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Moonology and Astrology Made Easy with Yasmin Boland

Yasmin Boland is an award-winning astrologer and the best-selling author of books including Moonology and Astrology Made Easy. She is read by millions of people each month, via her columns online and in magazines and newspapers around the world. Her Moonology Diaries 2019 and 2020 both sold out all over the world and her work has been translated into more than 10 languages. You can read her horoscopes on or find her on Facebook at

Ok, my astrological moon loving friends, you are going to love this rich conversation. Yasmin explained the power of the moon cycles, what mercury retrograde is really about and what you will want to know for astrology 101 basics. Let’s break it down, shall we?

Astrology 101:

* To learn what your natal chart is, google ‘find my natal chart’ and add your time and date of birth. You’ll then get a list of your various signs; Zodiac sign (1 of 12), moon sign, rising sign and where the planets were during your birth. What’s most important is to find out your sun, moon and rising sign. For example, my sun (or Zodiac sign) is Saggitarius, which is a fire sign. My moon sign is Aries, another fire sign (I know, I can be intense). My rising sign is in Aquarius which is the air element, and as Yasmin explains, your rising sign is how you come across. You can easily look up these three signs and what they entail. 

* Here’s a quick rundown of all the planets and what they mean: Mercury (your mind and communication), Venus (love and abundance), Mars (drives your communication), Jupiter (luck and fortune), Saturn (hard work and fear), Uranus (change), Neptune (dreams, illusions, poetry), and Pluto (passion and power).

* Your natal chart will tell you where the planets were at the moment of your birth and can offer quite a bit of deeper reflection and understanding about your traits, soul journey and characteristics. 


* Women have been connected to the moon for thousands of years, and have a natural harmonic concordance with the moon energy. In this time of divine feminine re-emergence, it is that much more powerful to spend time manifesting with the moon.

* The new moon is a time to set your intentions and the full moon is a time to see what has manifested.

* It’s very healing to bathe yourself in moonlight, just as you would sunlight.

* Manifest using the moon by surrendering your intention at the new moon to the Divine. Release what’s not serving and forgive all transgressions (especially at the full moon). This will help you to call in what you desire and tap into the ancient wisdom of the moon energy.

Mercury Retrograde:

* Mercury retrograde gets a bad rap. It is actually a great time to revisit, revise, revamp, repair and renew your plans and life during Mercury Retrograde. 

Let me know your sun, moon and rising sign, and what you learned about yourself! 🙂 

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