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Meet the Top Human Systems Facilitator Creating a Positive Global Future

Jon Berghoff is co-founder and president of the Flourishing Leadership Institute, leading high-purpose organizations through positive change, high stakes collaborations, and rapid transformation – at the scale of the whole system. To create a better future, both on the individual level and within systems, we need to start focusing on our strengths. Asking new powerful questions that align with your strengths is an absolute game changer on the micro and macro level. Tune in to hear some of Jon’s empowering questions that can change your lens. One in particular is asking yourself “When have I been at my best?” verses looking at the negative. “Questions determine your fate.The moment you ask the question is the moment you change the lense.”
As president of the Flourishing Leadership Institute (FLI), Jon Berghoff is on a mission to train and certify others in FLI’s approach to bringing out the best in human systems. He has already trained and certified faciliators from 4 continents in creating powerful change across systems of people. FLI has worked with the Navy, US Army, United Nations, Google, Apple, VISA, BMW and hundreds of high purpose organizations. FLI is the creator of the LEAF Certification, enabling leaders to facilitate conversations and collaborations of all types, utilizing the latest science in Positive Psychology, Experiential Learning, Design Thinking, and Strengths Based Management. Before founding FLI, Jon already had a historic run as a business executive, where he led sales for Vitamix and organically grew revenue by 4 x’s. Jon is also the co-founder of the Best Year Ever Blueprint conference and Quantum Leap Mastermind with business partner, Hal Elrod, #1 bestselling author of The Miracle Morning. Jon is passionate about connecting with nature, and the inherent wisdom that it brings out from within us.
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