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How to Listen to Your Soul with Gabriela Blandy

Meet Gabriela Blandy

Gabriela Blandy is a fully qualified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. She is a personal and professional development expert with over fifteen years’ experience working with writers, creatives, and entrepreneurs. She has also trained in the Shamanic Medicine Wheel with The Spirit of the Inca.

Gabriela has been awarded the Royal Society of Literature V S Pritchett Prize and has a Masters in Creative Writing with Distinction. Her writing has been published in various books and journals, including The Mechanics Institute Review and The London Magazine. She has also been published alongside Sarah Waters and Daphne du Maurier in Virago’s collection of ghostly tales, ‘Something was There’. Gabriela has hosted hundreds of literary events, both in London at City University and the bar at RADA and The John Osborne Arvon Centre, and has spoken on the Creative Writing Masters Programs at Oxford University, UEA, Warwick, Birkbeck, and Guildford.


Stopping the Hustle & Grind

I had the honor and pleasure of coaching and working with Gabriela about a year ago as she wanted to get off the incessant grind and hustle train and learn to hear her inner voice and deeper wisdom. She felt exhausted, working weekends without time off, noticing a continuous cycle of comparison and competition. While successful on the outside, Gabriela wanted to stop the crazy burnout and connect back to her passion and true purpose. She was afraid of losing momentum but knew where this kind of continued overworking and overwhelm would lead. Her soul was asking for more — more nature, more nurture, and more deep connection. 


Listen to Your Soul

Gabriela Blandy’s soul was asking for a new way of doing business, of self-expression, and a way to feel passionate and fulfilled that wasn’t at the expense of her mental and physical wellbeing. Gabriela talked about the shift that happened when she decided to invest in her soul and start coaching together. She realized that she had just bought something for her soul rather than her ego or fear. What ensued over the next year was miraculous to guide and observe. She woke up to a way of being so many of us find ourselves paralyzed by — the constant hustle and rushing around that has you spreading butter on your toast while scrolling through text messages, checking your calendar and trying to take a photo here and there for a decent social media post. She started to see the patterns of being spread thin and feeling disconnected from any sense of presence or deeper purpose.


Detoxing Your Lifestyle

What came next was a surprise to Gabriela, and she shares how the two questions she asked herself led to a total shift in her business and life. Driven to spend more time in nature and to detox her lifestyle from screens and constant scrolling, Gabriela took her first five-day excursion into the forest. She asked herself, ‘Who am I? and What is my purpose?’ What followed surprised and delighted her. It was not a response she had heard before and certainly wasn’t attainable while being mired down in emails, zoom meetings, and workaholism. She felt a deep knowing that she was meant to spend more time in the forest and that something important was shifting within her that would become the new bedrock for her career and purpose. Forest trips became Gabriela’s new way of unplugging, and soon she found wisdom being channeled from her encounter with the trees and nature that helped to rewire her nervous system and brain. It was a detox on all levels instigated by the forest. 


Trusting Your Inner Guidance No Matter What 

Gabriela Blandy shares the power of learning to trust her inner guidance and started to see the ripple effect of this positive change in all of her relationships and business. The greater message of how to listen to your your soul she learned from the forest. Today, her business is not only thriving in new ways, but because she has followed her intuition and wisdom from the forest, she has created an amazing community that taps into greater aspects of creativity in writing, speaking, coaching, and living. She continues to bring her clients into the forest and finally feels like she is living a life that is congruent with her heart, purpose, and soul’s greatest desires.


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Final Thoughts

Gabriela Blandy was able to tune into her intuition and feel what she was missing in her life. More importantly, she was able to take action and fill the gap that the busyness of the world was taking away from her. She invites all of you to listen to your soul and see what you can give back to it starting today. 


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Connect with Gabriela Blandy

Sacred Connection

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