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What If? The One Question That Could Change Your Life with Harry Sherwood & Melanie McDaniel

Meet the dynamic, super in-tune and conscious duo, Harry Sherwood and Melanie McDaniel. They started ‘Consciously’ together as a way to make a difference in people’s lives and wellbeing. They have created empowering programs specifically designed to guide people through the implementation phase of health in nutrition, meditation and realizing their true potential. In this episode we dove into one of the most powerful questions most of us overlook; ‘What if’? When you start setting aside your limited beliefs and open up to infinite possibilites, the world becomes a lot more magical and extraordinary. Harry and Melanie share practical ways to start raising your own consciousness and awareness, from a place of acceptance, curiosity (i.e., instill the curiosity of a 4 year old) and non-judgment. They both have extraordinary life journies and stories, and through moments of their own personal darkness, they individually found out about their inner strength and finding ‘home’ from within. We went deep in this episode and hoping that the conversation probes you to go a little deeper in your own life (if wanted). 


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