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Watering the Seeds of Humanity with Larry Brown Jr.

Larry Brown, Jr. is the National Director of the NAACP’s ACT-SO–a national achievement program, serving approximately 10,000 African-American high school students across the country in STEM, Business, Humanities, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and Culinary Arts. Prior to ACT-SO, Larry was a communications professional specializing in Digital Media Marketing,  Advocacy, and Television Production. During that time, he won a local Emmy Award in the National Capital Region. 


When he’s not advocating for justice and youth, Larry loves to take on projects to feed his core as a community volunteer, and  consummate creative. He also loves to paint and cook. Check out his hashtag #EatWithLBJ!  Larry is a proud native Detroiter and alumnus of Howard University. He is married to his wife Candice for seven years. They are the proud parents of Greyson and Elle!


Larry and I met as co-hosts of the TV show, The District Life, with DCTV, and I was smitten by his wit, smarts, knowledge about all things DC and passion for justice. We talked about what it takes to become the best human being you are meant to be as well as how to start healing the trauma and pain in our country and to affirm that black lives matter. We also discussed his incredible work changing lives of black youth in America by supporting their passions, gifts, talents and pairing them with expert mentors and coaches. Extraordinary performers and leaders like Lauryn Hill, Jada Pinkett Smith and Alica Keys were all students in the ACT-SO program. 


Here are some important insights and ways you can be your best self and uplift humanity:

  1. You need a little baggage to help you in life. Don’t shy away from your baggage as it’s part of what helps you become your best self.
  2. To be your You-est You, be the same person in all circumstances; at work, at home, with friends, in the grocery line wearing your mask, getting gas or at church. This builds congruence and harmony within yourself.
  3. Healing is possible in any situation when you add presence, being intentional and forgiveness.
  4. Black Lives Matter is an affirmation. Lean in to know someone and their history, not just the surface level information. Become an ally and someone who stands side by side with the black community by taking action. Donating is great, but do more to take supportive action like becoming a member of the NAACP, the National Urban League or Color of Change (all links are below).


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