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The Science of Synchronicity with Dr. Philip Merry

Philip Merry, PhD, is a global cross-cultural team facilitator and team leadership coach, consultant, trainer, speaker and change specialist. He helps multi-cultural teams deal with difficult interpersonal and intercultural dynamics, and thus improve collaboration and engagement. He has conducted coaching, keynotes and training  in 61 countries for 41 years. Clients comment on his high-level facilitation skills in  helping organisations improve results by maximising teamwork, peak  performance, reconciling conflicts, assisting those from different cultures to work  together. In demand by global organisations, clients comment on his ability to inspire and put people at ease to establish a learning climate where people  are motivated to give their best and impact results. Philip is a senior United Nations  facilitator, Belbin Team Role Regional Rep. since 1996, a certified HeartMath  Team and Resilience trainer and a Dr Joe Dispenza Change Your Mind Consultant. Phil recently completed a PhD in synchronicity and leadership with David  Cooperrider as his supervisor. Philip is the only person in the world with a grounded  theory PhD in Leadership & Synchronicity, and his book 9 Keys of Synchronicity will  be published shortly. British by birth Philip has lived and worked in Asia for 32  years. Philip was also at one time a London taxi driver. 

As you might know, I’m obsessed with all things related to our intuition as well as serendipity and synchronicities. I heard Dr. Merry share about the Science of Synchronicity in the XChange leadership community and was blown away. I knew he would be a powerful guest, and am excited to share the highlights from our in-depth conversation. You can also find this episode on YouTube as well, and hoping you will share your thoughts on how this interview opened your own mind and heart.

Let’s start with the basic assumption and understanding that we live in a Quantum Field of magnetic energy. You and I are made up of energy and we all vibrate to different frequencies of energy. Dr. Merry gave the example of picturing a mobile phone in that just like a phone, your vibration will determine what comes in. Understanding this premise is helpful for setting the stage in how synchronicity works and knowing that the Quantum Field supports us.

Here are some of the key elements from Dr. Merry’s studies on synchronicity:

  1. The three pillars to synchronicity are mindset, the process of synchronicity and integrating synchronicity; all of the 9 keys fall into these three main sections. 
  2. The first pillar is mindset and is about merging with the present moment and being where you are now, being open to source and believing that energy is bigger than you and lastly having a mindset open to possibility. This possibility mindset is about believing that the best things you desire are possible. 
  3. The second pillar is all about looking for what’s happening in your life that is out of the blue, celebrating it, noticing and recognizing that this is something to continue expecting. 
  4. Intuition is natural and connected to synchronicity. Dr. Merry insists that we act upon our intuition and trust this energy system that gives us that ‘knowing’. 
  5. The third pillar of integrating synchronicity is about being of service to humanity, watching for and sharing your out of the blue experiences with others, be it in a leadership community, with family, friends and the world. Synchronicity for leadership integrates these 9 keys into leadership and teams. Thus, we then shift away from a Newtonian way (we’re all separate) to the realization that we’re all connected and part of a larger energetic system.

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