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The 1 Field Film with Tsipi Raz

Meet Tsipi Raz

Tsipi Raz, researcher, screenwriter, editor, director, and producer of the film “The 1 Field”. Tsipi, a graduate of the Film School, is a veteran editor and scriptwriter of films and series shown on television and in festivals worldwide. For 30 years, she edited about 50 documentaries for IBA (Israel Broadcasting Authority). You can find the film at

Tsipi recently produced and created an incredible film, The 1 Field, that interviews luminaries such as Dr. Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Lynne McTaggart, Lee Carroll, and many others. I’ve interviewed all of them on this show, and I highly recommend any and all of their interviews as well. She spent ten years working on this film with the intention to show how we are all connected and part of a greater unified field. You will be swept away by the beautiful experiments and results shown in the film, making a case for a greater unity consciousness amongst humanity.


Her NDE (Near Death Experience)

Tsipi Raz shares that she has always been a realist until her life changed in her early 30’s after experiencing an intense NDE. She had fallen asleep next to her young daughter only to find herself floating at the top of the ceiling while watching her sleeping body on the bed. She could feel herself drift to the sky and then a beautiful light that made her feel like she was going home. Somehow she reconnected back to her body and forgot about the experience until reminded a few days later and a week after this encounter when her brother suddenly passed without a health issue or illness. This near-death experience cracked open her consciousness and ability to see, hear and feel with greater psychic awareness. This led to Tsipi’s desire to see the hand of the divine and ultimately move from covering wars and destruction to creating a film that makes a case for our unity and healing abilities. This NDE was a catalyst for one of the many signs from the Universe leading her towards her life’s mission. 


Signs from the Universe

During the long ten years of running out of funding and wondering how she would produce such an extensive film to be shot and filmed all over the world, she saw many signs from the Universe that kept her hope and determination alive. Tsipi Raz shares how the name of the movie was a sign in itself. You’ll want to hear the story for yourself, but her explanation of using the name, The 1 Field, was certainly divinely inspired. There are constant signs from the Universe happening around us, and it’s up to each of us to pay attention and follow the divine bread crumbs. 


The Big Vision

The big vision for this film was to go from thinking and filming war, duality, and conflict to bringing about peace and uniting humanity. Tsipi does this through powerful experiments showing the healing effects of music and sound on blood and the energy shifts that occur when others tap into their heart energy. This film will certainly inspire you to follow your own big vision and remember that we are all connected. 


Final Thoughts

While Tsipi Raz had a near-death experience to bring her closer to her life purpose, not everyone needs such extreme measures. She explains how there are always signs from the Universe gently guiding us along our path if only we are open to seeing them and willing to accept their guidance as truth. 


Sacred Connection

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