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Uncovering Your Self-Sabotaging Blocks with Dr. Sidney Cohen

Dr. Sidney Cohen has been a full-time private practicing psychologist for over 33 years. He has a high-volume practice, specializing in the treatment of a wide variety of psychological disorders. He also holds an adjunct consulting appointment at a local teaching hospital in New Jersey.

Dr. Cohen has also authored two self-help books (one on self-sabotage and the other on psychological blocks to losing weight), hosts an Internet TV program called “Heading In The Right Direction,” is a guest on several local regular TV and radio talk shows, and does extensive public speaking.

Both books, Your Self-Sabotaging Inner Bully: Standing Up To It Once and For All! and Inner Blocks To Losing Weight: Why You Lose The Battle More Than The Weight, can be found on Amazon and Kindle.


Self-Sabotage Takeaways:

  1. Our subconscious is comprised of 2 forces: a positive force (making good decisions, growth) and a negative force (i.e. our inner bully).
  2. Our ‘Inner Bully’ shows up in our thoughts (ex, excessive self-criticism) or our actions (ex, in a relationship, excessive temper, etc).
  3. The most important action to take is standing up to our Inner Bulley. A way to do this is through ‘Self-Credit Time’: right before you go to bed reflect on the positive aspects of your effort for that day, your self-control, goals accomplished and any act of kindness or courage.
  4. Dr. Cohen defines courage as “Anything you’re reluctant to do but you do anyway because it’s in your best interest”. It takes immense courage to stand up to your Inner Bully, but always worth the effort.


Psychological Blocks to Weight Loss Takeaways:

  1. Two of the psychological blocks that can sabotage your desire to get healthy and lose weight are: addiction to self-rebellion and anxiety.
  2. Addiction to self-rebellion (opposite of courage), is doing the opposite of what’s in your best interest (for ex, eating more than you should, eating things you shouldn’t and not exercising)
  3. Anxiety plagues many and in this case, refers to fears that can keep you playing small or sabotaging yourself.
  4. A remedy to healing anxiety is through building self-esteem that revolves around liking who you are on the inside. Ways to do this is to make lists of what you value about yourself. Building this kind of self-esteem from the inside out and doing the inner work will build the foundation to carry you through limiting thoughts and beliefs.


You can find Dr. Cohen and ask him any question at:, on Facebook: drsidneycohen or Instagram: @sidneycohenph.d





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