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Overcoming Unworthiness with Disney Musical Star Dan DeLuca

Dan DeLuca is a Disney Musical Star, theater and television actor, best known for originating the role of Jack Kelly on the First National Tour of Disney’s Newsies. He has starred in dozens of shows across North America, and has helped develop new musicals alongside the greatest theater composers of our time including Stephen Schwartz, Alan Menken and Martin Charnin. Dan is currently enrolled at Quantum University specializing in emotional intelligence/mindfulness and is writing, directing and starring in his own web series based on the science of self-development entitled “The Invisible Things”. The show is an introduction to the basics of the mind/body connection, the science of rewiring your brain, and regulating your stress levels through comedy, animation, puppets, and musical numbers.The show is meant to inspire and uplift the audience while focusing on positive psychology and the science of self-empowerment. 


Dan was living his dream, literally his dream of being a star on broadway for Disney as the lead role of Jack Kelly in Newsies, when he started to lose his voice. Feelings of fear and lack of worthiness started to creep in and he entered into what he calls a dark year of the soul and full self-sabotage. He was landing more dream roles but turned them down due to the issues with his voice, which he later realized were all due to his over-achieving people pleaser way of being. It wasn’t until he saw a therapist who recommended becoming present, that things started to change. 


He  began to read as many books on personal development and neuropsychology as possible. Dan found Wayne Dyer, Don Miguel Ruiz and Dr. Joe Dispenza, who taught him the science behind changing behaviors and learning to go within. 


Dan’s entire career pivoted and today he spends time teaching both children and adults how to incorporate mindfulness in their lives, especially as it pertains to their theatrical and film work. The dark year of his soul, leads Dan back to his ‘You-est You’ and he is now able to sing better than ever (spoiler alert: you’ll get to hear Dan belt out a few notes at the end of the interview).


Some of the key take-aways from this empowering and inspiring conversation:

  1. Find time for stillness every day. If you don’t have 5 minutes, you probably need 20. Getting still and going within allows your thinking mind to rest and your higher self to connect. Learning to get still has helped Dan turn around his entire life. 
  2. We’re all inherently deserving and worthy of goodness and of our dreams coming true. The more you come home to yourself and find ways to be kind and loving to yourself, the more you will know this for yourself and everyone.
  3. A great way to pause the overactive thinking mind is to ask the question, “Who is thinking this thought?” or “Who is observing the thought right now?” Tune into that answer; what’s left is who you really are. 


To learn more about Dan’s Mindfulness In The Arts program, go to You can find Dan’s show, ‘The Invisible Things’ on YouTube. 


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