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The Benefits of Being A Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

Meet the Panel

Today’s episode is with a panel of amazing transformation life coaches who all graduated from my LIfe Designer® Coaching certification program. The conversation is all about how not to abandon any part of you and to be fully self-expressed as a multi-passionate person and entrepreneur. I’m thrilled to introduce you to the following coaches and boss ladies: Gina Casbarro is a certified Life Designer coach, feng shui consultant, and podcast host who empowers her clients to follow their spark, blaze their own path and design the life and space of their dreams. Jennifer Kate is a Certified Life Designer® coach, transformational healer-coach, certified Reiki practitioner, master business strategist, and Inner Truth Ambassador. She uses her process of Grieving Consciously™ to empower her clients to find magic in the overwhelm of life’s challenging transitions so they can make the profound shifts they need to grow into their highest selves. Abigail Lehman is a Certified Life Designer® coach, Social Entrepreneur Ecosystem Builder Resource Mobilizer Collaboration Catalyst. She creates value by more efficiently and creatively connecting people, resources, and growth opportunities, maximizing the benefit of value exchange for all parties. She is the co-founder of Photo Start and makes high-value connections at the cross-section of community, government, and business. Jennifer Underwood (JLeh) is a Certified Life Designer® coach, Advanced DNA ThetaHealing® practitioner, Vice-Chair of the Global Association for Trauma Recovery, and creator of the Redefining Inheritance method. 

Oh my goodness, You-est You listeners…this panel of badass women entrepreneurs was pure magic and brilliance. There are so many take-aways that I’ve decided to write up these show notes more as an outline and summary of the amazing quotes, lessons, practices, and rituals that can help you honor your multi-passionate self, be it in your career, business, or life. Here we go…


Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

  • First off, it’s ok to be a multi-passionate entrepreneur! 
  • See this as a strength, not a liability. 
  • There is no one way to do life, business, or your journey. As Gina said, follow your own spark and find your authentic path. 
  • It’s crucial to invest in yourself and to learn how to lead yourself. The art and science of coaching give you the tools to learn how to ask powerful questions, listen at a much deeper level, and get curious. Abby reminded us that through these coaching techniques, you can learn to even coach yourself. It’s about self-leadership!
  • You don’t have to be perfect to serve others! JLeh also reminded us that happiness is always a choice, and it’s up to you to prioritize your happiness and joy. 
  • When you allow yourself to feel all the way through, there is magic in grieving. Jennifer talked about the importance of managing your limited energy, especially during such intense and challenging times.


Strengthen Your Sense of Self

Practices to help you strengthen your sense of self, intuition, and energy:

  • Strengthen your vibration by listening to music you love, being in nature, reading inspirational works, and connecting to others in the community
  • Focus on gratitude and being unconditionally loving to yourself and others. 
  • Maximize your life flow by creating an environment that supports your best and regulates your nervous system. Ways to do this could be attuning to your energy and making sure you’re getting enough sleep, excellent nutrition, movement, breathwork, and staying aligned mind, heart, and spirit. 
  • Create rituals to support your mornings and evenings. An easy one is to light a candle at the end of each day, signifying a change in the energy, slowing down, and coming home to yourself. 
  • Plan ahead and be intentional with your time. A great morning starts the night before!


Final Thoughts

Let your heart flare! There’s no better time to start anything than right now. Don’t delay, and don’t judge your past. Rather than being a seeker, be a finder. Ask yourself powerful questions, get curious, and create a practice to support you. Stay true to your heart and take this life thing one step at a time. Don’t be afraid to be a multi-passionate entrepreneur, let nothing hold you back!


Connect with the Panel

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Sacred Connection

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