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How to overcome anything with Ashley Bernardi

Veteran news booker and producer Ashley Bernardi founded Nardi Media in 2015, which quickly became a leading media relations agency with an expertise in broadcast, print, and online press. With a strategic focus on media relations, Ashley never misses an opportunity to develop relationships with reporters and producers, proactively generate media coverage and integrate her clients into the news of the day.  

Ashley has over a decade of booking and producing experience in national television broadcasting. More important than her lengthy list of accolades – including her tenure as a top booker at national news networks like Bloomberg and CBS News and booking producer for The Washington Post – is her passion for publicity. Her deep expertise extends to radio and television satellite media tours, booking guests for breaking news, media strategy and managing production logistics for live shots, television shoots, and more.

Ashley has helped clients grow from zero exposure to household names on the New York Times Bestsellers list. Additionally, she has helped heads of state, lawmakers, celebrities, best-selling authors, non-profit organizations and national brands increase their exposure, credibility and awareness through strategic media placements, which include placing clients in top-tier publications and media outlets such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, TODAY, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, NPR, Fortune, Business Insider, USA TODAY, PEOPLE, TIME, CNBC, Bloomberg, Women’s World, Family Circle, FIRST For Women, and hundreds more.

She is a sought-after speaker and regularly featured expert in the media, including WJLA-TV and WTTG-TV in Washington, D.C.

Ashley shares about her wake up call with Lymes disease and how she learned one of the biggest lessons of her life; letting go of the doing, perfectionism and need to put her self care first. After 30 doctors with no diagnosis, it wasn’t until her last visit with the 31st doctor who finally diagnosed her Lyme’s. It took Ashley over 8 weeks to be able to get out of bed and start moving again. She sees this health crisis as one of her biggest gifts and has learned to re-prioritize her entire life around healing and honoring her body, mind and spirit. Ashley shares some of her healing practices that she incorporates daily to stay well and have good energy.

  1. Surrender everything, let go and let what’s meant to flow and heal come in. Make time for stillness. For Ashley this was meditation and prayer.
  2. Do intuitive journaling and sacred writing. This is where you get out your pen and write whatever comes to mind, doodle or draw until you start to get more insight or flow to your thoughts.
  3. Gentle yoga and time in nature helped to lower her cortisol levels (which were dangerously high from her stressful job and lifestyle).
  4. Repeat the mantra ‘this is temporary’ as often as needed. This helped Ashley stay grounded!
  5. Be an overcomer, not an overachiever!
  6. Find what you loved to do as a child and start incorporating that in your day; for her it was dancing, singing, reading and writing.

We also talked about the lessons of the pandemic and how this can be a time for real change and deep reflection on what’s really important. This is a time to come home to yourself and connect more to spirit (or whatever you call that divine connection) and your true self.

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