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Letting it All Go to Build Your Personal Brand with Rachel B. Lee

Meet Rachel B. Lee

Meet Rachel B. Lee, a fearless brand marketing ladyboss with over a decade of experience leading major brand and marketing strategies for Unilever, Microsoft, Gartner, and more. After receiving her MBA from the University of Texas, Austin, McCombs School of Business in 2016, she entered the technology industry at Microsoft. Rachel achieved over a billion impressions in 2017 as the social lead for Microsoft Inspire. Most recently, she led the brand and marketing strategy for Software Advice as a Gartner Sr., Brand Manager. This $50M revenue business helps small businesses find software and Rachel completely reinvented the brand identity and go-to market strategy.  

Now, she is Co-Owner and CMO at StandOut Authority, helping people define their personal brands, create influence, grow opportunities and build long-lasting human relationships on LinkedIn.

You will come away from this conversation empowered, inspired, and ready to dust off your courageous cape. I saw the transformation that Rachel went through over the past year of realizing that being in a job that was ‘fine’ was not good enough. She opens up about the real-life stressors of leaving her esteemed job, including the physical ramifications of being an overachiever, and shares her courageous story of becoming a woman entrepreneur, or as we like to call her, a powerhouse ladyboss. 


Designing your own path

Rachel B. Lee, one of my beloved coaching clients, is one of the more genuine and big-hearted women I know. She knew deep down she had a bigger purpose-to use her strengths, gifts, and genius talents at personal branding to support entrepreneurs who are eager to get their message and values to the world. Rather than follow a path that was laid out for her, she decided to design her own path. This was not easy, and it didn’t happen overnight. We spoke vulnerably about what it takes to make the big shift to becoming an entrepreneur, as well as to redefine success and achievement. Rachel shares openly about her own physical health struggles, which are connected to the incredible stress she dealt with over the past year and from constantly being in an over-achievement mode. She talked about having to reprogram her concept of success, which now means more time to be present, mindful, healthy, and grateful.


The Litmus Test

Rachel tapped into her own truth and took a hard look at her job and her desires. She liked it but certainly didn’t love it. She asked herself; how do I want to feel? She journaled and did a lot of inner work, realizing that she didn’t want to stay in a safe, secure, and even lucrative job that didn’t fulfill her at the heart and core of her being. She no longer wanted to spend all hours of the day working towards brand marketing and instead chose to build a personal brand around who she innately was. 


How to Authentically Stand Out 

Rachel B. Lee shares how, through personal branding and allowing the truth of yourself to shine through, you can truly stand out. This is her zone of excellence, mixing brand marketing with personal branding and finding the sweet spot. A place to start for all of my beloved entrepreneurial listeners out there is to get clear on the basic 4 elements of claiming your personal brand: your unique skills, audience, differentiation, and your passion.


Final Thoughts

Rachel B. Lee opens her heart to share with us how important it is to put personal branding over brand strategy. That we each have something special to bring to the table, our own bit of magic to sprinkle on all we do, if only we tune in and connect with that part of ourselves. 


Sacred Connection

As always, this community is a sacred, safe place built on love and acceptance. It was created to help you evolve and expand into your highest self. Please share your wisdom, comments, thoughts. I love hearing from you and learning how you are being your truest, you-est you. Please join us in our Facebook group The You-est You Community for Soul Seekers

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