The Power of Pleasure and Why It's a Must in Your Life with Regena Thomashauer (a.k.a. 'Mama Gena') | Julie Reisler

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my friend.
It's Julie.
I just for small ones, you know, I'm thinking of you and sending love.
It's been a really, really interesting time and something I've learned from the years of Oh, just recovery from food addiction and self loathing and people pleasing.

One of the most important factors for me in my in my evolution has been being part of a really supportive community being connected to others that are looking thio to evolve and to become their best self.
And I have decided I'm thinking about this for a long time.

But I've decided now is the time to start a community, a sacred community.
It's called School of Sacred Ology.
We're going to go really deep into helping and teaching you and everyone there how to unlock your heart intelligence, how to live in your heart and learn to trust your inner wisdom,

your intuition so you can have greater confidence.
Whether it's around your career around your life to have less self doubt, have more ease and peace well, being so much more.

But we're gonna be meeting together on live calls.
There will be meditations and a whole community.
Andi, I would just love to have you in it if it speaks to you.
The month of April is actually half off.

It's gonna be a founding members pricing, and we just love to have you and help create that community that can support your evolution just go to julie Rissler dot com for slash school of sacred ology or seriously message me, email me,

let me know, and I'll send you the information we can chat about it just want you to know however I can support you.
Becoming your usto is my purpose and passion.
And I'm sending you so much love Welcome,

my beloved soul seekers.
This is Julie, and I'm so happy to have you here today in the US You This day is such it's such a joint honor for me.
I have been so, so excited anticipating having them just this amazing woman you're going to get Thio No in love,

Regina Tom Hauser otherwise known his mama Gena, who has been a massive inspiration and mentor and guide for me and to me.
And so I'm so excited to introduce you to Mama Gena.
She is the teacher and best selling author,

mother and media personality and founder and CEO of the School of Womanly Arts, which began in her living room in 1998 and has since grown into a global movement.
She believes that women are the greatest untapped natural resource on the planet.

We're going to get into that, By the way, and that is, people of all genders reclaim the magnificence of the feminine.
The patriarchy will fall, liberating all of us.
Thomas Hauser's approach stems from decades of research in the social,

cultural and economic history of women.
Her distinctive style at once irreverent, unwavering, affirming and swear.
E has engaged thousands from all over the world, and I am warning you now there will be some swearing and some words,

so you might want to put some, you know, headphones on.
In addition, toe leading the School of Womanly Arts, Regina has authored four popular books, including her newest New York Times bestseller, Pussy a Reclamation,

and has been featured widely as a leading expert in modern feminism.
She lives and works in New York City, and you can find all about Mama Gena at Mama Gina's dot com.
All of this will be in the show notes,

but honestly enough for me.
I just wanna welcome you.
I'm so honored to have you.
I'm so excited to be here.
Tooley e Love it.
Thank you so much for having me.

my gosh.
Thank you for being here.
I I am like, where do we begin? Because, I'll tell you, I was at your womanly split Family arts.
You did an amazing weekend in New York.
I was blown away.

I had read your book pussy, a reclamation and honestly, there was like a transformation that happened.
And I'd love to start, I think, just really getting into your belief.
And I I agree as well about women being the most untapped natural resource on the planet and like what you mean about that.

And I think it's a good place to start.
Let's begin at the beginning.
You know, women in this culture haven't really been taught Thio really be, um, connected to the privilege of what it means to be a woman.
You know,

we're taught to take care of our families, our bosses, our girl friends, our lovers, our husbands, our kids.
But nobody teaches woman or encourages a woman to pay attention to what lights her up.
What brings her joy?

What pleasures her what she most longs for, what she desires, and perhaps most importantly, how to connect and own her sensual power.
Because a woman just it kind of breaks out like this.

a woman who owns her pussy owns her life.
Yes, and a woman who doesn't doesn't.
And it's just like that, and it's an area, you know.
First of all, I'm aware that even using that word pussy is very provocative, and it's highly offensive.

It's, um, at the same time is a wake up call on DMA meant to provoke a new awareness off how much of the education of feminine has been dropped out for thousands and thousands of years.
Eso My work for the past 21 years has been an effort to connect a woman to her life force to connect a woman to her desire to connect a woman to her voice,

her power, her confidence, her sense of her own magnificence, her turn on Why? Because the world is hungry for the voice of woman.
And no matter how many degrees you have or what kind of you know CEO you are, or how accomplished you get in your career.

Or there is no way that a woman can truly power up without connecting to her life force her pleasure.
Her pussy.
That's a woman connecting to her divinity.
It's a whole other way of life which is worthy of pursuit.

Especially now, you know, we've come to the sort of bitter end of what the patriarchal world culture can provide.
And now it's time to open a new door way in a new chapter and for a woman to begin to source herself from a more feminine aspect of who and what she is.

I love what you said about this kind of like this call to action for women Thio to really thio own it and that we weren't taught to do this.
But you can, you know,

this is something that we're craving that's been missing.
I have so many questions, but I think the first one is kind of, you know, the word pussy like, let's be honest,

her people listening that are like she said What? Um and I remember from your book one of the things I love about you.
I love words as well.
I don't think I'm gonna studied.
But you,

you know, love, language and words I remember you went into Oh, my gosh, You did a beautiful job explaining so much about the feminine and, you know, before the patriarchy.
But getting to pussy And why that word?

I don't You chose it, you know, for a reason.
And I think it's important so we could get comfortable to use it And why you use it.
Well, you, uh let's say anybody who's listening to this podcast right now what were you taught to call your bits and pieces when you were growing up? Yeah.

I will always ask this question when I'm delivering events too, you know, 1000 women, 5000 women.
You know what were what would the terminology and women will come at me with? You know,

if there's 1000 women in the room, I will have it least 900 different names for a woman that which is most essentially feminine.
So women were taught to call, you know,

a p p a front bottom.
Ah can ish Ah, hoochie Ah, Walter Winchell, My purse.
My You know, my it just I'm blocking the thousands and thousands of names that women have told me over the years that they've their bits and pieces air called and why this is significant.
Bear with me for a moment when I teach.

I have a men's workshop that I deliver when I have the same sea of men, I'll say, What were your parts called? And they'll say Penis, What's your problem? And on there is a huge differential in that if a little girl is not even given the terminology or the name for that which is most essentially feminine a petting,

her source of feminine power.
The creation of life is in the female body where we aren't even given a name, you know in Jesus said In the beginning there was the word.
There is no beginning if there is no word.

And so what happens is if there is no language.
What replaces the lack of language is shame.
Onda woman will be a little girl will know.
Oh wow, that isn't called anything.
I'm gonna be ashamed of that.

And as soon as they're ashamed, there's disconnection.
When there's disconnection, there's powerlessness.
When a woman isn't owning her power, what that means is someone else is, and thus we find the hashtag me too,

movement where we have a you know, a whole culture of women who are first acknowledging for the first time in, you know, hundreds and hundreds of years.
They're acknowledging the abuse that the majority of women have experienced sexual abuse or physical abuse.

Where a woman, because she doesn't own her power, she believes she has to bow to somebody else's someone else, this point of view about how her body could and should be engaged with, rather than resorting to her own certainty,

her own truth.
So, um, it's key.
It's hugely important for a woman to be for a little girl to begin to know.
Of course, when my daughter was little, she was taught that the terminology was vulva because that's the actually the correct term for the exterior genitalia.
I always get many gynecologists or daughters of gynecologist,

I say.
Oh, I grew up calling it a vagina Mama Gena like That's the correct terminology.
And I'm like, No, sorry.
The vagina is the interior.
Yeah, you can't see vagina accepted the speculum, its exterior genitalia.

That which is the Volvo, which includes the clitoris, theater lips in the inner lips, really exact.
Same thing is if you told a little boy that his Penis was called scrotum, there's just no reason to miss name a significant body part of the human body,

except if the purpose was to disempower a many generations of women.
And indeed that's what has happened.
Eso I chose the word pussy because when a woman says pussy, it makes her smile,

it makes her laugh like, and she doesn't laugh when she says vulva, it differences like vulva.
You know, sort of sounds like a very safe, safe car, you know? But pussy,

it brings some delight to a woman.
So that's my choice.
Oh, my gosh, I love it.
I just you know, I love you just for you stepping out.
I know you did this in a time.
I mean,

this is now, you know, with the me too movement.
But you did this in a time when I don't think people were speaking about this so much.
Oh, my goodness.
It was the scariest thing When I I knew I had to write this book and I was like, it was just like,

plugging me in like I was like, Oh, my God, I have to call it pussy.
And, um, I gonna dio I'm how terrifying, you know? And I have a friend of mine.
Um, she lived not far away from me.

Um, she's she's really one of my best friends.
An amazing market are her name is Marie for Leo.
So she's been in here.
I called her up them like Marie.
I think I have to call this book prissy, and she's like,

Get over here.
We're gonna muscle test it right now.
So I jumped in my car, drove over to her house and she's like, Okay, so we muscle tested it with, like, holding a piece of paper which said the title of the book in one hand.

And then we just muscle tested, like, five different times.
She's like girl.
Gonna have 12 pussy.
That's just it's moments like that where you need a girlfriend to just like as you're jumping off the deep dive, you know,

for her just to say, You got to do it, you have tow.
Listen to that inner truth.
You got to do it.
And then, incredibly, that was the book that made it to The New York Times best seller list, which has been a dream of mine.

To achieve that and to get the title pussy on The New York Times best seller list, I felt like, Oh, this is honoring a piece of the feminine.
It has not been honored in thousands and thousands of years.
This is a really good thing.

I just I really salute you because I I was like, this had have taken some shit ton of courage for you Shit on.
Everybody told me Don't do it.
Do not do it.

Do not But hey, house, which is my publisher.
They were They were game.
They were game right away.
Which was that was really that was that was awesome.
Really made me fall in love with them.
Such a gap.

You know, Regina, I think I'm calling you Regina.
Mama Gena, I hope you don't mind.
They're all good Answer to everything, Mama.
Chrissy, I You know I know your story Well, I know your story,

cause I I've, you know, listen to put see a few times.
And by the way, everyone I've shared it with is like, touch moved, Inspired e I mean, really, that's the power of pussy.

that's the power of a one.
A woman connects even even on the printed page, and suddenly it connects these dots inside of a woman that have been longing connection and women's lives change.
It's and it's and it's a change that is essential right now because we really require the voice of the feminine.

And when she connects with her pussy, she is loud and proud and has an innate confidence that perhaps she didn't even have the day before.
It can happen that quickly, but you wanted to talk about my story somehow.

Well, take you off the track.
No, we're going to come back because I can hear people like How do you connect to your pussy? And I also travel a lot and I'm assuming others you might have a swell.
Maybe before we get to the story.

You know, this voice of who does she think she is, like, you know, both internally and hear a lot.
I'm curious if you felt that before and how you've moved through that voice because that I I think that that could stop a lot of women in their job.

I think that we do have a crisis of confidence amongst women right now, where there's an epidemic of self doubt, self hatred, self deprecation, where a woman can get stuck thinking, um,

she's too old, she isn't hasn't studied enough.
She is an experienced enough, and she'll kind of keep even though she has a passion.
She'll kind of keep a lid on the incredible bottle of champagne she is instead of uncorking it and exploding it all over the world with its Effervescence on.
And I am,

you know, if the media, the woman's disconnection from her power.
So all these things contribute to this epidemic of self doubt and self hatred, and the object with my work is to actually create an epidemic.
I'm self love on.

DTA turned on women and women celebrating women.
And but when a woman connects to her pussy and to her life, where she realizes there's no scarcity in the world, were all sisters.

There's more than enough for all of us, and it's so easy toe uplift other women, when you're not feeling that sense of scarcity or as if you don't have enough or you can't or you won't.
And so many women who've read my book or taken my classes have connected to that gorgeous life force that's inside all of us and and have been willing to take steps in terms of writing a book they've been longing to write or starting a business or venturing into the world of online dating,

which can be terrifying as fuck, or choosing to ask for that raise that they so need or deserve.
Or, you know, inviting their partner to participate more in child rearing.

you know, beginning to balance the scales of their life because they start to feel better and better and better and more and more confident about their voice.
But it is truly impossible for a woman to speak up unless she's connected to her power source.

Because her power source it's not just her.
It connects her to the source energy to her divinity to that divine feminine flow that, you know that's the birthright of every single woman.
I love that it's beautiful.

Now I couldn't e I want to get into it.
But I do wanna ask you because I know that you know, you grew up not always connected to this.
This flow and this source.
I mean,

you share very openly about your, you know, childhood with your brother Theobald.
Use your out and open about it because it's in the book and just the I can only imagine what you've had to move through and maybe just to share a little bit.
I think it's important because people can see like Mama Gena and look at all these amazing like what you're doing,

which is is a gift to the world.
And I think it's helpful for those toe.
Just remember that there was a place he started and healed.
Yeah, well, there's always a moment when I teach where I'll say anybody who was physically abused, sexually abused,

verbally abused in some way violence or objectified in their growing up years.
Please stand because it's a place where women feel very isolated.
We feel like we're the only one, and there's so much shame which leads to more isolation,

and we don't wanna communicate about it or talk about it because we feel so alone on.
And, um, what always about 95% of women rise to their feet, and it's my conviction.
The other 5% just forgot work.

Um, it's, um, it's experiences not uncommon.
And so I wanted to write about my past and the experience abuse abuse that I had really from the time I was an infant.
Um because it was,

uh, it was home.
You know, it's that's what home was for me.
So I didn't have a value judgment about the experience.
The only thing I knew was that I felt broken.
E felt like I had no right to,

and I began wanting to be an actress that, you know, But I never felt confident about who I was as a woman, or I was too scared to go to auditions.
I just I didn't know how to get street with myself on dso I did.
You know,

all the things that people do therapy, different classes.
I ended up Jake.
You know, I'm a researcher, so I thought e saw it wasn't just me, all of my friends that I went to college with my girlfriends each were finding their own crisis of confidence, you know?

Ah, friend couldn't ask for payment for her artwork because she didn't feel worthy.
She just felt like it was a privilege to paint the paintings, you know, or another friend,

instead of pursuing her dream, ended up working for her family business or another friend kept getting degree after degree after degree and still not feeling like she was where she needed to be.
And I saw that this was an issue for women.

And I thought there had to have been Has this always been the way? So I ended up studying the ancient goddess traditions in the, uh, ancient goddess cultures because I wanted to understand was the world different when the feminine was worshiped alongside the masculine and on? Indeed,

it was a whole different paradigm, and I am So I had a remarkable education.
But it wasn't until I connected with my Chrissy that I connected with my life force and my power and my confidence and the most shy and filled with depression and doubt.
Young woman that I waas was able to like write a book called Fuzzy and teach seminars for thousands and thousands of women.

Because once I learned the power of pleasure and how, um, essentially it was for a woman to own her sexual truth and brilliance.
I wanted to tell every woman because I was like, if I could change my life,

the most desperate person on Earth, it will change every woman's life.
And so I think my mission was very profound.
And especially after I gave birth to my daughter, Maggie,

because I thought I need to make sure that the world is ready to handle who and what a woman is on.
And so I've got to be able to teach women who they are, because then they'll be able to handle the world.

So it was really Maggie that had me feel strong enough to start the school.
I think sometimes babies, uh, kind of deep in our connection to ourselves, and they bring a tremendous amount of, um my,

um my grandmother used to say that they bring babies, bring luck.
And they bring opportunity for me.
It grounded me in who I waas in my lineage.
And what the debt of gratitude I felt to my ancestors and the responsibility I felt to the girls of today who will be the women of tomorrow and wanting to do my part.
Thio open that channel of beauty and radiance for every woman.

I'm remembering one of the stories.
I love this story.
I'm thinking how important what a lesson it is.
That one of the stories where you you got the You went to the department stores.
You were starting your school in the brown.

No, I feel like I was with you.
I'm like, I felt literally write so beautifully was like, what does things Very expensive dress that you wore for the part threat and just stepping into, you know,

it's stepping into the aspect of who you were becoming.
That's very powerful.
What you did.
Yeah, I am.
Uh huh.
You know, it was easier for me to kind of create a naturally very shy and introverted.

but it's not something that anybody really believes Once they've seen me on stage, Uh, like, uh, but, well, I knew that if I was going to be talking about pussy on Bond educating people about sex and sensuality, I would need a persona to step into,

like, something bigger than me because I was way too introverted to handle taking on the culture in that way.
And, um so I had just had my daughter Maggie and I wrote the curriculum for the very first school of woman, the arts course,

And I had, like, 10 women who were in the class.
And so I thought, I know I will be Mama Gena, and this will be the School of Womanly Arts.
And I didn't think it was going to stick, because at that time I was writing course after course after course,

after course, after course.
And I didn't wasn't really attached to any of them.
But then what happened was, um there was some celebrity that was taking my class that ended up talking about my class.
And then Alex Witchel from The New York Times came and we're a profile on me,

and she sat in on a Mama Gena class.
And then the next day I got, like, 10 book offers, and so suddenly I was Mama E.
Thank God I created the persona.
So I was ready for when everything happened, but that I didn't know who she was at the beginning.

You know, when you first decide like, OK, I'm going to create a revolution, I'm gonna create a movement.
I'm going to start a pleasure revolution.
You know, you don't really know what's aware,

uh, and so or how Toe behave.
And I didn't have any money in those days.
A friend of mine took me shopping.
I don't know what she was thinking, but she took me to Bergdorf's which is kind of like it's, like insane it.

First of all, it's so gorgeous there that I was transported.
But then I didn't even think to look at the price sex.
I've never spent more than probably $90 on address in my life.
And she pulled this Mary McFadden beated down and put this thing on me,

and I saw Mama Gina for the first time, and I was like, Oh, there she is, Andi.
It's those little glimpses of truth.
But there is so much bigger than a price tag and they must be followed even when it makes no linear sense.
Irrational sense.

Yeah, I just I love you sharing that.
I'm thinking for those listening that have had glimpses of their desires, Um, to take that and make it your own.
How could you step into? Maybe you go and get a dress and look at yourself.

Or just I loved that story because you really became that.
Moved into that, It z uh, in the beginning, we kind of have to trick ourselves into our greatness because what we're accustomed Teoh is diminishing ourselves, putting ourselves down,

making ourselves smaller, holding back our truth, Um, disconnecting from our voice and so anything that gives you the tiniest bit of confidence.
I remember it was really popular toe.
Remember that Wonder woman stand?

We were all supposed to stand like Wonder Woman Powerful, You know, that's helpful is helpful.
To do that, you know, are just a small things that can remind a woman of her Greatness are of inestimable value.
E I have a student right now.

Every weekend she goes and she test drives a Rolls Royce because they let you, they give you a glass of champagne and she knows that she keeps going there, that there will be a day and there will be a way that she will step into that.

And she wants to be like, you know, this, um a voice for women of color who are unbelievably successful, powerful entrepreneurs on DSO.
She is just That's what she does.
And I found that so inspiring.

Like, how many times do we hold ourselves back from going over the top when it's actually over the top? That's going to heal and gonna not only shed light just for ourselves, but for others,

eso over the top is always a really clever place to go.
And in this particular case, it's free to test drive roles for us.
E ended up buying the dress on about four different credit cards.
You know,

a lot of stacks of quarters and to be many years to pay that shit off.
But damn e, it was the best investment of my life.
One of them amazing.
I just loved that story.
And I,

you know, just that the really for for women listening t just you created that persona.
I mean, you introvert.
It's like what? You know, I was with you that the three day weekend.
I've been so engrossed in what you do and share,

and it's like, no one would know that.
And that's amazing.
You've really You know, what came to me was you talk about the GPS, the great with this guy, and I was like, you know,

the divine Really to me listening, Thio, you allowed yourself to be, you know, a channel for for this this new soaring of the feminine and while stepping in you You allowed that? Yeah.

I'm sure you did the same thing.
And starting this podcast.
Oh, everything.
I've done? Yeah.
Oh, where you you have to and and it's actually, you know, people think Oh, wow.

You know, her ego is so big.
Ah, it's actually the opposite.
It's like you have to surrender to not getting attached to feeling, you know, to self criticism.
Then you have to stand in the soft vulnerability of Okay,

Greek with you The sky Take me, Break me, open me I'm yours I'm ready to take these steps.
Absolutely so beautiful.
We've talked so much about the, you know,

the pussy being the place that we're reclaiming.
I love what you said.
I'm still coming back to I never thought of this.
You probably wrote in the book and talked about it.
But you're right.

If you ask a boy or a guy, they would just say it's a Penis because there's no click like it made me angry.
Sort of like what the us like what? Don't we fucking have a name so indicative of the patriarchy and shame is like, That's what I love about you.

What you're doing is this bringing back? We need that balance and I can just imagine those that are listening or like Okay, Great.
So how do I tune in? How do I start connecting to my inner greatness?

My Chrissy power pleasure.
Like for some.
And I gotta tell you, I left a marriage.
It was not terrible, but it was not right for me.
Gina and I was dying there and without going into too many details, What I can say is that it was not the right fit,

and it and I and I got the intuition from my heart, my pussy, all of it spoke.
And, you know, there are many that have not left those situation on bond.
I just like to give some wisdom where to begin.

I know you know you have.
I mean, there are so many different things you teach, but maybe to give some, like, beginning spaces where people can start to tune into pleasure in that we're allowed Thio and and, in fact,

not only allowed to we need Thio.
Yeah, we do need thio because basically what happens is when a woman is not living by her own power source.
But, you know, following the tracks in the groups of the that have been laid down for her by her culture or her family or other people's expectations for her.

Um, she disconnects from her desires like she can't even hear them.
She It's like, You know how like your cell phone is buried under a pile of coats at a party and you can kind of dimly here down the hall that something is beeping.
And but you you can't even like,

dig through the pile to find your phone in your coat pocket like that's how remote a woman's desires become.
And when you're disconnected from your desire, you aren't living your truth.

And that's what I think we have such incredible statistics of, like one in four women have gonna experience depression in their life.
Out of those, only one in five will ever seek treatment.
You know the instances of eating disorders and breast cancer like it's,

ah, health risk for a woman, not toe live her truth, Andi.
So the pathway there is for a woman to begin to connect with her desire, even if it's hard to articulate like it was hard for you to articulate a marriage is okay, but it's not exactly right.

But the fuel that begins to power up a woman so that she can actually hear her.
Truth is pleasure.
And this is tricky shit, my love, Because we've been taught to feed ourselves such a paltry diet of pleasure.
You know,

I'll have moms that will take my class, and I'll be like, Well, you know, what do you like to eat? And she'll be like, I don't know.
I I know what my husband like, seed.

I know what my kids like to eat, but I never haven't paid attention to what would I like? You know, I just eat whatever everybody else has.
So we learn to disconnect from our truth because we're so busy taking care of other people.
So what it means is a woman has toe actually become a pleasure researcher.

Um, you know, Thio actually begin to connect with her joy above all other values and be super super conscious about it.
So, you know, before this is, um, teaching a class called Virtual Pleasure boot camp.

I want to show you something funny.
Hold on.
You're listening.
You gotta watch this later, so you can see.
Okay, So this is my I'll do this every single day.
I my sexy Passover because this Passover.

So I started out with my foot exercises.
And then I did my breath work, which is just like sexy dancing.
And I had a hot fuck with my boyfriend.
Then I did yoga, and I made my matzo balls than a team meeting.

Then lunch, then another dance break.
Spring cleaning, which is an exercise video instead of the Passover table.
And then flash Peter five times s o that thing that awesome So that I'm actually building pleasure into my day because I don't It won't be there.

that sun will set.
And no, my joy won't have been attended.
Thio else is gonna attend to it except for me.
So it's retooling a woman to begin to prioritize her joy above all other values.

When she does that, she sets everything right inside of herself, for her family and for her community because she is fed.
And we've been taught to give ourselves like a diet of saltines without the salt and no other nutrients in the pleasure department.
But we really have to begin to reorganize and restructure so that we're building pleasure in every single day,

or we are lost were truly without a compass.
Andi lost.
And so it's easy if you have other girlfriends to conspire with.
Well, first of all, it's easy if you read any of my books because my books are stuffed with pleasure tips.
But what are some things you did today?

Well, first of all, I was laughing cause I'm like, I'm so flushed Seeing that.
And I remember part of the whole you talk about this is the engaging and connecting with other women in essential way is actually what we're missing is that connection collaboration community like it just brought.
I was like,

Oh, that is awesome.
I'm like, I'm going to read you my day.
Just that is awesome.
It's funny.
I was just thinking, I'm like, I'm a little a little low in the pleasure.
I mean,

for me, I took an amazing walk listening to a book that is right in my world.
I put on this $500 John, baby, you know, with my power ring and I just put, you know,

we're in home huddle.
I don't like to say isolation, so I put on my makeup, I got my lighting, I got my roses.
And I'm like gonna book my husband tonight for another lots of time together because we were quarantined for two weeks.
So I'm like,

but I'm gonna add, like I got to get a little more creative like I love what you have there.
Yeah, there's so many countless things, you know, And it's great thing to collaborate with other girlfriends.

because it's a way of generating turn on and fun, uh, inside of each other's lives.
Like if you called a girlfriend and said, What are you going to do for yourself today? It reminds her to do something pleasurable for herself,

and then she'll give you ideas and vice versa.
Then suddenly the world is turned on instead of turned off.
I love that I love this thing Other You talked about this and I've seen it myself.
E think you're really getting to the when Eun in and turn on it also,

it activates this like love for our sister.
But, you know, I I mean, I felt it immediately.
You know, I was like with you.
I'm like, I just, like, want to dance and hey, like you just radiating And I think we radiate that and we're able Thio to me It's how I mean personally what I love about you What you're teaching,

is it? It's how we change our world.
This is a feminine that Yes, and it starts with pleasure.
And you're right.
Your book is like all your books packed, packed,

I just love that you shared your day a A Yeah, you know it.
And doesn't it seem like a new part of you is being called forward now, like a new way of thinking or a new way of being, you know,

and and the overachieving and overworking and pushing forward as a way of life has been utterly sidelined.
Yeah, on do no matter how uncomfortable overworking was, it was a way of life.

And now is the time to set aside those masculine patriarchal tools that we were taught to prioritize because working harder and faster and better is not gonna bring enlightenment, going it alone and profit us the goal and cutting off from our emotions.

That's not going to take us anywhere we want to be, Um so it's the time for that slumbering feminine genius in each of us to awaken and for us to begin to practice and prioritize the skills and instincts that are innate.
We ours as women because we all thrive in pleasure and collaboration and turn on and joy.

And we love vulnerability.
We love connection.
We love to grow through nurturing eso.
It's a time to build relationships and build community and build sisterhood and recognized the interconnectedness of everything and staying emotionally tuned in and plugged into our sacred power.
We have the skills we've been encouraged to set them down for the past 5000 years of patriarchal conditioning.

But it's a time for us each as women, to begin to connect to that which is essentially our sacred knowledge move built for this.
It's time to live this truth out loud, and you know,

it's, as you say, the pathways.
It's fun, and it's a whole new paradigm.
It's a whole new way we can love our way back to ourselves.
So it za spectacular time to be a woman.
There's so much opportunity now that there has not been before,

and and the tremendous and magnificent part is it's not gonna come through suffering.
It's gonna come through celebration and it's going to come through connection and transparency and vulnerability and pleasure.
Pleasure is the key before we wrap up,

Um, I'm just calling you everything.
I'm like Mama Gena now Regina before e just tuning in.
And it's just that's what's coming up.
Uh, you know, one of the last things I want to say because you do.
A lot of I loved this because for me,

So I struggled with food addiction, sugar addiction to see, to cover feelings, emotions very hard.
For me.
It was It used to be very hard to have feelings of not good enough and and disappointment and said, I really like just mask them and I know you teach about swamping and all these ways of manage e things money.

We're talking about pleasure, but I think part of it.
It's so important, You know, it's not like pussy suddenly puts a lot of glitter in the air, and you sort of prints around with feathers.
And life is,

you know, because what happens is when you begin to plug into pleasure and connect with your sensuality.
The first thing that happens is all of the backlog of grief, heartbreak,

betrayal um uh, you know, any experienced, uh, that in which your body and soul have been abused or hurt or damage will come rushing forward.
And that is such a good thing, because every woman is 88 keys in her piano,

and we were taught just to play middle.
See over and over again.
You know, I'm fine.
I'm good.
I'm OK.
And for a woman to begin toe own her darkness, you know, because it's unto and to love it.

And to treasure it to, like, relish her insane grief for her magnificent rage or jealousy or her anger.
And to be able to embody it and experience it and have it and not stuff it away is one of the great I'm its most so much fun to have to be like, emotionally,

alive, extravagantly, emotionally alive.
And we haven't been taught that it's all right.
You know, we've been taught that we're supposed to just be fun.
And so it's one of the great gifts that women experience from taking my classes.
Air reading my books is they start toe love their anger,

you know, or to just fall into their grief and relish it in the same way Mother Nature does.
You know, she there was pouring rain here this morning.
Now the sun is out.
That happened in one day on.

It's the same thing in the emotional life of a woman, you know, she could be pouring tears one moment and elated the next.
And it's just part of a life well lived.

thank you for I love the keys.
Love that.
And I and I teach within a practice called swamping, which is where you can actually organize a party for yourself.
Like throw on a really provocative,

engaging playlist and just feel.
Feel your darkness, feel your rage and you do it by yourself or in sisterhood because it just feels so good to feel.
And you give yourself the freedom to feel your truth.

um, and not be afraid of it.
I think just to say one last thing with that is I not listening to my voice for so long? I ended up coming down with thyroid disease, and I I I knew It's an excellent condition now because I I mean,

it's been a gift every done my whole life.
Really, what we're talking about but I I can tell you there's no question that that's stuffing down and not feeling it.
Got right.

Lodge where? Where? I felt like I didn't have a voice.
Shut down.
Shut the up, down.
So that's so brilliant of you to have said yes to connecting to your voice and power and not treating it just purely on a medical level, but recognizing Oh,

wow, this is a great pussy.
Giving me an opportunity to redo and re think and re create who I am as a woman that takes so much courage to do that.
You're bad ass.

Thank you.
What brings tears to my eyes? Thank you.
Um, Yep.
A lot of I just relate to what you're saying, and I know any woman.
Anyone listening well and goodness, Gina,

Mama, Gena.
Like, just honest.
Really? For you.
I can't even tell you how grateful I am that the courage you had is an introvert.
Uh, just what who you stepped into you've You've touched and change so many lives.
And I you know,

I look atyou and I'm like, let me like gps.
Great divine source, like, you know, let me be, uh make an impact, whatever that looks like.
And just you've been such an inspiration.
And thank you.

And you are making an impact.
You're making a huge impact and you're following your pussy and you're following your truth and you're opening doorways or so many others.
And what a great way to spend your life.

Thank you.
Well, you are.
You're just I'm like sister goddesses.
Not even the right.
I feel like just thank you first for stepping into the full feminine, divine goddess that has been missing for 5000 years.

You've really I feel like you've taken her from the ancient caves and brushed her off.
And she is this, like, shining gold, But like she's here and you really, you really resurrected her.

You've taken what perfect timing right now, especially do that.
And I just I'm going to recommend anybody, and everyone will have all the links.
But I know you have online courses because we're doing things virtually these days.

Is there anything else to share your works? I mean, your books are delicious.
I actually liked both reading, but I listened to it as well because you tell it so well.
So actually.

Thank you.
Thank you.
I published Amazing Blog's every week.
So people go to my website, they can and also on Instagram.
I'll put up videos every week and talk about a different topic about women or sensuality or pussy or something.
So it would be lovely to be in touch that way.

And it's wonderful to continue to inspire one another as women.
And in fact, it's It's so essential because you standing in your radiance allows me to stand more powerfully in mind and vice versa.
And every single woman who's listening to this podcast to step mawr bright,

more boldly and brightly.
Inter own light just makes a bigger playground for other women to step into theirs.
And we can all continue to grow exponentially together.

I Well, thank you.
This was this was a gift to share you and, uh, thank God you you listen to your pussy.
E never said that.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.

thank you so much for listening and tuning in way are thrilled to have you part of this community of big hearted soul seekers by tuning into your superpower of inner wisdom and By being your best self, you are adding any enormous value and light to the world.

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U community for soul seekers.
E hope to see you there.
And here's Thio you becoming your most sacred us you.

The Power of Pleasure and Why It’s a Must in Your Life with Regena Thomashauer (a.k.a. ‘Mama Gena’)