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Leveraging Spiritual Intelligence & The Power of Forgiveness with Aaron Abke

Meet Aaron Abke


Aaron Abke is a paradigm-shifting spiritual teacher who delivers a fresh, new perspective on Self-Realization through his teachings on the Law of One, Non-Duality, and Spiritual Intelligence. Aaron aims to provide humanity with the tools, knowledge, and practices needed to aid our collective ascension to Enlightenment, or “4th Density Consciousness”. His passion and purpose are to awaken this planet to the awareness of our oneness and collective destiny as an Enlightened civilization.


Ok, gorgeous soul, this conversation definitely goes deep into the metaphysical and cosmic worlds. I’d invite you to listen with your heart and an open mind. Of course, sift through the conversation, take what resonates, and leave the rest. 



The Law of One

To set the context here, I asked Aaron to share his wisdom on The Ra Material: The Law of One. This book was channeled in the 1980s by UFO researchers who spent years and took meticulous care to connect with and take note of their 106 conversations with Ra, a 6th-density social memory complex. In short, this refers to minds that are all joined on another density plane that are all acting as one mind. This is a similar concept if you listen to Abraham Hicks (channeled by Esther Hicks). And don’t worry my friend, I will be sure to explain what this means. 


We Are All One

In essence, Ra states that the whole universe is one being and that all creation is of one thought. We’re each literally like a neuron in the Divine Mind, and we all play in the totality of the creator knowing itself. Our minds create the illusion of being separate and of the idea of evil. In reality, there is no evil in God. God is perfect love, unity, and wholeness. The highest truth is our oneness. Everything in the Universe is electromagnetic energy. Every particle has a charge. You must choose which polarity you want to be — positive or negative. The negative charge represents separation and not being connected to your heart. This often shows up as an endless need for power at the expense of others. The positive polarity is about love and being of service to others. When you love and serve, you are emulating the Creator. 


Why Your Chakras Are Important


You may not realize that there are 7 densities of consciousness for the soul to evolve, and they are also connected to the 7 chakras (energy wheels of life). Here’s a brief overview to give you a taste of how the chakras are related to life experiences. 


The primal chakras are 1 – 3, whereas the spiritual chakras are 4 – 7. These 7 energy centers are all about how the soul journeys over a 75,000-year period from separation to oneness. 


  1. The 1st density is the Root, a red ray of pure being. All 5 elements of the Universe; wood, fire, earth, air, and metal- are considered the root. 

  2. The 2nd density of consciousness is the orange ray which signifies growth, movement such as our animals, plants, fish, and pets. 

  3. The 3rd density, the yellow ray, is the ‘I AM’ consciousness we experience as human beings. It’s about becoming self-aware and is connected to the solar plexus. 

  4. The 4th density, the green ray, is all about love, oneness, and unity. Ra talks about just needing 51% of the human population to be polarized to the positive to regain and reclaim unity consciousness. This density is about the connection of all things, realizing that separation is an illusion of the mind. Many of us (especially if you are moved to read this) are now moving toward the 4th density. 

  5. The 5th density is that of light and is connected to the throat chakra, sharing wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. This is the realm of light bodies that are purely electromagnetic in density. 

  6. The 6th density is the indigo ray and is the law of one density, which is all about unity between love, light, and wisdom. The Ra social memory complex is a conglomerate of higher consciousness that streams as one unified consciousness. 

  7. The 7th density is where you become your higher self. This gateway density is connected to the crown and where the highest guides merge back into source energy. 

The Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the answer to healing all human wounds, for it taps into the powerful energy of letting go and moving forward. On a metaphysical level, forgiveness gives you the opportunity to see the illusion of separateness. It allows you to release the idea of ‘right’ or ‘wrong,’ instead putting you into a realm of love and compassion and letting go of anger from the mind and body. 


The Feminine and Masculine Energies Explained

The feminine and masculine energies within all human beings are crucial for healing and are often misunderstood. The masculine represents the mind, and much of the healing here is about correcting false beliefs in the mind. When you forgive yourself and others, you remember who you are. The feminine represents the heart and the ‘I AM’ state. Healing happens when you give love to the part of you that is upset. It’s ok to feel afraid and hurt, but loving those wounded parts of yourself will help you heal. Remember, all suffering is a cue that you’re perceiving yourself in a way that is not true. True enlightenment is making every relationship loving, including the one with yourself. 


Healing The Mind & Overcoming Suffering

All suffering is a cue that you are perceiving yourself in a way that’s not true. We suffer because we’re obsessed with ourselves, whereas the best way to heal the mind and suffering is through being of service to others, both in thought and action. Positive thoughts and actions have a positive charge. Giving and receiving are one, so you keep for yourself what you give away. For those who have read and worked through ACIM (A Course in Miracles), Aaron also referenced a very important understanding that most of us miss. The way we see the world is upside down, and what disturbs me most in others is a mirror of what’s in my mind. Really what’s needed for most of us is a healing of the mind. 





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