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The Secret To Going From Penniless to Prosperous with Marie Cosgrove

Marie Cosgrove is a successful entrepreneur with a proven track record of turning failing companies into profit centers. What is more amazing is that Marie was raised by a mentally ill mother who had massive brain damage due to a car accident, sadly experienced domestic abuse in two failed marriages and ended up homeless and penniless with 4 children by age 27.

Marie changed her entire life by changing her thoughts and shares her incredible story of being fired from a company that she ended up buying two years later. You will be captivated by her authenticity, vulnerability and inspiring transformation.

Among her counted successes is actually being fired from a medical device manufacturing company specializing in developing devices to help doctors diagnose concussions, traumatic brain injuries, dizziness, and vertigo, to purchasing the same company who had fired her.

Eight years later, she continues to lead this company and has taken it international. She also grew a start-up medical device company specializing in arterial and vascular diagnostic solutions into a 14-million-dollar company within two years. Marie has over 15 years’ experience in the medical industry where she closely works with top neurologists and medical researchers on the brain’s ability to rebuild neuropathways, which until recently was thought to be impossible. A renowned international speaker, she talks about how we can rebuild these neurological connections, strengthen cognitive ability, and “unleash the genius mind” that is inside us all.

She has trained various organizations such as the Universities, Government Bodies, Ministry of Education, Churches, Women’s Organization, US Embassy, and many others. She has shared the stage with motivational speaker Les Brown and New York Times best-selling authors Brian Tracy and John Maxwell. Marie serves on the Forbes Coaches Council and as President of the Advisory Council for the John Maxwell Team. She has been featured in Hispanic Executive magazine and recently won the IChange Nations Golden Rule Award. Marie is a Facilitator, Business Coach, and Trainer. She is the founder of The Virtue Project, a non-profit specialized in assisting single moms and troubled teens learn personal, professional and entrepreneurial skills for success.


Things We Learned from Marie Cosgrove

  1. To go from victim mode to feeling empowered, the trick is to be thankful and see new opportunities in the present.
  2. Repeat the successes and learn from the failures.
  3. Find a mentor and learn from him/her. You can learn from and with mentors who are both alive and those who left incredible inspiring works like Jim Rohn, Louise Hay or Zig Ziglar.
  4. Focus on the unique skill set you have and don’t worry about anyone else’s or compare yourself to what they have. You have everything within you to proser.

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