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Manifestation with Mind Movies Founder Natalie Ledwell

Meet Natalie Ledwell

Dame Natalie Ledwell is a bestselling author, host of the podcast, Not Over, Just Different, co-host of the cable TV show WAKE UP, and founder of Mind Movies, the hugely successful and revolutionary online Personal Development company that has reached over 5.8 million people worldwide. Right now, she has launched her brand new groundbreaking Social and Emotional Learning curriculum entitled “Personal Growth Studies” into schools here in the US. Which is designed to empower youth from ages 5-18 years to live fulfilling and successful lives with high self-esteem and a vision for a bright future. In October 2018, Natalie traveled to Liberia. She met with government officials and launched Personal Growth Studies into several schools, which is now in its second year, working with over 1000 students. In 2020, Natalie had the immense honor of being Knighted by the Orthodox Order of St John, a humanitarian group recognizing individuals who are doing great work and have a big vision of the work they want to complete in the world helping others. 


You Do Not Need to Know How You’ll Manifest Your Desires

I loved this conversation with Natalie Ledwell so much, in part because Natalie is so the real deal, and it’s incredible to hear how the universe has worked its magic through her, highlighted by her huge impact and beautiful success. She got the idea to create Mind Movies in 2008 after watching The Secret and realized that you do NOT need to know the HOW in the manifestation process in setting big goals and manifesting your desires. She and her husband paid for a high-end mastermind with some of the leading digital marketing experts and threw themselves into the world of internet marketing, sales, and other programs. Natalie attributes surrounding herself with the best people in the world as one of the most critical factors of their success. 


Become the Person You Envision in Your Greatest Future

I loved this quote from our conversation; Natalie said she “had to change who she’s being to be the person who fits in a new capacity and is friends with some of the most well-known leaders in the personal growth industry.” My takeaway is that when it comes to manifesting your desires you must step into the leader you need to be to match the emerging version of yourself. This is exactly what Natalie did, and today she has become friends and works with leaders like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracey, Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, and Dr. Joe Dispenza. 


Spiritual Practices + Daily Habits

I always love to ask successful entrepreneurs like Natalie (whom I’d refer to also as a lightworker) how they stay spiritually aligned and connected to their purpose and heart. Natalie Ledwell shared that she has a few things she does every day to stay spiritually connected. She meditates every day, either to Dr. Joe Dispenza’s meditations or in complete silence. She makes tea (magic hour tea, to be exact) and sips it on the balcony every morning, slowing down and tapping into her senses, noticing what she sees, hears, feels, and experiences in real-time. This morning moment of pausing allows Natalie to create space for communing with the divine. She always exercises, usually a walk with an audiobook or something inspirational to listen to, and ends with moments of gratitude. I loved her reminder about gratitude and that whether you journal about it, think about it or verbalize it, it’s not about the action and is all about the emotion. Most importantly, Natalie reminds us that you want to feel gratitude.


Manifestation Ingredients

The goal is to leverage the universal entity of power greater than ourselves to manifest our deepest desires. The two most important ingredients in doing this are expectation and belief. Our emotions are what we emit to the universe. Thus maintaining high-frequency emotions like joy, gratitude, and pride, are essential for manifesting your desires. Natalie Ledwell has lived the Law of Attraction in her own life going from growing up in the countryside in Australia as one of eight children, experiencing quite a bit of lack, to running fitness facilities to eventually creating a powerful product that has touched the lives of 6 million people (and growing). She went from struggling to being in the flow. It’s crucial to visualize your future, being grateful and expecting and knowing it’s already here. What I loved most was that poignant reminder that this is for all of us. 


Final Thoughts

Natalie Ledwell is well versed in the power of manifestation. It plays an enormous role in her business, Mind Movies, and in her everyday life. Manifesting your desires is something she wants for each and every one of us. Natalie reminds us that anyone can do this. Anyone can manifest what they desire. And, there is always enough for everyone.

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Sacred Connection

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