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Radical Radiance with Savor Beauty CEO, Angela Jia Kim

Meet Angela Jia Kim


Angela Jia Kim is a former concert pianist and founder of Savor Beauty + Spa, a Manhattan-based skincare and spa brand inspired by Korean beauty rituals. She’s also the author of Radical Radiance: 12 Weeks of Self-Love Rituals to Manifest Abundance, Beauty, and Joy and the creator of the Savor Beauty Planner, a self-care guide that helps women manifest beauty, brilliance, and balance. To get a copy of Angela’s beautiful book (and free gifts), go to 


I loved this conversation so much in part because Angela is so real, genuine, and full of humility. This is a woman with a passion that was her paycheck — this passion literally fueled her business and gave her the desire and dedication to build her beauty and self-care hustle into a thriving and well-known business. But, this did not happen overnight! Angela shares her empowering story of how it took thirteen years to turn her dream into a 7 figure operation that is fed by love, collaboration, an abundant mindset, and feminine energy. You are going to love Angela and her inspiring ways to honor yourself and your business (if you’re an entrepreneur) in a whole new radiant way. 


Listen to Your Business, Trust Your Gut

Angela shared authentically about feeling envy and frustration in the early days when she was in debt and she could see a peer thriving in a similar business with zero financial concerns. It was then she decided that someday she would have a business that took care of her. She is also committed to respecting and listening to her business (which she refers to as a ‘goddess of abundance’) because it will whisper hints of where it wants to grow. Just like nature, humans, and all living things, your business will naturally want to expand and grow. Sometimes this means making hard choices, like letting go of people that may not be aligned with your values or changing your business model when it seems impossible. What’s most important is to trust these inklings, whispers, and gut feelings and have faith while taking inspired action. 


The Spiritual Way to 7 Figures

Angela grew her business in an organic and spiritual way, and it didn’t happen all at once. It took 10+ years to build the kind of traction and recognition that she now enjoys today. “Good things take time!” It’s important to change your perspective and expectations. Find the joy in what you’re doing now, live in abundance now (abundance is redefined below) and lean into the feminine energy of trusting your intuition. We give birth to our business — it wants to grow, learn and expand. Listen and nurture it so that it can take care of you.


A New Definition of Abundance

Abundance refers to everything from having an abundance of love, food, connection, resources, and love for what you do. I loved Angela’s new definition that looks at abundance in an even more holistic way. She defines it simply as, “Be, Do, Receive”. Let’s unpack that further. 


  • Be – This is about setting time for being, like meditation, visualization, visioning, and space to be. Fill yourself up with abundant affirming statements like “I am glowing. I am radiant. I am abundant”. And if you don’t feel that yet, you could say “I feel glowing. I am excited to feel abundant. I love feeling radiant.” 


  • Do – This is a way to express your soul and creativity, not just about doing things to be productive. By doing what is aligned with your being (visualization, meditation, etc) you are able to manifest what matters most to you. You want to nourish to flourish (find self-care activities like yoga, massages, or facials), pull out the weeds (find things you don’t love to do and get them done), plant new seeds (reach out to people, network and connect at a heart level) and get ready for miraculous manifestations.

  • Receive – Take in and savor the lessons, gifts, and opportunities for appreciation, collaboration, helping others, and acts of self-love


Following this ‘Be, Do, Receive’ recipe is how you bring abundance into your life.


My favorite quote: “How you treat your skin is how you treat your soul.” Yup, a mic drop moment if I may say so myself.


Share your heart flare and the biggest takeaway from my conversation with Angela in the You-est You Facebook community, in this episode on YouTube or send me an email. How will you increase your focus on her abundance equation to “Be, Do, Receive”? And remember, it takes time to build something beautiful that will take care of you. 


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Sacred Connection

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