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The Gifts of a Medical Intuitive with Amber Bodily

Amber Bodily is a Natural Health Practitioner, a Medical Intuitive, a Certified Foot Zonologist and a Master Herbologist who has helped thousands of people recover their full health.

After experiencing how FootZonology and natural health saved her children’s lives, Amber was moved to devote herself full-time to helping others heal through natural means. A few years into her practice, she started to develop an intuitive understanding of the well-being of her clients. She found that she could “see” into their organs, “hear” what their body was calling for and “feel” the trauma in their cells. Just by looking at someone or hearing their voice, she has a keen perception of the state of their health and how they can heal. Her passion and greatest desire is to empower you to heal.

Find Amber at: and on Instagram and facebook at: @amberbodilyhealth


Things We Learned From This Episode

  1. To increase your intuition, spend time daily tuning in, notice your ‘gut’ feelings and trust them and trust your body wisdom.
  2. Spend time daily doing ‘sacred writing’, this is where you ask questions and without thinking about the answer, allow yourself to write whatever comes up. Just write without editing your words and trust your hand.
  3. We all have intuition and the ability to tap into these gifts. The more you are open to them and give time and space to cultivate it, the more of a deeper connection you’ll have to your intuition.



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