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Unleashing Your You-est You in 2019

Happy New Year, sweet friend!

This episode is a bonus session I wanted to do on how to unleash YOU, your you-est you, your highest potential…the you that is wanting to come out and play full out.

It’s really easy to focus on what didn’t go well, the mistakes, areas for growth and change. None of these are bad or wrong, but often we miss an opportunity to mine through the gold and gifts from our past, present and creating a future that has a lot more energy, excitement, passion, focus, and good juju. 🙂 See the takeaways for how to do this.


Wishing you your most abundant, blessed and best year yet!


3 Things We Learned From This Episode

  1. Sift through your past year looking for your wins, what you can celebrate, what went well, what lit you up, what gave you energy. Take note, literally. Take notes and write down as much as you can remember. Maybe find photos and create a collage or photo board to remember all the positive happenings.
  2. Take time to be present and honor right now. Be present in this moment and shift to, ‘what can I be grateful for’? Gratitude positively affects your health, mindset and way of being.
  3. Reflect on your dreams and visions for the year to come. How do you want to feel in 2019? What would you like to see yourself doing, how will you be being? Take notes, create a vision board, find an accountability partner to synch up with. There is crazy cool power in visualization. Give yourself time and space to visualize your you-est you in 2019.

World, get ready for your badass you-est you! ?


*Share what you are struggling with or looking to transform with Julie at Julie would love to start covering topics of highest interest to YOU. Please also let us know if you are interested to be a guest on her show to discuss where you are stuck, and do live coaching with Julie on her podcast.



Here’s to your being your you-est you!

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