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Manifesting Success Through Spirituality and Intentions with Satya Scainetti

Meet Satya Scainetti

Satya Scainetti is the founder & creator of Satya Jewelry and a renowned speaker in the wellness space. After embarking on a spiritual journey that led her to study Eastern religious traditions for over 30 years, she was given her spiritual name, “Satya,” which is Sanskrit for “truth.” Satya founded her eponymous jewelry line in 2002 with a vision to inspire others to follow their own path to truth. Her background in social work and her passion for helping others also led her to found The Satya Foundation, which provides opportunities and assistance to children all over the globe and today, has raised over $1 million in donations. Satya’s dedication to yoga and manifestation has earned her a trusted place in the wellness industry as an inspiring yogi, speaker, and teacher, where she seeks to empower and inspire others. Satya Jewelry invokes deeper conversations around fashion, spirituality, and greater wisdom. And, exciting news, You-est You listener! You can now get 20% off all Satya Jewelry at with my discount JULIE20.


Why Satya is Amazing

I know I say this often, but this conversation with Satya was truly one of my favs as it was so full of inspiration, heart, authenticity, and goodness. You can’t listen to Satya’s story and wisdom and not feel uplifted. There are so many ah-mazing takeaways that can help you follow your dream and truly trust yourself. Please share in the comments below, as I’d love to know what you learned from this episode and the dream you will pursue. Sit back, relax and enjoy this beautiful unfolding of faith, surrender, intention, and aligned action.  


Dare to Dream

Satya’s actual background and training were as a social worker who focused on early childhood development. She then became a yogi and Reiki Master, and she found a deeper connection to herself through meditation. After watching the Twin Towers go down on 9/11, she asked herself (and really dug deep to see the truth) what she wanted to do that would make a difference. In the pursuit of this greater purpose, Satya went on a month-long Reiki and spiritual retreat in the Bahamas. While there, she was given her spiritual name, Satya, which means truth in Sanskrit. She had a dream on her last night at the retreat that she had a jewelry business that focused on all the different truths in the world and gave back to children in need. She knew this was an idea dropped from the Divine, and within one week, she started Satya Jewelry. Satya shared that this fearlessness came from getting silent within herself, from soulful practices like yoga, meditation, and listening to her inner wisdom. Some of my favorite words of wisdom from this conversation were:

  • “All the answers are inside of us, and you just need to get quiet to hear it.” “When you have a pure intention, the doors will open.”
  •  “You need to get out of your own way.”
  •  The Universe and earth are screaming to have us help if it’s bettering the world and collectively moving the needle.” 
  •  “Don’t get stuck on what you want. Let the Universe deliver it to you.” 


Trust Yourself and Set Intentions

We talked about how important it is to trust yourself. Satya Scainetti so eloquently said, ‘You must trust yourself. Don’t give up. Tap into your power and truth. Then surrender and lean on the power of prayer, which is here for all of us.” Being truthful to yourself is key and has been a big part of Satya’s life as she lives into her spiritual name, which literally means truth. We talked about how settling could be a form of not being truthful. The problem is that settling gnaws at your core and doesn’t go away. Satya chose to follow her greater desire to do something that mattered to her. Going for her dream felt spiritually guided, and Satya Scaientti sees her brand Satya Jewelry as truly being divinely inspired. By being deeply connected to her intention, Satya created a beautiful and meaningful jewelry company and started a foundation early on so that she could give back immediately to support building schools and shelter for children in India. 


Manifestation Made Easy

Don’t get stuck on what you want. Allow the Universe to deliver to you in a way that is often way better than what you could imagine. Satya Scainetti talked about easy steps to help you in the process of manifestation: 

  1. Put everything you want into prayer 
  2. Keep your eyes wide open and look for signs 
  3. Trust — in yourself and the greater good of the divine 
  4. Get quiet and tap into your own inner knowing. Anytime you hear your head say ‘I can’t’, shut this down and train yourself to not put up with ‘I can’t’. 

Satya started her company at age 40 and she reminds us all that it is never too late to go after your dream. Remember, love attracts love. Light attracts light. Keep your intention pure and get out of your way so that you can be a channel for the divine to manifest through you and within you. If you want more abundance, feel the energy of abundance. Tune in to the feeling of abundance. 


A Kindness Challenge

Satya invited us all to do a kindness challenge. To do at least one kind thing every day, whether it be smiling at the check-out person at the grocery store, giving a compliment, or thanking your delivery person. Then watch what happens in your life, and you’ll be astounded by the wonderful, miraculous things that open up. Feel free to share about your acts of kindness here and what you’re noticing shift in your own life.  I’d love to hear all about your kindness challenge.


Final Thoughts

Satya Scainetti reminds us that we should ask ourselves ”what do I want to do to make a difference?” Then trust in yourself, set the intention to do it and make it happen. It is also through small acts of kindness, practiced every day in your “kindness challenge”, that we can foster significant changes in our lives. 

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Sacred Connection

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