed and had trouble getting out of bed in the mornings, had really low self esteem,

had trouble eating.
And things got so bad that my mom flew to New York just to be by my side to help me, you know, kind of get through the day.
She would walk me to work like I was a child, you know,

being walked to school.
And I remember saying to a friend, You know, I don't want to feel this way every day.
Do you know someone who can help me? Because I really need help.
And I got introduced to this female life coach who organized these regular Wednesday women's gatherings.

And through that I got introduced to these incredible, um, new ideas, experts and authors and, um, thought leaders.
And, you know, these ideas helped me so much in my own struggles, and I realized that when people are suffering,

they're not just looking for more information.
People are really looking for inspiration, and I think that there's nothing more powerful than a role model that embodies hope and possibility for someone else.
And so you know,

I would ask my friends.
Hey, have you heard of these people? They're so amazing.
And a lot of people had no idea who they were.
And it's just a reminder.
There's always this next level of visibility, and there are people that are so good at what they do.

Um, but there that best kept secret.
And I really wanted more people to know about these people because their lives could be transformed.
And so, you know, I started joining different newsletters and following people that I admired,

Um, I lived in New York City.
I would, you know, go to local meet ups and events and, you know, create these relationships.
And also, you know, I would just, like connect people with people over email,

introducing myself, making connections between entrepreneurs and the media and so forth.
So before I even had a business, I was kind of recognized as the Super Connector.

that was helping to a land publicity opportunities.
So that's kind of how I got my business started and got some great endorsements and support from day one.
I want to.

First of all, I love how you have built this.
So organically.
And I love this idea of, you know, these amazing people that you were meeting there.
You know, these best kept secrets,

like they shouldn't be kept secret and that the way to do that is through publicity is through sharing your message And how you built this Really from that place of your strength of connecting authentic connection.

I am curious.
Um, and I want to come back to that.
But you did mention just a period of time where you felt a little bit, uh, struggled within yourself and, um,

maybe, you know, I know you recently shared a really vulnerable story.
Um, and we're gonna have the link here.
I've shared it already, but I shared again here because it's really, really worthwhile.

Especially anyone that has struggled with any kind of abusive relationship.
Um, I thought you're talking about role models.
You're such a inspiration.
And how you shared this story may be if you're comfortable to share a little bit about while you were building your business.
Kind of what happened to personally that's been,

you know, something you've really learned learned from? Yeah.
So this was actually something a little more recent um So I started my business in 2012.
I got into the emotionally abusive relationship in 2017.
And it's something that I didn't really see coming.

You know, I was celebrating five years in business.
You built a seven figure business at that point, which was like, an incredible milestone.
And there was someone that, um,

you know what I later actually learned? I've never shared this publicly before, but a friend of a mutual friend had shared that one day.
They were on some kind of ship together, and my ex had declared,

like, one day, I'm going to date Selena Sue.
It was kind of like his mission.
And then I think maybe a year later, um, we were dating, but he met me at a workshop that someone had hosted.
I was the guest speaker,

and he just kind of, you know, latched on to me.
He seemed really drawn to me in a huge fan of my work.
I wanted to connect me to all these people, Um, that could, you know,

promote like the work that I was doing.
And, um, as I was planning my five year business anniversary party, I thought you know, I'll invite him because he seems like such a great fan.

um, you know, he came to the party and, um, he gave me a gift a $250 gift card to one of the best restaurants in New York.
And I'm a foodie.
So that's kind of the way to my heart, the way to get my attention.

And so, um, you know, I said to him like, I would love to get to know you better.
And so he started spending time together and then eventually, you know, developing like a romantic relationship.

And then I learned about the term love bombing only recently.
But it's like when someone is, like, really dramatic in their romantic like gestures and acts and words, um,

to, you know, make you fall for them as a way to be able to manipulate you.
And so what I initially thought was like, the most amazing romance ever turned into a situation where I was constantly being controlled and put down, and it was confusing because it was a combination of,

like, building me up and then tearing me down.
And also, um what a lot of these people do is they will isolate you from your friends and other people and make you think you can't trust them or whatever it is turning against them so that they can exert more control.

you know, over a year and a half, I was in this really unhealthy situation and in my story, you know, I really go deep because when I shared it with some people, they loved it.

But they're like they wanted to understand what I was thinking.
Because there are things that I was really embarrassed and not comfortable writing about, like how I was in this abusive situation and how detailed what I went through.

And then I left and then I went right back.
Not only did I go back, I moved from New York to Florida with this person.
And then within the first week, you know, it got emotionally abusive again.

And then how I, like, finally left for good, but leading up to it like, you know, when my friends were like, you know, you need to dig deeper and share more.
It was hard because it was like,

You know what? I'm not really proud of my choices.
I mean, I can understand them, but, you know, I don't know if it really makes me look that great.
Not that I'm trying to be impressive that it was like it was hard to admit, like some of the choices I made in the thought process.

Um, and I remember, and I also just felt very vulnerable.
So as I was doing the revisions and I literally edited my piece somewhere between 100 to 200 times, like going back in and making a change,

making a word stronger, rephrasing something.
But I would wake up in the mornings, and there was so much pain in my throat and I wasn't more than usual.
But I was like,

Wow, this is painful.
And I had to, like, you know, like heat loss singers like, you know, it's like on the nonstop and all of this, and that was like for a week and a half.
And I would also wake up in the morning and my hands would like shaking my arms would just be this nervous energy.

And I hadn't felt anything like that in a really long time.
Um, but I also you know, I'm glad that I went through.
It was part of the most the purging process of those negative emotions.
And I started writing the piece towards the end of December and I released it,

um, in February, so it's about five weeks from start to finish.
I think what was good about that is I had because the thing is, when you write a personal piece like this and many people have their own stories which are very sensitive for them.
But you kind of relive the experience in writing about it and sometimes uncover things that you don't even really think about because we make our choices were not having a conversation.

It's like a passing thought about having to go back and be like, What was I thinking in that moment? Um, so yeah, but it was powerful because by the time I released the article, I had already worked through a lot of the emotions,

and I mean, there's still aspects of it that are, you know, tender.
But I was really in a much stronger place where I was ready to share my story and wanting people to read from it and learn from it because it is a cautionary tale.

and also, you know, if you're not in one of these situations, um to be able to understand what someone you know a loved 1 may be going through psychologically.

I just want to it, you know, reading it myself.
My breath was taken away.
I mean, I to think that you went through that and especially, you know, on the outside you would never think that.
And then what you're sharing about,

you know, your throat hurting and feeling off.
And and we talk a lot about this here, the comedy.
You know, the connection mind body, soul of heat of your body is picking up on our emotions and just really getting there was a lot to this.
It wasn't just what happened to you,

but also then, of course, the ramifications physically and having to relive it a little bit as you were writing it.
And I'm thinking about you know, your your calling, your mission to help other entrepreneurs and big hearted change makers to get their message out,

to use publicity, to share stories to uplift.
And I'm like, Wow, look at how what a gift you were able to share this and why publicity is so important? Because I know and you're sharing this.

Um, frankly, I actually, without naming her, I have a friend that connected with me and was like, um, she was bawling.
I mean, she had a situation similar.

you know, it brought up a situation for me years ago, and I was like, Oh, my gosh, you know, you just don't know who you're going to touch, So I love how you were able to use a gift you have around publicity to share this story And the reminder now that these experiences affect our health and our well being and it's important to share that.

I mean, as you're sharing that a couple of things come up for me.
So the thing is like, people follow me because they want to learn, you know, tips on how to get publicity and how to grow their business.

So, in a way like this topic of emotional abuse can feel like it comes out of left field or it's a separate thing, but it's act to me.
It's actually all part of the same thing.

because, you know, we're here to help people live better lives.
You know me.
And you have, like, a shared mission, you know, to help people step into their fullest potential to make their biggest impact.
And if you are in a situation with someone who is really,

um, you know, harming your sense of, you know, self worth and self esteem, Um, so that you're not like your most expressed self like, then you're not making the true impact that you really could be making.
Um And you know,

when you think about growing our business, it's not just about like, you know, you know, employing all these strategies is also the person inside the business and how they're doing.
And I feel grateful that,

you know, um, publicity is something that I've just naturally, really good at, because when I had this story, I'm like, you know what? Like I don't wanna just write this story and have you know, one person read it,

or five people read it.
I want thousands of people to read it and share it and be deeply impacted by it.
Um and so, yeah, it's just been a very powerful experience and especially the thing that has helped me the most is like moved me the most is people you know, responding and saying like Hey,

you know, that's helped me a lot.
Or like, I have the same exact same story, Just different details is what I hear a lot.
Um, one woman even said that the story saved her life and she left abusive situation.

right after reading my piece.
And you know, even though I don't think people expect me to respond to them and because in general I can't respond to every single communication just so I want to get other things done in the business.
But for this it was something that was really important to me.

And so I like, you know, carved out time on the weekend and days after just to, like, you know, respond to the emails of my support inbox.
Because if someone is going through a situation like this, even just a couple of sentences for someone to feel seen and heard when they open up,

ensuring their experience can really go a long way and can really inspire them to know that someone cares about them, um, and give them the courage to take the next steps right to get out of that situation.
I'm so touched by what you said and to me,

this is where you bridge that higher calling with publicity.
And you know the higher level to this, like you're sharing it.
So it's not just one or five or 10.
It's thousands millions that you're impacting one of the things I want to ask you because you are very open about this.

And I love this about you.
I remember when we connected learning, you know that you're an introvert and you've talked about it.
And I think you know how you have moved through life and becoming this.
You know,

publicity and media may event really this beautiful, um, powerhouse with how to get publicity as an introvert.
I mean, to me, that's like, that takes something.
And just if you always think if Selena can do this,

anyone can do this.
Yeah, and a lot of people say that they're drawn to learning from me because I'm an introvert.
You know, I'm someone that has shied away from the spotlight.
I'm not someone that you know is that person that runs for the microphone at a conference or,

you know, um is like, Oh, I was born for the camera and I wouldn't say that I was actually work.
I had to work really hard to, um, now appear, you know, polished and comfortable and all of that.

But I also think that the fact that I am an introvert is another reason why it's even more important for me and others to get out there.
Because when I started my business, you know,

I would think about people you know, oftentimes men with very bold and brash personalities that were like leaders in the entrepreneurial world.
And I couldn't really see myself in them.
And I was curious,

You know, are there women that are heart centered and introverted and highly sensitive that are really successful in business and making an impact? Because I didn't know if I had the right personality to have a successful business.
I also didn't consider myself to be a finance or numbers person.

Um, and you know, when I see other people who may be, you know, look like me from the standpoint of maybe they're, you know, more sensitive or introverted.
It's so inspirational,

right? And it's it's hard to be what we cannot see.
And the world just needs so many different types of role models that embody different messages and that are doing amazing things, right to help,

you know, moving business in life so, so powerful.
You know, one of my questions was around.
Why do you think publicity is so important and just hearing in your answer? But if you want to add to that because I think sometimes,

um, I know myself included.
You know, there's many things to do, especially if you're listening.
You're an entrepreneur, you're a budding entrepreneur.
You want to be somebody who has a message.
Even I I know many who listened to the show who are not yet entrepreneurs but even,

um, have some amazing, you know, stay at home moms or women or people that want to make an impact and and want to start getting their message out there.
So for those of you listening,

even if you're not yet in the entrepreneurial space but for sure, many that are, why do you think publicity is so important for them? Absolutely.
I think publicity is so important because it's one thing for you to tell the world.

I'm amazing at what I do.
But if you're the only one saying that message and carrying that message is only going to go so far, you need other people saying that.
And in particular,

if you have media outlets, I have a built in audience of thousands, tens of thousands, millions of people.
Then you're gonna be able to reach an impact.
More people.

The other thing is, I really believe that in today's media landscape, influencers are the new media.
And when I say influencers, I mean people who are experts who have built platforms, maybe they have a podcast platform and newsletter.

Um, you know, a blog, Social media platforms.
Maybe they do instagram live interviews.
Um, but you know, there's an opportunity there for them to amplify your message to their audience.

you know, it is really powerful because a lot of times like, if I hear that, like a magazine has named something like the best of the best, like I'm very interested or if there is a top podcaster that I adore and they're saying, Oh,

this person helped me or you guys have what they're doing, like I will become very, very curious.
And it just it means a lot, right? It's something that money can't buy that stamp of approval.
And so,

you know, we all need other people talking about us to get our message across to the masses.
Yeah, I I love love, love what you just said.
And if it's okay to share a personal anecdote, because I,

um yeah, I mean, one of the gifts in getting to just I mean, I love and adore you and getting to know you in working together.
I know.
You know, I had this with the With the pandemic.

I really saw in my own business, it was really fascinating.
Huge shift.
Um, for me was actually the opposite of what I would have thought or been taught, which is,

you know, going out, getting into action.
It was actually more of an intuitive process of getting quiet and really tuning in more to what people need and shifting and iterating and using intuition and those those skills.
And I remember and getting to connect with you and work with you.

You know, I was a little nervous.
I this is, like, kind of a different way of looking at shifting and pivoting and with your support and your brilliance with publicity.
That was such an amazing experience to have that article to be put out into Forbes.

And I'll share with you that I've had people connect with me over that I was.
I was a little nervous to do it.
I think for me it's a little the over the years coming out of the intuitive spiritual closet and just marrying that with business.
But for me it was like,

Well, if that can help somebody And I did have I've had a few people reach out like Thank you so much to help me to pivot.
And to me, that's like What I think we're talking about is you.
It allows us.

It allows you to get your message or, you know, helpful hope, you know, ideas, inspiration to more people.
And you just you've done it so powerfully, so authentically Selena.
It's one of the things I love about you is It's so heart center,

the way you work.
Thank you for saying that, and I also want everyone listening just to understand that they don't need to be, you know, a best selling author or Internet superstar, six or seven figure entrepreneur to get publicity.

Um, I started getting publicity well, before I, you know, started even actually got publicity before I really even had clients.
And so something to remember is that we all have a personal story.
There's a reason why led to the work that we're doing.

Maybe we have helped friends or family members pro bono.
Um, maybe, you know, our upbringing led us to do what we do.
But if we are in the business of, you know, giving people advice or helping people in any way,

you know, you know something that the average person doesn't, um, and the combination of your expertise and your story already in your philosophy, you know, around the work that you do gives you plenty to talk about in the media.

I love love.
I'm with you.
I love that I so agree.
I actually believe everybody has a story.
Um, and if you feel called to share story, especially for those listening who've written and I've gotten a lot of notes like, I don't know where to begin.

I have this to share.
I have this coming through me.
I want to be able to help more.
I really believe in.
It's what I think you're saying, Selena, if you have that desire, then there is an equal need for you to share it so you can help others.

And I come back to your vulnerable story.
I don't know if you ever thought you would have shared that, but look at you saved.
You know it's saved someone's life to me.
That's I mean,

I always said, If if the book I'm writing or the article can help, one person like that's obviously want way more than that way more.
But I helped me get over my fear.
What are some of I'm just curious.

This be kind of fun to talk about some of the biggest mistakes that you've seen and maybe some of the best hacks or tips that you've kind of collected over the years around publicity.
So those that are tuning in,

or like I don't even know where to start.
Like, what are some things that maybe takeaways around mistakes and and ways to really, um, to do this in a powerful way? Yeah,

So when it comes to publicity, You know, I understand that everyone is busy and working really hard, and so they get publicity.
It should make an impact in their business.
So the first place that people really need to get started in is figuring out You know what?

What's their driving reason for wanting to get publicity? Maybe they have a premier coaching program, and they're looking to, you know, fill it up with a maximum of 15, 1 on one clients.

Or maybe there's someone that has a group program, and they would love to have hundreds of people in this program.
Or maybe there's someone that doesn't have a way for people to work with them, one on one or in a group setting.

But they want people to read their books and share their ideas, right.
So each of these audience is going to pay a different amount.
You know, whether it is, you know,

19 or $20 for a book or, you know, many thousands of dollars for coaching.
Um, and in some cases you only need, like, 10 or 15 people.
And so thinking about Okay, well,

what is my goal? What is what is the main offer that I have in my business, right? So for me, my main offer is impacting millions.
And that's my publicity program.

and so understanding that that's my main offer.
My publicity needs to be geared around it.
Um and so, for as an example of what not to do, you know, I have a mastermind, um,

and within the mastermind, like, I've helped people with all sorts of challenges, like how to find their next team member and, you know, brainstorming around their evergreen webinar funnel and all these different things.
And even if I might have fun conversations around it,

I'm not gonna do podcast interviews on those topics because I don't want people reaching out to me for help on hiring team members.
So it's really not my like, main expertise,

but I do want people, you know, wanting to dive deeper into more publicity support.
So that's like my offer.
And that's how you know, I serve people that I want to be talking about that thing.
So everyone should be thinking about what's the main offer and my business.

What topic is it? And also like, How do people work with you? Is that one on wonders in a group.
So, you know, if you primarily work with people one on one in your interviews, you know you can say things in a very natural,

organic way, like someone's asking for advice, you know? How do you handle this? Well, you know, I had a private client, and when they were in this situation, this is what I advised them to do.

Or, you know, in my program, in my case, my program impacting millions.
You know, we help people with X y Z.
We teach them this and that, so that when people are listening to the interview, they understand what's your core expertise the way that they can get further help and also the format,

so that when people do reach out to you or when they do, you know, join your email list or whatever is like they're already kind of ready and proceeded slash pre sold.
So I would say like a big mistake people make is they're not being thoughtful and strategic about their publicity.

They just want to get it for the sake of getting it.
But they're not making sure that it ties into getting the right people.
Um that would be interested in, you know,

future offers and opportunities to work with them.
I love you know, it really has.
I think if you're listening to this, it has each of us really coming back to What is your intention? What makes sense?

What is your offering? What is your purpose? To help people.
If you're talking about something, that's not that you're not gonna be able to reach The people that are that are meant to serve.

Just a few others.
So, you know, one like it's like what to do, right? You know, versus a mistake is you want to be clear on you know what you want to What kinds of opportunities makes sense for you.
But another big mistake I see is people pitching topics versus story ideas.

They might have an expert on work, life balance.
And I would love to come on your show.
Um, but you know, what you really need to do is hand over a story idea on a silver platter because everyone's so busy.
So what I recommend people do is they write their story ideas in the format of a headline,

and so someone were to read that headline.
They're like, Oh, I can see myself clicking on that I can see myself getting curious Uh, and then they're more intrigued with what you have to say.
And the other thing is,

it's a great idea to describe your idea whether with a few bullet points or a few sentences, because maybe if you're like, you know, um, maybe the headline is like, three counterintuitive ways to achieve work.

Life balance.
You know, this year, Um, but the person is gonna wonder, like, Are these counterintuitive or are these things I've heard a million times before? What's the quality of these ideas?

So if you could even, like, outline like two of the ideas include X and Y, or whatever it is, and it gives people a little bit of a taste of what they can expect from you.

Oh, my gosh, Those are so great.
Um, so don't worry.
I'm taking notes for you.
Everyone who's listening, we'll have these all in the show notes.
I'm like, taking as best I can,

Um, and, you know, just love how you have, really? You've honed in these expertise, um, now able to help impact millions through your program through what you're doing in such a I just keep coming back to such an organic, natural,

heart centered way, which, to me is it's the way to the way to get the message out question for you.
I have a couple questions before we wrap, so I just will share with everyone.
I never want to end a conversation with Selena Anytime I connect with you,

I'm like, I can't keep talking to you.
I just always loved being in your energy.
Um, I want to ask because, you know, for you to grow a business in a short time to do the seven figure mark, there's something I always I love getting behind the scenes of what?

What is that mindset that that heart set, like, What are some of the things that have helped you to really to believe in yourself? Believe in what you're doing and really to be able to grow like that? I think,

um, that those listening would benefit from hearing what has helped you, even as you went through such challenges with that relationship, like what has helped you to really expand like that, it's quite incredible.

Yeah, I think for me, one of the main things is my focus on less is more.
I don't know if you've read the book.
Essential is, um, Julie, Um, it's on my nightstand.
I have not yet.

And it's the fourth time it's mentioned.
Sound like Okay.
Everyone listening.
I mean, that book, really, you know, basically expresses my life philosophy.

this idea of doing like the essential things are the most effective.
And I think a lot of people spread themselves too thin and they get excited about shiny objects.
And I get it because a lot of these shiny objects,

they come with promises of, like, quick fixes or this is the newest and hottest thing and jump on the train now, um, but for me, you know, I just, like, really simplify a lot of things in my business.

And, um, we actually recently decided to, um, eliminate our mastermind group.
Um, not because it wasn't amazing, but because, well, I want was craving more simplicity in my life.
But also,

I wanted to pour all of my attention into the, you know, into fewer things.
And so, you know, every year I have impacting millions and we make it better and better.
You know,

we go back to the curriculum, we see how we can refine it.
We do all these different things.
We're always reading feedback surveys and thinking about how we can make things better.

and so I think for some people, it can be boring to just have, like, one main thing and just focus on making it better.
But that really is kind of my personality.
I'm all about,

you know, excellence and impact and making something the absolute best it can be.
And I think there's a lot of, you know, a variety of amazing programs out there to grow your business and your impact.

but I think because I just focus on making it, you know, excellent in all the ways and also, you know, threatening the marketing.
Then it makes it easy or for people to want to get involved and promote or share it because they know that they can trust.
It's a great product,

make it easy for, you know, people to get involved.
So I would say a combination of like what's really helped me is like the laser focus and all flow, you know, relationships.

Um, because I've had a lot of great people, you know, Julie included, who are just helping me get the word out about the work I'm doing.
And you know these things.

you know, we're talking about publicity, but a piece of publicity, something that really helps is when you take time to build relationships.
Because then you know people when they know you, they are more likely to want to.

Um, you know, they feel like they can get behind you and, you know, want to support you so well said, I'm actually being reminded I had interviewed J.
Pop is on a while back on the one thing which is very similar, which is really just that.

Focus on that one thing that you can be excellent at and, you know, and you're known for this with impacting millions, you've been impacting millions like it's really helped so many people to really get their story out and to have publicity in a way that's gonna that's made a difference.

and so I love that reminder.
I personally am, like, note to self read.
Essential is, um, asap.
I could use some of that laser focus.
Now, that's really powerful.
My last question that's coming to mind that I'm just I'm always curious about.

And I like to ask my guess is this notion of you know who you're us to you is and the legacy that you that you can see in the future that you'd like to leave, like,

a little bit about What does that mean you're us to and what would you What would be like? That legacy you hope to leave here? My usu, I guess a couple of things come to mind Like when people describe me.
One of the words they used is poised a lot.

And actually, um, you know, Julie, we were just talking earlier about the incredible stylist that we work with.
And she, you know, will come up with two words that encapsulate, you know,

our essence.
And so for me, it was elegant voile.
Um so there's, you know, elegance, um, employees.
I think that's something that you know, I It's just how I show up in the world.
Another thing that's really important to me is like kindness and respect,

like I really care about treating other people.
Um, really Well, like, it upsets me when I see people being disrespected.
And I think part of the legacy is really you know, it's about living my best life.

I, you know, didn't exercise before to think about, like, you know.
Okay, there was a sentence engraved on my tombstone.
Like, what would I want that headline to be? Yeah.

At one point, I had written something along the lines of, you know, helping others are helping millions or inspiring millions.
But then I realized, you know what?

Like, I want to be at the center of my own story and this idea that when we live our most expressed and happy and joyful life, we put ourselves in the center In turn, you know,

we are inspiring and making an impact on others.
And I think the people many of the people that I admire the most, um, it's because of their essence and how they show up in the world and what they embody and so really wanna wanting to step into that fully for myself.
That is so beautiful.

I'm like, All right, Mike, draw.
There's really no I got nothing else to say that I'm just if you're listening, especially to my beautiful women or anyone that identifies like that in that in that arena, please,

like listen to Selena.
This is It's so inspiring.
It's inspiring how you're really you're stepping forward.
And I just keep coming back to what? The challenges that you've gone through, the being an introvert,

the relationship, all of those different, you know, breakdowns.
And to see how you have really taken all of those, um, and and and you know, mind them.
It's like, you know,

the pearl comes from the grit, the diamond comes from pressure, and you really I know you're all about helping hidden gems emerge.
And you yourself I don't think you're hidden, But you are certainly a gem that,

you know, I just am inspired by and my last.
This is always the last little like I always say we call them.
I call them Heart Flares.
They're like my heart just wants to say this.
If there's something I didn't ask you,

or just you feel like a heart flair you want to share.
This is a moment for you to share anything that might be coming to you.
That I didn't get to ask you.

I think that, um, you know, being an entrepreneur, thought leader and expert.
It's been such a gift.
I think it's an opportunity to really step into our greatest potential.
And that's really what I think when I think about publicity,

it's not just about, you know, more people know about me or I'm famous.
It's about making that deeper impact.
And I know for me, I'm personally really driven by the idea of reaching my full potential in life.
And part of reaching our full potential is overcoming fears of this.

I'm putting ourselves out there, right, because when we don't want to say, these fears go away 100%.
But when we take action in the face of those fears, then we're then we're living up to our potential because we're being fully expressed.

And we're helping more people, um, you know, than ever before.
So I would just encourage people, um, you know, even if they feel scared to really, like, feel that the idea,

like the famous quote like, feel the fear, um, and do it anyways.
I knew there was something I'm like.
I could feel it.
It's there that is so, so powerful.

Well, I mean, are you glad you listened? Everyone who's tuning and this is just delicious, so inspiring conversation.
And, you know, I think you're really what you're up to and and standing in the center and claiming that, you know,

I'm gonna I'm gonna tune in and be my fullest potential.
Um, I don't I don't think there's any greater purpose that we can have.
It's like, you know, the corn and the oak tree, and you're really I'm hearing It's like,

let's see the full of tree.
Let's do it.
And I love how you're helping others to do that and just so honor you in your journey here and who you are, who you're shining us and just appreciate you so much, Selena.

Thank you.
And I also want to share our free gift with Yes.
Yes, thank you.
Free gift moment.
Yeah, absolutely.
Um so once a year, I release my impacting millions of publicity video series.
So there's just three short videos,

um, that show people the steps to take to get major publicity.
And with each video, there is a free gift that accompanies it.
So with video one, they get a list of 200 media outlets to get their wheels turning on where they might like to be featured.

Video two is accompanied by my 12 month media calendar full of 40 plus pages of story ideas and, um, you know, ways to pitch the media and then the third gift is a seven step action plan.

so I know that Julie will be sharing the link in a moment with people, but they can go ahead and download that.
And the other thing is, when they download, um,

or they sign up to get the videos, they will also have a chance to win an all expenses paid trip to Puerto Rico.
And Julie and I were talking about at the beginning.
And if someone from Julie's community wins and I would say that Julie has to come down to the parts,

well, so definitely check it out.
Yes, I will be there.
I will be there, and I'm going to just share the link So everyone knows, Um, and we'll have this in the show notes as well.
I love.

First of all, your stuff is incredible.
you can tell that you're one thing of excellence is embedded in everything you do.
So so recommend all of this and we'll have the link.
But it's julie Rissler dot com forward slash publicity.

Really simple.
Um, and Selena Thank you.
That's a These are awesome gifts.
And yes, if anybody who listens, uh, keep me posted.
If you're going to Puerto Rico, I'm gonna make it my do my best to get my butt down there with you because I'm ready.

I love it.
Bring it on.
Well, thank you so much.
What a gift.
And thank you for your just beautiful the work you're doing in the world.
I so honor you, my friend.
I am so grateful that you are part of this powerful community.

I thank you for listening to this episode, and I hope it inspires you to remember who you really are and who you chose to be in this lifetime.
I created this podcast from my own heart's desire to amplify the vibration of compassion, kindness,

abundance, love, magic and so much more.
Both within you and the collective.
I'm honored to be your host, your friend, and your companion on this life journey and I would love your feedback.
Let me know.

What did you love? What would you love more of? What would you love to see covered on the show? And if you feel moved, please subscribe rate and review the usu podcast so that we can continue to shift the way humanity operates and shape this beautiful collective community Eager to learn more about your own intuitive superpowers.
I have an amazing free assessment to help you determine what your intuitive type is.

Just visit julie Rissler dot com forward slash intuition assessment or, of course, check out the show notes with the deepest love, admiration and respect for your usu until next time.
Mm mhm.

Meet Selena Soo

Selena Soo is a publicity and marketing strategist for visionary entrepreneurs, experts, and authors who want to reach millions with their message. She’s helped clients and students get featured in places like O, The Oprah Magazine, Forbes, and Inc. while landing interviews on popular podcasts and national TV. 

Many of Selena’s clients have become industry leaders with 6 and 7-figure businesses, raving fan bases, and hundreds of thousands of followers. Her signature approach comes down to building powerful and long-lasting relationships with influencers and the media in a thoughtful, authentic way. A former New Yorker, Selena now lives by the beach in beautiful Puerto Rico.

You Can Impact Millions 

One of the things I love about Selena is how genuine and caring she is. She spoke so openly and vulnerably about being in an abusive relationship and how isolating it was. Selena recently shared her story in a very public and brave way to help other women who have experienced a similar kind of trauma. The full article can be read HERE.

One of the gifts of sharing your story through the portal of media and publicity is the ability to help, serve, inspire and impact millions. Selena’s strength and the gift of being a super-connector and media strategist aided her own courageous choice to share her story. 

Selena gave us a fantastic quote that spoke volumes of truth, “People aren’t looking for more information. People are looking for inspiration.” Sharing your story can be insightful and inspiring for others who may be walking the same path but be several steps behind you. 

Why Publicity Is So Important

Like Selena, I also believe you have a story that is worth sharing. Whether it’s to reach more people you would like to serve, grow your audience, inspire many more people, or help others in need, publicity is the best way to extend your reach and serve in a much bigger way. If your heart is calling you to make a more significant impact in the world, it is time to listen so you can reach millions. 

Selena Soo reminds us that even if you are introverted or a heart-centered, highly sensitive person, there is a place for you in the publicity world. She is an introvert, and while it was a struggle in the beginning, Selena learned ways to adapt and work with who she innately was. 

Publicity Hacks & Don’ts

When looking to gain publicity, there are some basic dos and don’ts. 

  • Keep in mind that you don’t need a huge platform to pitch the media or do interviews. 
  • You do need to focus on your main topic and offers. Selena explains that you’ll want to be thoughtful and strategic about your focus, especially if you have multiple offerings. 
  • Don’t pitch topics. Instead, pitch story ideas in an exciting headline format.
  • When pitching your story, describe your idea with a few bullet points so it’s clear and concise.

Less Is More

I talked to Selena about how she grew to a 7-figure business in such a short amount of time. I loved her answer. 

  • Less is more, don’t get caught in the shiny object syndrome. Simplify and stay focused. 
  • Eliminate whatever is not your essential heart-centered offering. Pour your attention into what you’re doing.
  • Stay laser-focused and create excellence in one area.
  • Build connected and genuine relationships that you can build upon.
  • Take action with your fears, so you don’t let your worries drive your action.

When Selena talked about getting focused on that “one thing,” she recommended the book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg Mckeown. This one keeps coming up, so obviously, it’s a must-read!

Selena graciously offered an amazing gift, which you can get at In addition to three powerful videos about how to get more publicity, Selena also includes:

  1. A list of 200 media outlets.
  2. A 12-month in-depth publicity calendar.
  3. A 7-step action plan to implement your publicity outreach.

Connect with Selena Soo

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