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us to listeners.
my goodness.
You are in for the one of the biggest treats of your lifetime.
I'm serious.
This is such a gift.
I just make sure you get your note pad.
I don't know.
You might need tissues.
I'm not sure yet,
but you'll see what the conversation.
But you're in for such a powerful conversation I have here today,
Dr Bruce Lipton.
I wanted to tell you all about him.
I know many of you are a huge fan.
If you're new to Dr Bruce Lipton,
then you are going to become a fan as well.
I know it.
Let me tell you about our guest.
left in Ph.
Is a cell biologist and lecturer.
He is an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit off that Bruce was on the faculty of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and later performed groundbreaking stem cell research at Stanford University.
He is the best selling author of the Biology of Belief,
the honeymoon effect and co author with Steve Chairman of spontaneous evolution.
Bruce received the 2009 prestigious Go Peace Award that was in Japan in honor of the scientific contribution to world harmony.
This is our guest today.
For more information,
visit Bruce slipped in dot com.
All of this will be in the show notes,
but I don't even wanna.
I just It's time for me to stop talking.
We're so excited to have you here and made the Internet energy genic realm work in our favor.
We already said that the intention.
I am so happy to be here with you so very much and actually happy with the audience that we have because the audience represents the cultural creatives,
the people who are looking for answers outside of the box.
Because clearly the answers are not inside the box.
We're in right now.
It's kind of messy.
Can we start there?
I mean,
I I'm gonna manage myself.
I always save thousands of questions.
We're gonna bring it in,
but I love what you just said.
Answers out of the box.
Can we just start?
I mean,
where do you Someone who's listening?
There's so much being fire hosed at all of my beautiful listeners myself included with information that's not accurate.
That's not helpful.
maybe we could just start there with what do you where do where do we dio?
Where do we start with this?
What's being told to us versus what we need to know for our health or well being?
I'll just I'll open it up there,
It's a very broad question.
I will try to narrow down his best like him,
because it's a very important question at this time in the history of our planet,
in the history of human civilization,
the first big overriding thing that people are not talking about,
which is the biggest problem of all.
And no one said we're not talking about,
and I go every now and then I hear a little blip where oh,
they mentioned the word and then disappears,
and it's called mass extinction.
I go.
What do you mean mass extinction?
I go.
We always have the belief,
in a Darwinian view,
that evolution was a gradual change over millions of years,
with slight changes that led to all the different forms of life.
Turns out,
that's not true,
that evolution has starts and stops jumping points,
meaning it builds up.
And then something happens.
It starts,
it goes down and then builds up again.
Five times this has happened in history of the planet.
They're called a mass extinction,
where greater than 70% of all life forms disappear because of some cataclysmic event.
The last mass extinction 66 million years ago.
There were dinosaurs and lush tropical force.
The whole planet was healthy and vibrant,
and a comet hit near Mexico in the Yucatan Peninsula.
The comet was so big when it hit,
the earth had upended the web of life and up to 90% of life got wiped out,
including all the dinosaurs which were not here anymore.
Of course,
they all got wiped out as well.
And the relevance is that's called a mass extinction.
And then after mass extinction,
everything builds up.
So we're now built up again.
And here we got a whole planet filled with all kinds of life.
And guess what we're now finding from science now finding and let me emphasize this Onley about 15 years ago,
did science recognize that we're in what is called the sixth mass extinction of life?
We're losing species of organisms on this planet faster than in previous mass extinctions.
But here's the problem.
Up until now,
all of them have been natural events tectonic plates,
moving volcanic activity,
overriding everything or accommodating the earth.
This mass extinction human behavior is undermining the web of life that is no longer sustainable for us or for many of the organisms that were part of our community of life.
On DSO we are in a mass extinction just to give you an idea of the numbers,
you know.
So there's,
like a real number thing.
let's see.
How long ago was it?
It was 1970.
World Wildlife Foundation did a survey.
How many total animals on the entire planet on.
They just redid that survey again.
So it's 50 years,
and I said,
What happened in 50 years?
The answer is,
two thirds of animal life on this planet have disappeared.
We only have one third the number of animals that were here just 50 years ago.
In other words,
the population is drastically two thirds gone on I go Wow and I go in Germany,
they have been doing ah survey there insects population on doing it 27 years.
The last,
reading of the insect population this last year showed a 75% reduction in the number of insects.
Now a lot of people go.
who needs a mosquito anyway?
I go.
but how about all the honey bees?
While there are very important with the honeybees,
we don't fertilize,
you know will pollinate the crops and then we don't have food.
So losing the honeybees big,
you know,
effect on human life.
The number of fish.
Since 1950 90% of the fish population have been lost from the from the ocean By 2048 science has recognized conservative figure 2048.
There will be no fish left in the ocean.
Human behavior over fishing,
polluting the water and destroying the breeding grounds.
Humans have essentially decimated the fish population.
So 2048 not been long time from now.
world earth with no fish in the ocean that's coming up very quickly.
our civilization is facing what NASA calls an irreversible collapse.
Irreversible means it's going to collapse,
and it's not coming back at this moment.
so basically that that's what the nature of,
the report from NASA.
I'm adding all these numbers up and telling all these numbers.
what the heck does it all mean?
The answer means very simply,
this is that right now our population of life on this planet is disappearing,
and human behavior is now the cause.
So I was like,
Wait a minute.
All the other causes were something we had nothing to do with.
For the last 15 years,
science has owned that we're in a mass extinctions.
Not like it's sneaking up on us.
We already know it.
And that human civilization is responsible for the loss.
And I go,
then who do you think is gonna help stop the loss?
And it's like,
you know,
because we're the ones that are creating it,
We're the only ones that can stop it on.
The point is,
this is a wake up call.
Nature has been telling us you could look at all the symptoms on this planet like,
economic upheaval,
religious strife,
you know,
political boundaries being all messed up.
All kinds of every one of these symptoms co vid and you go thes air symptoms I go Symptoms of something bigger.
The bigger top thing is mass extinction.
All the other things are signs off a nen stability on a breakdown on I go.
So what's the issue here?
first of all,
let's recognize this.
Humans have caused this problem,
and humans are the ones they're gonna have to help change it.
But the thing they're gonna have to change is behavior.
Because the way we have been living on the planet are conventional way of politics,
people dealing with populations has led to this problem.
And therefore,
if you want to stop the problem,
you can't use the same thinking that created the problem.
That's Albert Einstein.
It says If the thinking we've used has created this problem,
then we have to change the thinking of how we live.
And this is why I'm so honored to be here with Julie on this program because the audience or people who can and you know,
institute changes on DSO just to give an overview very quickly so people can see what's going on.
I'll give the story of a caterpillar metamorphosing into a butterfly.
A caterpillar as an organism is one of the most voracious organisms on the planet.
I took pictures for using my lecture.
I have a milkweed plant,
which is a nice big green plant,
but it's a favorite plant for Monarch Butterfly,
so they made their eggs on it and then the caterpillars hatch out.
And then I show three days after the caterpillars hash out.
There's not one leaf left on the plant.
The caterpillar said every damn leaf off the plant,
their voracious,
they eat up their environment.
Then what?
They go into a cocoon.
And out of that cocoon comes a butterfly with lightest touch on the planet.
The butterfly are leaving lands on the planet.
so what's the point?
A transition from the most voracious to the one with the lightest touch is the story of caterpillar to butterfly.
And I say this is the story of human civilization.
At this moment,
we're currently in the Caterpillar phase.
We're so voracious.
We've eaten up everything we're destroying.
The resource is taking everything out of the planet,
throwing our garbage back into the planet on it's like,
guess what?
You reach the end of this.
We're now destroying the planet in the sense that it Zahn edge And I say,
we need this metamorphosis.
I go,
what happens?
And this is the point that I wanted to emphasize.
The caterpillar big living organism got millions of cells in it.
Consider a cell of miniature human,
which they are.
so let's just say for a minute we're all cells inside a giant caterpillar eating up the environment just like we've been doing in our world right here,
you know,
eating everything and everything.
And there's a point where there's nothing left on account apart.
There's nothing more to eat.
And I said,
What does it do?
It goes into a cocoon.
I go.
So what's happening?
Caterpillar into butterfly.
So yeah,
but what's happening?
The cells of the butterfly.
Excuse me?
The cells of the caterpillar.
The ones that were eating and destroying and then growing and making all this stuff,
The cells air starting to lose their jobs.
Because when the caterpillar goes into cocoons not eating anymore,
it's not moving anymore.
It z ending,
I say.
So what's happening?
if you're one of the cells in that caterpillar goes around,
go Oh,
my God!
The world we know it's falling apart.
People are out of work,
cells are out of work,
there's no jobs,
There's nothing going on and all the cells and I go.
But while that's going on a breakdown of the caterpillar,
there are specialized cells called imaginable cells.
Visionary cells.
They see a future,
they say,
We can build something better.
we'll build a butterfly.
So I say,
so what's happening in a cocoon?
And this is critical because I wanna related exactly what's happening here.
There's a breakdown of the structure,
the loss of jobs,
the loss of economy,
all things like What the hell is things falling apart on then?
I say,
But simultaneously,
a bunch of those cells air coming back together to create the new thing.
so I say civilization has been in the Caterpillar stage,
still is in the last phases of it right now,
destroying the civilization and the planet in the process,
I say.
But what's happening?
the jobs,
air ending.
The economy is sending that people are out of work and they're looking around just like the cells in the caterpillar going Oh,
my God.
What am I gonna do this my life is is ending here.
What about hell am I gonna dio right?
And then I say.
But at the same time as one is coming down,
we're building something new,
I say.
So why is this relevant?
I say,
because if I'm a member of the population right now,
I have two choices to focus on one.
It's like it's all coming down.
All my life is threatened,
I'm afraid.
I'm scared.
I go.
That's a bad thing right there,
because fear is gonna compromise your health.
And I say I could focus on this and every day.
it's getting worse.
It's getting worse and scaring me more every day.
Or I could redirect my attention and say,
What are we building?
What's new?
What can we do to get out of this mess and create a better sustainable world and all that?
And I say,
Why is it relevant?
Energy is life.
When you use your energy,
you're using your life.
And if you're using your energy to look at a system falling down and being in fear and all that I said,
you just wasted your energy and your wasting your life because that's death.
It's gonna be death.
But if we take that energy and put it into something that we're building that's more sustainable,
then we're enhancing our vitality,
enhancing our life and moving in a good direction that when you look at the news right now,
you have two choices.
You could go.
Oh my God,
the thing is falling apart and it's like all my life is in jeopardy.
And or I could say,
What can I do to sustain myself and improve my future and answers?
Find those groups of people that are making a positive change.
Add your energy to that e.
Think there was something like the serenity prayer or something a long time ago,
you know,
do something you could,
you know,
put your efforts into do something that you could do something about.
But don't put your efforts into something you can't do anything about,
because your efforts and your energy and your energy is your life.
And if you're starting Thio,
be so concerned about the whole thing falling down.
You're not enhancing your life.
You're using up your energy,
and that's death.
And so the idea is that you have a choice on I say,
Why is it affecting me in my health so much?
And here's the most important part.
There's two protection systems in biology,
and there's something driven in biology called the biological imperative.
It's the drive to survive.
It didn't exist in humans.
It existed in the first organisms that came on this planet bacteria.
For example.
If you're going to try and kill the bacteria,
the bacteria is not gonna go.
Kill May Bacteria is gonna do everything in its power to stay alive as a drive.
It's below consciousness.
It was so fundamental that bacteria got it right.
humans have a big time,
I said.
Why is it relevant when our life is threatened?
We go into a protection mode.
That's what protections all about.
I said.
We have to protection modes.
We have a external protection mode called the adrenal system Fighter flight.
The threats coming.
We're gonna have to fight to survive or fly whatever.
But I said we also have an internal protection system called the immune system.
I go.
So what?
I say?
Immune system uses a lot of energy when it's working,
because if you've ever been sick.
You may have not had enough energy to get out of bed.
So I'm saying the immune system,
there's a lot of energy,
but it protects you from a threat on the inside.
Now we understood.
We have to protection systems.
I'm going to say what it's used for protection when our lives are threatened.
I say,
let's go back to your original threat.
The saber tooth,
If you're out harvesting some food and a saber toothed tigers coming,
you damn well got to do something to survive.
You have to get ready to run on.
I go.
how do you do that?
I said,
arms and legs,
I go.
So what?
I go the energy to drive your protection system,
arms and legs is the blood.
So I say when.
this is out of the textbook.
When a threat is perceived,
the blood is preferentially sent to the arms and legs.
the blood has the energy.
If I'm gonna run from the tiger,
I want my muscles in my arms and legs have all the energy I could get.
E said the blood is preferentially sent to the arms of like where the heck was a preferentially before it was in the arms of like the gut?
I said,
What's the function of the gut growth maintenance,
cleaning the system,
keeping it,
you know,
repairing it and doing it.
So it's maintenance e s.
So what?
I say if you're being chased by a saber toothed tiger,
should I spend that energy maintaining my body?
Or should I not do the maintaining right now?
But use that energy that I would have used arms and legs so I could go?
I go.
That's the first thing that happens when stress hormones are released into the system.
They caused the blood vessels in the gut to squeeze shut.
Said Why?
Because when the blood vessels in the gut squeeze shot the blood now preferential is gonna go to the arms and legs instead of the God.
And that's when people have what they call butterflies in the stomach.
When they get fear,
I said,
What's the fear?
Get ready to run,
get ready to run,
shut down the blood vessels in the gun I go.
That's that fluttery that you feel and nervousness.
That's the blood vessel squeezing shut.
So the blood goes the outside butterflies in stomach.
It's a step of stress hormone shutting off growth.
I say,
what else is gonna say?
The immune system uses tremendous amount of energy because when you're really sick,
you can't get out of bed and I go,
stress hormones also shut off the immune system to save energy.
The simple logic is I have a bacterial infection that could give me a bad case of diarrhea,
and I'm being chased by a saber toothed tiger.
Which one do you want to deal with?
Both split the energy.
I go,
the heck with the bacteria because of the tiger catches you.
You don't have a bacterial problem anymore.
And so the idea is a very critical stress hormone.
Shut off the immune system.
Say why?
Because if I'm being chased by the tiger,
I don't need to worry about the bacteria at this time.
So I go.
So why is it relevant?
it's so effective shutting off the immune system that doctors give patients who are going to receive a transplant,
a kidney,
a heart,
along from a foreign person.
when you put a foreign organ in your body.
Your immune system says not self and reject it.
So listen,
how powerful stress hormones are that before the patient receives a transplant,
the physicians give the patient stress hormones because then when they do the transplant,
the immune system is not gonna be functioning to destroy it right away.
so I said,
stress hormones are so good at shutting off the immune system that they use them therapeutically.
So I say So what happens when I'm being chased by that sabertooth tiger?
I shut down the growth and maintenance of my body,
and I shut down the immune system.
You know,
that sounds very disastrous.
I go when the system evolved hundreds of thousands of years ago.
When did we use that fighter flight?
I said when a sabertooth tiger was coming s so I said,
how long did you use it for?
if you escape the tiger 10 minutes So you shut off everything for 10 minutes.
But Tiger has gone.
You're safe.
Everything comes back and I go.
And what about today?
And I go.
The tiger is chasing us.
24 73 65 were all under stress.
continuously whether I'm going to keep my job where I'm gonna have money for the food,
whether I could pay for my healthcare.
I say,
my God.
You are shutting down your growth and your inhibiting your immune system under stress.
I say this is why the population is so sick Because we used to say,
diseases due to genes,
let me give you a fact.
Less than 1% of diseases connected to genes less than 1%.
Then where the heck is the health crisis on?
The answer is dress on,
I say,
my God stresses and compromising our growth and our immune system and it's not shutting off.
It's staying the stresses on and on and on and on,
I say.
So what can you do about I said,
better damn well get out of the stress because that's where the illness is coming from On I say,
where we getting stress?
I say you get it everywhere.
And now today you're going to get the biggest stress because the day the plague is coming,
plague is coming.
Cough it raw Gonna die.
I got what?
we've had flues every year.
Cove it is a flu.
That's a fact.
Same virus we have coronavirus Is that have been in our bodies for millennia.
But the immune system learns toe work with them.
The cove.
It is a new virus.
So what does it mean?
It's a little more challenge to the immune system than normal.
On I go.
So what?
I go.
The population is already compromised.
Their immune system in the US,
60% that's more in half.
60% of the population has at least one chronic disease that is taxing the immune system.
And then but the bigger numbers.
40% of Americans have two or more chronic diseases like,
what does it mean your immune system is compromised?
It's trying to keep up with the damn chronic diseases that we have.
Then I throw a new virus in there and I say,
now I have to fight this Another third thing.
All of a sudden I go Guess what?
When people are healthy and not under stress,
they get infected by the virus,
and they have symptoms that air so mild they never went to a doctor.
They never went to a hospital.
And I say,
Why is it relevant?
Because I say,
where did the numbers come from?
Millions of people dying.
I said,
This is Listen,
is this little mathematical tricking?
What reality is the number of people that died divided by the number of people that have the disease?
I'll give a simple example.
Five people die.
10 people have the disease.
How lethal is that?
The answer is 10 divided into five is 50% 50% of the population.
That's a lethal disease.
But then I find out.
100 people have the virus.
Five people died in 100 people have the virus.
I go.
that's 20% mortality,
not 50%.
Every time the number in the bottom gets bigger,
the number of the mortality gets lower.
When we were told that millions of people are gonna die,
that because they believed 3 to 5 or 6% of the people with the virus die because the number of people that report it was such a small number that went to the hospital or went to the doctor.
I say Why?
Because once we started doing testing.
They found massive numbers of people have been infected.
But they didn't go to a doctor and they didn't go to the hospital.
So their numbers or not included immortality.
The numbers of small I said,
but if you add all the people that have the virus now that we've tested it and put that underneath and divided the mortality rate is nothing near what they talked about,
Because it's back down to higher than average,
but not millions of people in the U.
That's what they were doing about.
I go.
Why is the U.
Have such a high mortality rate?
Not because the virus is virulent is because Americans are compromised their health issues.
Two thirds of the population already have one chronic disease,
and over a third of that population has two or more chronic diseases,
I say.
So what is the virus virulent,
I say,
Not as virulent as the mortality rate.
The mortality rate reflects people who are compromised.
That is why who gets affected?
People in nursing homes who are end of life compromise,
they'll die first.
They're already compromise.
Then who else?
Those that air severely compromised.
that's 40% of population right there.
And all of a sudden it's like Is the viruses virulent as you say it is like No,
it's not.
But we are weaker then,
then healthy,
so much weaker that were compromised.
And now the mortality rate is tie.
If you take care of yourself if you eat well and don't eat industrial farms stuff which has a lot of poisons and toxic elements in it.
I mean,
if you look at industrial farming,
I always joke.
I show a slide of the farmer in the field wearing a hazard suit,
spraying the crops.
You're going to eat with stuff that is so hazardous he has to wear a suit,
put it in the plant,
and then you eat the plan.
So eating natural and healthy food,
eating more supplements,
vitamins and nutrients because our food has been short.
Go out and do something.
Because that enhances the power of the circulatory system,
which is the delivery system for the immune system.
then most importantly,
is get the hell out of the stress,
E said.
What can you do?
I say turn off the damn TV set because,
the TV said is not enhancing your vitality.
It's giving you every reason why you should be getting back into protection,
which is then shutting down your growth and your immune system and all this I said,
they're making things worse.
I go,
they surely are,
because the fear of the disease is worse than the cove it itself on.
Yet we're in that problem,
I say.
So you're all looking at all this thing falling down.
It's falling apart.
You're going,
my God,
I'm threatened on the caterpillar and the caterpillar is dying.
I go,
it is because the caterpillar is killing the planet.
Human behavior is showing the planet,
and it's time for us to stop focusing on old behavior and start enhancing.
What are the things we can do to enhance our environment?
How one of things we could do to cut down on our destruction of the environment,
which is unbelievable,
the amount that's going on,
what can we do to conserve energy on all the same,
he said.
Oh my God,
there's something we can dio I say,
long as you're not in stress you could do it,
because when you're in stress,
you shut your self down,
you don't go out,
you go in.
That stresses,
close me off from the threat,
and he's like,
you're now you're not connected anymore.
Now you're in a lot of trouble.
So long story shorter so we could get to a better question.
A simply this.
The world is going through a mass extinction event to 61 It's created by our inability to maintain our environment that we have to return to a behavior that indigenous people had on this planet because the indigenous people were the ones that originally said,
This is a garden and we are gardeners,
and then the modern thing comes in and says,
This is for us to do whatever the heck we want to do it because we have.
We can dominate and control nature,
and I go,
How's that working way destroyed ourselves.
so it says we must change,
and so your audience.
To me,
Jewel is the most important thing because they said,
What if I stop contributing to the downfall and put my energy into the rising up?
I said,
then you have to get rid of the system.
And when the system is breaking down,
I said Why?
It's scary,
the caterpillars breaking down I go because the Caterpillar system is destructive.
You can't build the sustainable world.
We need to live in on the foundation of our world today because the foundation of the world is creating mass extinction.
Though basically says,
I'm looking at the caterpillar coming down,
I'm not nervous about it.
In fact,
I'm very appreciative of it coming down knowing that it's the mayes is required before I can build the new one.
I need a foundation start,
and the foundation we have now is so destructive we're facing that extinction.
So the most important thing I could tell the viewers right now is stop watching that damn TV because all this going to do is give you the bad news.
The bad news is gonna invoke more stress hormones,
more stress hormones,
shut your immune system down,
and you're gonna get sicker than you ever were before.
And now it's time to say,
Let's join into community to build something,
something that's sustainable,
something that works with our environment,
and it works with communities and takes care of our Children,
Takes care of the air,
takes care of the water,
be nurturers.
And that,
actually is the character of mammals on as mammals were supposed to be nurturers.
But we've been raping the garden on now it's dying,
and we're gonna blame the garden like,
e mean,
it's really exquisite what you're saying,
and it's it's powerful.
And I keep thinking,
we're in a pandemic of stress of its this pandemic of stress has created.
I didn't realize the numbers were 60% of America,
60% with one chronic disease,
40% two or more.
Thing is why so many Americans take five pills every day just to hold at the chronic illness that they have.
You know,
I remember studying you a little bit.
I got my master's degree in an integrative health.
I did health and wellness coaching,
and it was this beautiful,
integrated university and member studying epi genetics.
And we talked.
I know that's something that you have studied and founded and talked about,
and I thought it was 10% but 1% of disease,
you said,
like that's the current current data.
1% of these.
I had a like people wake up,
wake up like let me just because I was a research scientist in the medical school.
Let me let me offer something.
If you take 90% of your money to fight a 1% of disease,
you've wasted your money.
People are not suffering from genetic issues at all.
They're suffering from other issues that we can manage on.
This is why it's so important for us to say we put our money in the wrong place way.
Want to enhance health?
We want to do it through consciousness.
We want to do it through spirituality,
not through pharmaceutical drugs.
They don't work a matter of fact,
300,000 people die per year with prescription drugs.
I go.
Why is that relevant?
I say 35 or so 1000 people die from illegal drugs and we have a war on illegal drugs.
And I say 310 times as many people are time from pharmaceutical drugs.
They go.
That's the cost of doing medicine.
I say That's too damn expensive.
We shouldn't be dying that much from pharmaceutical stuff,
but it's a private corporation.
It's the interest is to make money and everyone thinks,
they're out to take care of me.
And I go,
You gotta wake up,
Pharmaceutical coming down and give a damn about you until you buy the drugs.
And if you stop buying the drugs,
they care less about you.
And if the drugs kill you,
they don't care either why they make enough money selling the drugs that they pay off all the,
you know,
the petty court cases that accused them of killing people.
They pay that off because they know they're doing it.
But they also know they're making more money than they're paying for for the complaints.
So then they find that people die.
We'll just pay them on guys like the idea of a friendly banker.
my banker loves.
May I go?
Your banker loves you when you have money.
If you don't have money,
bankers doesn't have as much love for you anymore.
Farmer sort of company loves me.
I go as long as you buy the drugs,
then I go on.
The issue is,
since drugs are contributing factor to loss of life,
I think they're not that friendly because they don't really care.
In fact,
I'll give you a fact that I know from pharmaceutical execs.
They test a new drug.
They find out some people die from it.
So you think Oh,
we shouldn't do that drug?
They dio bean counting statistics.
How many people are gonna buy the drug?
How much money will we make and selling the drug?
And how much money will we lose in court cases where people complain that the drug killed them and they do simple mathematic?
If I could make more money than I have to pay to the court cases,
then how will the court cases?
We'll just pay them.
We're gonna make more money.
And that's exactly what they do.
They approve a drug knowing people are gonna die,
but knowing Hey,
we got enough money to pay for it.
It's like,
these my friends.
You bet they're not.
They're their own friends.
What part of me wants to ask you?
I wanna come back because you talked about spirituality and consciousness and this rising up.
But I have to ask because I'm curious everyone's talking about Okay.
The vaccine,
I mean,
I don't.
It's an interesting one.
I have kids that are being indoctrinated,
like you have to do this.
And I'm don't get the vaccine like it don't You don't wanna put stuff that doesn't.
I mean,
it's just I'm curious what your take is if you have it or you can share it your personal.
Let me tell you something about vaccines.
Vaccines where they're introduced to the body are non biological.
In a sense,
biology has an intelligence to it as more intelligence than humans.
Why my cells,
which created this body,
have technologies that humans can't even match.
So when we start talking down about cells,
how stupid they are ago.
they created us,
and we can't even create recreate their technology.
So I guess so.
Why is it relevant?
Because there is a natural immune system.
Of course,
people have had immune system and it worked for thousands and thousands of thousands of years before medical people got here.
who injected that?
I said,
Nobody said that.
How the immune system work and this is the screw up.
Anything that gets in through the mouth knows the ears.
The eyes opening in the head.
Anything that gets in has to go down the throat,
I said.
So what?
There are things called tonsils,
and in the textbook it's wrong because in the textbook they say tonsils were there to protect you from organisms that come into your body,
I said They don't do the protection.
They do the education of what came into the body.
They inform the immune system of everything that was in the environment so the immune system could make a response to it one way or the other accepting it or causing immune response.
This is why babies stick everything in the world into their mouth.
It's an instinctual inoculation project because everything that goes in bypass go down by the tonsils.
The tonsils learned that's their learning function so that they can inform the immune system to Okay,
this is what's in our world,
and this is what we have to deal with.
And so the idea is,
there's a natural immune system.
It's Orel.
If I take a needle and inject it into my body,
I bypass all the centuries of intelligence that knows what's going on the environment and how it got here.
All of a sudden.
If your cells and somebody put a needle in and right next to your neighborhood is this big pile of trash,
you know,
It just got there and all the cells are going.
Where the hell did that come from?
Nobody saw it come in.
And there it is.
I go.
That confuses the immune system.
Immune system has normal ways of doing it.
I'm not against vaccines if the vaccines air orally presented.
But if you take a needle and inject it,
I know you thought your intelligence gonna enhance immune system.
definitely not.
It compromises the immune system because the immune system going Where the hell did that come from?
Who's in charge that recognize where this is and what it is and how it got here so we can deal with it.
No knowledge just showed up.
Then I go.
This is a major problem.
And a child's immune system doesn't fully engaged until after two and probably by three.
I said,
that's when it's fully starting to engage.
I said,
what about when it's one?
Are you kidding?
It's in development.
It's not even finished yet.
And then what?
You gonna do throw in judgment in in the system that bypasses the system,
and then the the thing that's developing is going Where the hell did that come from?
The point is,
this is weakening our system.
It's compromising us.
And now we know there are many compromises from vaccines on is important.
we once had a fear that swine flu of 1976.
It was a made up situation because only two or three people were so called identified with the swine flu.
But the government was pushing for everybody to get inoculated.
the government is such a,
you know,
boondoggle when it comes to projects.
It took them a long time to get the swine flu vaccine into the world.
But by then,
people looked around and go.
There's no swine flu here.
I'm not gonna get it.
Who got it?
The kids and the old people because they were institutionalized,
both of them.
E say so what?
The government had to spend billions of dollars as insurance money to pay off the number of people that got something called the Anbar A syndrome.
Where nervous system disorder From what?
From vaccination,
it was the vaccine that was caused more problems than any swine flu that never showed up.
And it still causes problems.
And what's in that vaccine?
Son of a gun.
The drug companies got a law passed that they don't even have to tell you what's in the vaccine.
And then they're gonna force you to take the vaccine without even telling you what the hell's in that vaccine.
And we know that many of the components they have been using are toxic mercury and ether formaldehyde.
I wouldn't these air things to preserve animals that when their dad on,
I say these air preservatives You you don't put formaldehyde in your body.
that's part of the vaccine.
Do I have to tell you,
as a drug manufacturer,
what's in it?
the law said I can inject you with stuff and not even tell you what the hell's in it.
I'm a scientist.
I'm not gonna let anybody inject anything under my skin.
They have to put me in a jail or whatever it is why?
It's a violation of my human rights.
You're gonna stick something in my body.
You're not even telling me what the hell it is.
I'm not letting you do it.
And I wouldn't let it happen to kids.
Kids need Orel vaccines.
They were doing Orel inoculations and their infancy.
Let him continue to do that and create it that way.
That's natural.
And that will make it work.
But a violation that humans again contaminating control nature and decide I want the immune system to do what I want.
I'm injecting this and that it goes.
It may not respond anyway that you want,
because it's it's own intelligence beyond us.
So what would I do with Cove in?
I do what I probably already have done.
Get it.
And I go,
Why am I going to die?
And I go?
You know why I'm not that unhealthy?
I take care of my health.
And that's why 90 some percent of the people that got infected didn't have enough of a symptomology to it to go to a doctor or goto a hospital,
I say.
And that's why the numbers that have the virus,
they're not accurate when they do mortality.
They discounted 90 some percent of the people that didn't even have that had the virus but had no symptoms that would cause them to go see Ah,
And I say,
you've left out those numbers.
You put those numbers back in to the equation of mortality.
Rate is nothing near what you're screaming and yelling at people and scaring them.
Because as you're scaring them,
the stress hormones they have just released are now compromising them.
You're making it worse.
I've seen this with my mom who's in her late seventies.
She's I mean,
I love her.
She's definitely aged.
lot in the last six months.
She was very active.
Used to volunteer dance.
I mean,
and she looks like she has aged a good 5 to 7 years.
and it's tough.
Not look like it.
She did?
the reason is this we were not designed toe live in protracted protection that she's protected.
the old people like you 70 you're gonna I'm 76.
I give a damn.
I'm healthy.
I don't care.
I'm going out and playing.
I'm gonna have friends that we don't wear face masks and we're close and we like each other.
And if I did get Kobe,
which I think I already had.
Guess what?
It's a flu.
I'm gonna live through it.
I'm not gonna die.
But if I'm compromised,
I'm gonna die.
And if I put myself locked myself up,
that's called protection.
I say,
What's the difference between growth and protection?
This critical growth that's called assimilation.
Assimilation is growth.
I want this.
I take it in growth.
What about protection?
I go.
close it off.
I don't wanna take anything in E go.
you can't maintain protection that will kill you.
And then you scare people.
Don't go out of your house.
Don't do this.
Don't do that.
And I said,
What are they doing?
I'm protecting myself.
I said,
you shut off life because life is being open.
Protection is closing it.
I'll give a very simple example.
I'm old enough to remember when they used to dio air raid tests because we thought the Russians were gonna bomb us and we built bomb shelters.
And you know what?
The bomb shelter is a place to hide.
the bombs were coming down.
I go.
So what?
Take a community and a normal,
healthy community schools.
Air going.
Shops are open.
The environment,
Everything's in growth.
On the air raid siren comes,
I said,
What about growth?
I say everybody,
let's go with the job where they go,
they're going down the basement.
I said,
they're in the basement.
What about what's going on up here?
Say no growth.
It stopped.
It stopped,
I say.
But when it was just an air raid test,
No big deal.
You know why?
20 minutes later,
you get out.
So they stopped work for 15 minutes and no big deal because they went back to work.
My issue is this.
What if you get in the bomb shelter and there is no all clear?
How long can you live in a bomb shelter with no all clear and answers.
You will die in the bomb shelter.
you only have so much food,
water and air if you use it all up and you're still underground,
where you're going to get your water,
food and air from Ah,
you cannot stay in a bomb shelter on,
I say.
But the news media is putting our consciousness into a bomb shelter.
Your mother was told to disconnect and hide and be safe and do all that stuff,
I say.
But life was doing something.
when you're not doing anything,
use it or lose.
It is the name of the and it applies to every part of the body,
not just the muscles.
Everyone said,
I worked really hard.
I build up the muscles and then I stopped using them to turn to fat,
you know,
and it goes,
use it or lose it.
I go every part of the human body,
including the immune system and the brain.
And every part is based on use it or lose it.
If you stop using the brain,
that's when dementia comes in.
Alzheimer's part of not using that brain.
You broke the cells down because you stop using them.
Muchas you broke the muscle cells down when you were no longer exercising on every functioning part of the body is based on user or lose it and then you tell somebody.
Don't use it.
Go sit in your room.
Close yourself off.
Hide in.
There I go.
you're now you think activated slow death.
I'm not using it.
The system is going to go.
if you're not using it,
we're not maintaining it.
Games over.
That's the game.
Don't laugh,
because it's serious.
I just Yeah,
I really I mean,
I've been watching this.
I don't watch a lot of news.
And I'm thinking the things that you said Thio to be in the cocoon and to come out as a butterfly.
We gotta each really I mean gosh,
just managing stress is in itself.
Self care is you know,
people talk about it,
but it is crucial with what you're saying.
It z what People don't understand that your life is profoundly different If you walk outside with your heart being open to the world versus if you walk outside being closed to the world,
you cannot be in growth and protection at the same time.
Growth is open.
Protection is closed.
If I choose protection by definition,
I shut off growth and maintenance.
Competitive thing falls apart on.
Then your mom could age very quickly because what was keeping your life?
Was her activity your active then?
The body maintains activity.
When somebody says I'm too old to do that and I go,
I guess what?
That's the first step of aging because now you told yourself I'm not going to do it.
And if you're not going to do it,
then the system that was designed toe carry out that event.
I'm not gonna do it.
Then who needs the system?
And that's when the body's intelligence as if I'm not using something.
Why am I maintaining it?
I'm putting energy and I'm not using it.
Cut the budget.
forget it.
We don't need exact right.
That's such a good way to say it.
I never thought that your body is trying to optimize energy,
and if you're not using it,
that's its intention on its efficiency at it.
And we have trouble as humans,
recognizing when the body is doing something for efficiency because we as a group,
not very efficient and that's why we're facing this extinction are inefficiency,
has degradation of the environment.
So to help the rising up Thio,
I'm like,
Let's let's fast forward in the cocoon.
I'm thinking of everyone I know.
I get a lot of comments from people that listen and are really wanting to do something.
Thio make a difference,
I do believe it starts with yourself.
Of course,
because that's you know I live here.
what can we do?
You mentioned this,
you know,
raising consciousness,
tuning into spirit.
We talked a little bit about,
actual foundational self care.
But to get to that light,
that lightness of the butterfly,
like you know how do what do we dio?
Do you have any?
You know,
you talk about science?
I don't watch the news.
Number one.
I don't watch the news.
Um I going to change it.
I'll just be recipient.
this is what they're doing.
But I do.
So what?
Did that help anybody?
I just use my energy and shock and fear of Oh,
my God,
This thing's falling apart and I can't do anything about it,
I said,
Then stop watching the damn thing because most of its false.
people are making a community stronger than ever before in these times because many of them realizing the only way out is community.
And the present rule is no community.
I don't Whoa,
that's antagonistic to life.
It all Why all biological forms live in community.
Even if you don't see them bacteria.
You think?
they're just isolated here.
And there I go.
they're in total community.
They're always communicating with each other using viruses.
That's the highest form of communication.
releasing chemicals like hormone so outside or even touching each other and sending information from one bacterium to another community.
Even it doesn't look like our community.
All living things on the community when community is broken than the health of the community is gone completely.
Three communities so powerful that I give story like when?
When Ah young cult is acting up the parent,
mother and father horse.
We'll nip at it,
Don't do that.
Not good behavior.
Don't do that.
Nip at it.
if the cold doesn't respond,
the ultimate threat is they push the cult out of the community.
You go.
You can't be here with us anymore.
Guess what?
In a short moment of being outside the community,
that horse is going to say,
I'll learn whatever I need to learn because I cannot survive out here alone.
I need to be with the rest.
And so the nature of communities such a drive force that it will cause an animal adopt a behavior necessary to be part of that community because of the challenges and has left out.
It's certain death at that point.
And when we break out community,
we're not recognizing.
We don't sustain ourselves by isolated individuals in their own homes.
We sustain ourselves by working together in a community,
whether it's physically working together,
contributing your money or contributing your consciousness or whatever it ISS.
We must work together because life is based on Community Cove in 19 is the community breaker is Cove.
It is lethal,
Assay says that they say it is which causes us to be so isolated.
I go no.
In fact,
that's a bigger problem that if the people got the damn cove it,
we'd get it over with.
And then it won't be that new thing anymore.
We'll have immunological memory from our exposure to it.
So this is always surprised me.
They were overrunning the hospital early on in the covert thing.
They said We've got to stop this run on the hospital.
How can you do that?
Quarantine people so that they're isolated and then the hospital now with under control on,
I said,
until what until you let the quarantine out.
I said,
why did the virus go away while they were in quarantine?
Did you gain immunity while you were in quarantine?
What are you?
Fresh meat for?
The virus.
And so a second spike is like,
but you're surprised there's a second spike.
Are you kidding?
Why wouldn't there be a second spike?
Because you these people have no immunity to it.
And the only way you get immunities have experience with it.
Is it gonna kill you?
If you're compromised,
You're in trouble.
If you're not compromised,
it's called the flu and you'll get over it.
Except everybody's fears.
I don't want it.
And I say,
I don't care how much you don't want it.
It's gonna be here when you get out of your house because that virus isn't going away.
So for those that are dealing with the stress,
not watching TV s definitely don't watch the news.
Don't watch TV unless I will Onley watch things that make me laugh or feel good like there's some good things that I don't watch a lot,
but I'm like there's some good things I know you have a show on Gaia,
which is that I don't know if you laugh with inner evolution,
but I know I mean,
that's like there's a lot of great a lot of great shows India and a lot of other great shows out there.
sometimes I watch like kids shows because they're just really fun and light.
so that Zewe that won't challenge you toe think real hard.
What the heck are they talking about?
I'm using my brain so hard to understand what the hell you're talking about.
They take it down to I can understand it because the kid could understand it like a In fact,
when I wrote biology belief,
I was a research scientist in a medical school.
On my first version of the book,
I started putting it together,
writing it in the normal way.
I write scientific papers and I gave it to some people about halfway through thinking,
let me just see if this is how this is going.
And I gave it to a couple of friends and then I never saw them again,
and I had to go find them on.
They were embarrassed because they didn't want to tell me.
I didn't understand.
A damn word you wrote in that book was like,
this is not gonna be very helpful.
This book,
is it.
And I realized I cannot write in science.
That's like Latin,
which separates science from the people,
Had to write it in people terms so that everybody could understand it.
So I had to take away from science vocabulary down the people.
that's what you were talking about,
now I got it.
That's why biology belief has been such a big seller.
If I put it in scientific language,
on Lee,
a minor percent of people would ever have looked at it.
But you have to bring it down.
looking at a Children's show,
it's not necessarily bad fact.
That's the simplest understanding to get the point across.
not making it complicated.
Let's simplify it because people are lost in complication.
Can you just You sparked.
I wanted to ask you this.
I mean,
I know it's a whole book biology belief,
but if you were to,
kind of condensed just some of the key pieces of it because I think this is gonna go very well with your belief around.
Stress your belief around what you know,
getting to the light rising up.
First understanding assist.
We have been programmed,
and I was participating in the presentation of that program when I was teaching medical students.
Back then we have been protocol.
The belief that genes control are characteristics not just our physical,
but our emotional and behavioral characteristics.
Then I go Wait a minute.
The genes air controlling our fate.
Did I pick them?
as far as I know.
I didn't.
can I change them?
If I don't like these changes?
I said,
You can't do that either.
can I control them?
I said no,
because we're told that genes turned on and off by themselves,
and I say So what was I teaching genetics on?
I was teaching something called genetic control,
which translates as controlled by genes.
I'm sorry you've got the cancer,
and it's going to give you cancer.
I go.
first of all,
that's all Bs belief system could be us.
because there is no gene.
There's not one gene that causes cancer.
That's pretty amazing.
I said,
How many people are scared to death?
Because they have a cancer gene?
I say that the gene doesn't cause cancer,
you know what I mean?
I say,
let's say the breast cancer gene,
which of course,
women are That's so profoundly important in their lives.
On I go,
If you have the gene,
you're going to get the cancer.
I go.
50% of the women have the gene.
Never get a cancer.
what's the conclusion?
Having the gene does not cause cancer.
Always say,
then what's the cause of cancer being out of harmony and having the gene causes cancer?
If you're not out of harmony,
the gene is not gonna manifested expression.
And the belief that genes turned on and off is the biggest disempowering factor in the whole world.
Because it says then genes do what they want,
regardless of what you want.
And all of a sudden I'm a victim of my heredity.
my God.
I got this Gene,
I'm gonna get Alzheimer.
All my parents died.
My father died at 70 and his father died at 65.
And on all this I said,
I got him.
I'm gonna die now because that's I don't know.
That was their lifestyle that died of 70.
There's no gene that shut you off.
It's 70.
It's lifestyle.
I go.
where do I know from?
How do I know this?
I say my own research from 50 years ago,
I was growing stem cells,
which are embryonic cells that are in your body.
quick little sidebar.
Why have stem cells answers?
The body is not a single thing.
You look,
there's Bruce.
One single body.
I go.
Bruce's body,
if you have a microscope,
is made out of 50 trillion cells.
The cells are the living entity.
The community of cells is Bruce.
so all of a sudden says,
my God,
I'm a community of cells and I go,
you are on,
I say.
But these cells die hundreds of billions every day.
Blood cells are dying.
Skin cells are dying.
The entire lining of the digestive tract of a trillion cells.
About every three days I go.
If they're dying,
then obviously you're still here.
How could you still be here?
And the answers?
You have stem cells.
If you're listening to this program.
You have stem cells.
Don't think you don't have stem cells.
Why you're here.
I go.
How could you stay here?
In answer is your stem cells or embryonic cells and then replace anything that dies.
so now I go.
I'm cloning stem cells.
What's that mean?
I put one stem cell in a Petri dish all by itself.
It divides every 10 hours.
So after 10 hours now I have two cells.
And after 20 hours,
I have four cells.
And after another 3rd and 30 hours,
I have eight and the doubles on my go.
So I put in one cell in the Petri dish,
doubles and doubles.
After a week of doubling 30,000 cells in a Petri dish.
They're all genetically the same because they came from one parent.
So whatever genes that parent cell has 30,000 cells out of the same genes I take those cells split them into three Petri dishes.
Point genetically identical cells in each dish.
All of them,
all three dishes genetically identical.
But I feed them.
Culture made themselves live in a culture medium.
You don't put cells in a dry dish they die.
You put him in a fluid,
I say,
What's the fluid culture?
Me and said,
What does it represent?
This is gonna make a point.
The equivalent of blood laboratory version of blood culture.
since I'm making the culture medium,
I can change some of the constituents a little bit.
So I make three different versions of culture medium changing the chemistry a little bit in each one with these air environments when I grow the cells.
So I have three dishes genetically identical cells and all dishes but three different environments.
Because the chemistry of this culture medium is different than this one than this one.
So I said so what?
In the end,
one dish of cells form muscle.
Another dish of cells form bone.
third dish form fat cells.
I go What is responsible for the fate of the cells?
They were all genetically identical.
The only thing that was different was the environment,
the culture medium.
the chemistry of the environment was adjusting the fate of the cells like Oh,
The control was not in the cells.
It was in response to the environment.
E Oh,
this is so cool genes didn't control the cells.
The environment control the south on.
Of course,
I was teaching medical school James control the cells.
So there was a disconnect in my life in the classroom.
Control in the research environment Control.
so I say so why is this relevant?
Because what I saw is the new science back then,
50 years ago.
New science is called epi Genetics.
Sounds like genetics.
Epi means above.
What do we call skin Epi?
I said.
What does that mean?
Just underneath the surface,
there's another layer called the Durmus.
And above the Durmus epi.
Durmus above the Durmus is skin.
So I say when I say genetic control what I was teaching in the classroom.
This character is controlled by genes.
The new science is called epi.
Genetic control,
I said,
sounds the same,
but listen,
It's important.
Controlled by genes,
genetic control,
gene controls,
genetic control.
Epi means above.
So when I say,
what does it mean?
Genetic control translates as control above the genes.
The genes don't turn on and off.
That was the whole wrong belief system.
Everybody's been program.
They're still program.
They're still saying Cancer.
Jane turned on I go.
A gene is a blueprint,
just like in an architect's office on I say you go into an architect's office.
She's working on a blueprint and you ask her,
Is your blueprint on her off?
And she would look at you like crazy.
It's a blueprint.
There's no on and off gains air blueprints.
They do not turn on and off.
They can be read or not read.
That's what you do with a blueprint.
You read it or you don't read it.
I go.
then who's the reader?
The conscious mind,
The conscious mind changes,
the reading and the genetics change I go.
the control wasn't in the genes,
It was in the mind Epi Genetics.
Above the jeans,
I say story and Petri dish the environment.
Control the fate of the cells.
The environment was culture mating equivalent Blood ready.
This is a skin covered Petri dish.
human body is a skin covered Petri dish inside to have 50 trillion cells.
And I say,
what about culture man?
We got ah,
the original culture.
Medium blood.
Now here's the point.
What did I show in my research,
the composition of the culture medium change the fate of the cells,
I say.
Does it make a difference if the cells in a plastic dish or skin dish?
It's still the composition of the culture medium in the skin dish,
it's blood.
And now we're coming to a point that Bruce is going to make.
And the point is simply this.
who's the chemists?
That makes the composition of the blood?
Because the composition the blood determines the genetic activity.
I go,
the brain is the chemist and I go,
now comes the last thing.
We're coming to it.
So what chemicals should the brain put into the blood?
And I go,
This is how simple it is.
Whatever the picture in the mind is,
whatever you see in your mind,
the brains job is to translate that into complementary chemistry.
There's a chemistry for love that is different than a chemistry for fear.
I say.
Because when you're in love,
you're putting good things into your blood,
which is now going to 50 trillion cells and nourishing them,
dopamine for pleasure.
Oxytocin for binding growth hormone,
Was released and that causes health and vitality.
That's why when people fall in love,
picture of love is translated by the brain into chemistry that enhances your vitality.
People glow when they're in love,
I said.
but what if that brain switches to fear I go?
Then the love chemistry is not going into the blood fear.
Chemistry is going to blood.
I say.
That's a different chemicals altogether.
I say they have a whole different response.
They're the ones that shut down the system and mess with it.
I go so you have a skin covered Petri dish.
You got 50 trillion cells are yourselves healthy or yourself sick.
And I say we used to blame the genes.
But now,
if I know the chains of the blueprints,
it's the mind and the consciousness that determined the reading of that blueprint.
And I can change my jeans activity by my consciousness.
I could be born with a mutant gene and cancel it.
I could be born with a healthy gene and make a mutant product.
Oh my God.
We've been blaming jeans,
and it all started up here programming consciousness because we are creating our lives and then I just want to stop here for a second because the most important sidebar comes in here I go.
They're all different.
psychology blah,
I go the most valid science on the planet.
Of all the sciences,
the one is the most valid.
Truthful of all sciences is quantum physics s.
So why Why is that relevant?
Because quantum physics the most valid science.
The one you wouldn't question if you're gonna question scientists,
question anything else first,
Quantum physics.
Listen to this first principle consciousness is creating your life experiences.
Change your consciousness and you change the character of your life.
I go well.
This is the fundamental nature of physical.
I go now.
Guess what?
It's also the fundamental nature of biology with the science called epi Genetics,
science of genetics.
You change your life Science of epi genetics.
It's what you concentrate on your consciousness that will determine the character of your genes,
not the genes on all of us.
I say.
Why is it important?
In the first answer was when I told you,
James controlled your life.
You are a victim of your genes and you know you didn't pick him.
You can't change and say,
Oh God,
my life is programmed.
I'm gonna get cancer because everyone in my family has cancer and I'm a woman and I'm gonna get this cancer and I go,
that makes you a victim,
E no.
But that belief system is 100% wrong.
That's why 50% of women with the cancer gene they don't get the cancer.
It's not in their vision,
the fear,
the disharmony.
That's what caused the cancer.
The gene.
No gene cause cancer.
It's fear and disharmony that opens up the system for cancer.
so I said,
Why is it relevant?
The answer is old story,
which almost everybody out there that's listening now has been programmed with your James.
Control your life and you're a victim of your heredity,
and I turn this around and say epigenetic.
The new science,
which were just beginning to hear about,
is the scientists.
As your consciousness is controlling your life,
I say why you control your own consciousness.
You can make a negative conscious.
You can make a positive conscious.
You could do any damn thing.
I always say.
I say why you are not a victim of your heredity.
You are the master of your genetic activity.
And if you don't like your genetic activity,
we don't place the blame on the genes.
We have to go back and say Your consciousness is not living in harmony in your body is now reflecting that disharmony.
That's where sickness comes from.
And we used to blame it on jeans,
and it's so wrong.
There's only like six diseases that count for a lot less than 1% of the population.
That is actually due to a single Jane like cystic fibrosis or hemophilia.
Huntington's disease social.
Three of them right there,
I say,
Why those air?
There's only a small number of diseases that actually have a gene that will cause the disease all the rest of diseases,
multiple genes on all of them,
reflecting consciousness,
adjusting your biology to your perception of the world.
When you're in fear,
you shut it down.
When you're in love,
you open it up,
and that's why the fear business is killing us.
And the absence of love is one of the biggest problems on this planet.
that was,
that was almost have no words.
That was extremely,
extremely powerful.
you know,
I'm like,
just before I know we're gonna wrap.
We have to wrap up soon.
But my gosh,
thank you.
I mean,
I I I'm holding back.
There's so many questions.
You've done a beautiful job just answering so many.
And I think the question I'm hearing people ask,
um is so if we know consciousness is what's really going,
it's really the It's deciding it.
Z underlying everything.
Your life,
your beliefs,
your you know.
And I've talked to others about this.
In fact,
I remember having a similar but different conversation with Greg on here.
Greg Brayden who love as well.
And how do we I'm hearing people like Okay,
So how do I change my consciousness?
How do I Okay.
This'll again?
The most important fact consciousness comes from the mind.
So basically,
your mind is creating your life experiences.
And this is what physics and now biology is saying on I go,
but I have positive thoughts about my life.
And yet my life is so negative.
Where that Where the hell did that come from?
Not from my positive thinking.
I go.
Misunderstanding number one Biggest misunderstanding is there's not one mind.
There's two minds.
They both you know,
They work together,
but they have.
Each mind has a different function,
and each mind has a different way of learning.
If you don't understand this,
then the whole world seems like crazy world.
And I say why there's two minds.
The latest evolution is the conscious mind.
Right behind your forehead is the lobe of brain tissue called prefrontal cortex,
the latest evolution.
That's where our consciousness is.
I say.
What is consciousness?
It's connected to your unique identity.
No two people have the same consciousness.
It's also connected to your spirituality.
There's an energy field that you represent.
That's and that's who you are.
So I say That's the conscious mind.
I say,
What's the subconscious mind say?
That's a database of programs.
Where do I get the programs?
let me first say,
Why do I have programs?
The brain is like a computer.
It is a computer is better computer than humans could even make.
But I give you same parallels here.
I go buy a new computer at the store and bring it home.
Turn it on it boots up.
And now I said,
Do something spreadsheet.
Make a drawing,
Something I said,
I can't.
I said,
Why not?
You've got a computer booted up.
I didn't put any programs in.
I need a right program.
I need an Internet program.
I need this program.
I go,
you have to put the programs in before you can use the computer.
I go,
child's brain is a computer.
It boots up in the last trimester of pregnancy is ready to go.
It's got no programs.
You can't use the program,
the computer if there no programs in it.
So the brain of a child is not in consciousness.
A za predominant brain stay until after age seven.
but then what's the brain state?
Before age seven,
I say it's a lower vibration called fatal.
When you put wires on a person's head electroencephalogram,
few read brain activity.
lower vibration.
Be low.
Consciousness is called fatal,
which is imagination.
This is what kids up to seven live their life.
Half real,
half imagination.
They have a tea party.
They pour nothing in the cup.
They drink nothing and talk about how great the T Waas there on a broom,
but it's not a broom.
Now it's Ah,
the mother says.
Give me the broom,
the child and the child's mind.
Tha tha That's not a broom.
Now it's a really horse,
E said.
That's data,
but they does hypnosis.
I go.
Why is it relevant?
You get your fundamental programs,
how to be a member of a family and how to be a member of community thousands of rules by simply doing nothing but observing and theta hypnosis.
You watch your mother,
your father,
your siblings and your community.
You download their behavior.
They already have a program.
So you downloaded.
That becomes your fundamental program.
Where'd you get your program?
I downloaded it from my family and my community on my go.
that's a problem.
Because up to 70% of most people programs are disempowering yourself,
sabotaging programs.
I go,
you inherited them to.
All of us have.
I say.
So why is it relevant?
Once the programs air in,
then I could use the computer,
type on it and add my data to the computer.
That's conscious mind subconscious mind program conscious mind.
I take the control back,
and now I'm going to run the program.
on my go.
This is true.
And then I say so conscious mind is the one with positive thinking,
wishes and desires.
That's creative.
Subconscious minds got programs.
I go.
So what I say when you're operating from your conscious mind,
you're going to manifest whatever you want.
Good job,
That's creativity.
That's where we're going,
Mind whatever the program is,
what you're gonna play.
And since most of the programs are limiting or disempowering,
you don't really wanna play them a lot.
But now comes a true story,
and this is the ultimate important story at this moment and that Is this the conscious mind,
creative wishes and desires Looks out the window like your eyes are looking like cameras.
You see the world and the conscious mind is gonna drive your vehicle body,
Let's say steering wheel.
My conscious mind is gonna drive me toe what wishes and desires what I want.
But here's the problem.
This is the all thing in the box.
The conscious mind can think.
I guess so what I say.
But thinking is not looking out.
Thinking is looking in s o.
I say,
tell me what you're doing on Friday.
If it's not written in the front of you,
right at this minute,
I say you can tell me what you're gonna do.
On Friday,
I said,
Where you gonna find the answer?
It's not on the page in front of you.
We're gonna find the answer inside thinking What am I doing on Friday?
I'm doing E,
What just happened?
This is it.
You ready when I'm not thinking I'm looking out the window and driving my vehicle according to what positive wishes and desires.
But the moment I'm thinking,
I let go of the wheel because now I'm gonna take my attention and not look out the window.
I'm gonna look inside my head the answer of what you're doing Fridays.
It's inside.
So I say So what happens when you're thinking conscious mind?
Let's go with the wheel.
It's not looking out the window anymore.
It's looking inside.
I said,
let's say you're really driving a car and you're all of a sudden you're thinking I go.
Guess what?
You're not paying attention to the road right now.
What are you doing?
You're inside your head.