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What You Need To Know About 2023 With The AstroTwins

Meet the AstroTwins

Ophira and Tali Edut (The AstroTwins) are bestselling authors, speakers, and astrology experts. The identical twin sisters are the co-founders of the global brand Astrostyle, which reaches millions of loyal readers worldwide. Since 2009, they’ve been ELLE magazine’s in-house astrology columnists and published 13 books. Major media, including The New York Times, have featured the twins who have appeared on-air for Good Morning America, The Today Show, and Sirius XM. In August 2022, The AstroTwins debuted as the astrologers and matchmakers of Amazon Prime’s “Cosmic Love,” the first streaming reality dating show to use astrology. Ophira and Tali have done workshops, talks, and training for Nike, Conde Nast, The Sill, and Michael Kors and at universities nationwide. They’ve collaborated with major brands, including Coach, HBO Max, and Valspar. The sisters have read charts for celebrities including Beyoncé, Karlie Kloss, Emma Roberts, and Alicia Keys. You can follow them at  @astrotwins and

What We’re Leaving Behind in 2022

The Astrotwins coined 2022 as “The Year of the New Abnormal”.  We’re letting go of pushing, forcing, and making things happen. We’ve just ended a Tiger year that made for unpredictable energy. We’re wrapping up a cycle where Saturn moved from Capricorn into Aquarius, which is about restriction with socializing, think ‘social distancing’, and into a new cycle where Saturn is moving into Pisces. This shift into Pisces will be about taking mental and emotional health more seriously and pushing the boundaries of things like psychedelics and other kinds of drugs. 

What’s Coming Ahead In 2023 

This is the year of ‘What If?’ It’s like the planet is getting one big IOS update. Rather than getting overwhelmed with choices, think about ‘What If?’ as a way to elevate, innovate and see new possibilities. Minding your mind and choosing how you see your life and the world will be essential. What will help you most is to remember to regulate your emotions by pausing, infusing compassion, and choosing how you want to respond. There will continue to be more paradoxes this coming year, and you get to decide how you will interpret life’s events. Jupiter is in Aries until May 16th, and then it will go into Taurus, which will be good for financial means and the economy. This year is also a #7 year, which is about science meeting spirituality and making the invisible visible. Try to look at things from as many angles as possible. 2023 will also be a year for relationships to become more enjoyable and to put the drama to bed (Hallelujah to that)! Check out the AstroTwin’s book ‘Super Couple’ to learn more about the impact of astrology on relationships, and more specifically, on your own relationships. 

2023: An Overview Of The 12 Astrological Signs

  1. Aries: The focus was on gaining your independence, but now it’s on security and making money through your passions and talents
  2. Taurus: You wanted more support and are now looking for more independence and freedom. The key is to release old beliefs and what doesn’t serve you. 
  3. Gemini: You were seeking more community and social structures, yet this year you are eager to have more solitude, time for reflection, and deep relationships
  4. Cancer: Achievement was your main focus; you felt ‘large and in charge’. This year your focus is on teamwork and seeing that you can delegate and get out of your shell.
  5. Leo: Adventure was important, as was trying new things, yet this year you are seeking more structure, and you’ll be more career driven.
  6. Virgo: Connection was important, as well as getting comfortable saying no. This year will be about using your boundaries as a way to experience more freedom and openness to experiment and travel. 
  7. Libra: Partnership and evolution were your main focus last year, while this year will be about finding independence within your relationships and claiming your sovereignty in partnership. Expect to be more comfortable being vulnerable as well.
  8. Scorpio: Last year was about getting your routines in order and doing some deep soul-searching, whereas this year will be focused on partnerships and letting others in.
  9. Sagittarius: This past year was about the dichotomy of being a homebody and wanting to have fun and bring in glamor. This year you will be out in the world, ready to show your colors, be fully self-expressed, and want to have fun while taking care of yourself. 
  10.  Capricorn: Your focus was on comfort and adding in more fun. This year will be about bringing in excitement and creating opportunities for your home and family.
  11.  Aquarius: This past year, you focused on structure and authority, as well as getting clear about your values. This year you’ll be flexing your leadership muscles, making new friends, getting even more support and security, and finding a routine that feels grounded. 
  12.  Pisces: Last year, you were trailblazing in many ways. This year, however, will be about exploring from curiosity and focusing on monetizing your passion and career. 

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