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Your chances of being born are 1 in 400 trillion (or something close to that crazy large number).

Hello – you are destined for magnificence. Get inspired here to be your Youest You and express your greatness.


Tune in every Tuesday morning for an empowering interview with a thought leader, entrepreneur, or deeply inspirational human being who will give you a peek inside their journey to finding purpose on the planet and becoming their most authentic selves. You’ll walk away with powerful tools, strategies, and nuggets of wisdom of lifestyle design to overcome challenges and initiate important breakthroughs in your own life.

 Why this podcast?

Hello to your ‘Youest You’, I’m Julie.

I’ll spare you all the details (you can get my book, Get a PhD in YOU, for those) ;), but I will share that I used to struggle big time with feelings of unworthiness, not being good enough and feeling like my voice didn’t matter.
Maybe you’ve struggled with feeling ‘not enough’ too?
The way I coped was to abandon myself and numb out by overeating and abusing food.

I traded my voice in for people pleasing, self-doubt and sugar indulgence. This worked, until it didn’t. I was sneaking cookies into the bathroom (true story – did a TEDx talk all about this), helping myself to colleagues’ snacks in the office and waking up with anxiety and shame about my body and life.

I wanted this awful cycle to end.

Thankfully, I found support groups, thought leaders, coaches and healers who inspired me with the wisdom that came from their own recovery and self-work.

What I realized is that underneath the familiar desire to ‘look perfect’ or ‘have it all together’, the real you, the one you might be afraid to unleash, bravely holds the key to your joy.

I know what it’s like to feel your inner light switch turn off. I also know that you can never really lose your light. You can only dim it when it’s in the presence of fears, hurts, beliefs and unmet desires that have accumulated over the years.

Well, it’s time to turn your light on. All the way on.

You’re ready to finally free yourself from the unhealthy cycles- the overthinking, overdoing, over drinking, overeating, overextending, overworking, over…anything.

This is what will give you the power to unleash the person you want to be. The one you are meant to be. What I call, your you-est you.

Slowly, I learned how to love my whole self. All of her. I used the ingredients of compassion, truth, unconditional love, reflection, silence and heart to heal and grow. I realized that I have a voice. Today I use my voice to interview luminaries and empowering leaders, like Marie Forleo, Mel Robbins, Martha Beck, Gregg Braden and Neale Donald Walsch. I speak my voice through my books, groups and talks.

I share my voice today so that you can remember to share yours.

I hope you will share your light with me, and our growing You-est You community. I’d love to hear your insights, new thoughts and beliefs, growth moments and real, raw experiences.

After all, together we make up a greater community of support, love and connection. Our ‘We-est We’.


Our world is waiting for your light, your heart-led work and most definitely, your You-est You.

You-est You Personal Growth Plan



Good news. We’ve got you covered. The key to unleash your ‘Youest You’ is here. Enjoy these powerful lifestyle design resources.
And yes, they’re free.

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Behind The Scenes

We need your unique gifts and talents, my friend. I know your You-est You is waiting to be unleashed and uncovered.

You can count on a powerful episode each week with a transcription, show notes and a shit ton of inspiration. My intention is to share stories, strategies, practices, tools, tips, and authentic ways to become your you-est you.

I am all about you doing the same.

Our world needs your unique gifts and talents, my friend. I know your you-est you is waiting to be uncovered.

You can count on two powerful episodes each week with show notes about the high points, tips, nuggets o’ wisdom and insights. We share so many tools, tips, proven strategies and ways to keep connecting to your you-est you.

Our Featured Guests

RegenaThomashauer Mama Gena
Mama Gena
Mama Gena
Mama Gena
Mama Gena
Mama Gena
Mama Gena
Mama Gena
Mama Gena
Mama Gena
Mama Gena
Mama Gena
Tara Brach
Tara Brach

Selena Soo is a publicity and marketing strategist for visionary entrepreneurs, experts, and authors who want to reach millions with their message. She’s helped clients and students get featured in places like O, The Oprah Magazine, Forbes, and Inc., and land interviews on popular podcasts and national TV. Many of Selena’s clients have become industry leaders with 6 and 7-figure businesses, raving fan bases, and hundreds of thousands of followers. Her signature approach comes down to building powerful and long-lasting relationships with influencers and the media in a thoughtful, authentic way. A former New Yorker, Selena now lives by the beach in beautiful Puerto Rico.

Tara Brach

Neale Donald Walsch has written 39 books on contemporary spirituality and its practical application in everyday life, including the 9-book Conversations with God series. His titles have been translated into 37 languages. His latest book is The God Solution, published in Dec. 2020, proposes an altered and totally non-traditional spiritual approach to ending the seemingly interminable struggles of our species. The God Solution invites humanity to embrace a new global ethic based on a refined and clarified definition of God. The book proposes that there is a single statement of spiritual truth upon which all the world’s religions could agree, and which would birth a shift of spiritual paradigms around the globe of such magnitude that it would produce peace and happiness on our planet at last. He may be reached at

Tara Brach

As an entrepreneur, bestselling author, speaker, and mother, Kate Northrup has built a multimedia educational platform that reaches hundreds of thousands globally. She’s committed to supporting ambitious women to light up the world without burning themselves out. Kate teaches data and soul-driven time and energy management practices that result in saving time, making more money, and experiencing less stress through her Do Less Planner, her programs, and her books, Do Less and Money: A Love Story. Do Less was named one of the 100 Best Time Management Books of All Time. Kate’s work has been featured by The Today Show, The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, Yahoo! Finance, Forbes, Women’s Health, Glamour, and more. Kate lives with her husband and their daughters in Florida.

Tara Brach

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor is a Harvard trained and published neuroanatomist. In 1996 she experienced a severe hemorrhage in the left hemisphere of her brain causing her to lose the ability to walk, talk, read, write, or recall any of her life. Her memoir, My Stroke of Insight, documenting her experience with stroke and eight-year recovery, spent 63 weeks on the New York Times nonfiction bestseller list and is still routinely the #1 book about stroke on Amazon. Dr. Taylor is a dynamic teacher and public speaker who loves educating all age groups, academic levels, as well as corporations about the beauty of our human brain and its ability to recover from trauma. In 2008 she gave the first TED talk that ever went viral on the Internet, which now has well over 26 million views. Also in 2008, Dr. Taylor was chosen as one of Time magazine’s “100 Most influential people in the World” and was the premiere guest on Oprah Winfrey’s “Soul Series” webcast.

Tara Brach

Barbara Huson (previously known as Barbara Stanny), is the leading authority on women, wealth, and power. As a bestselling author, financial therapist, teacher & wealth coach, Barbara has helped millions take charge of their finances and their lives. Barbara’s background in business, her years as a journalist, her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology, her extensive research, and her personal experience with money give her a unique perspective and makes her the foremost expert on empowering women to live up to their financial and personal potential. Barbara Huson has been featured on Good Morning America, The View, Extra, The O’Reilly Report, and many times on CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox News, PBS, and NPR, as well as the New York Times, and USA Today.

Tara Brach

Mel Robbins is one of the leading voices in personal development and transformation and an international bestselling author. Her work includes the global phenomenon The 5 Second Rule, the upcoming The High 5 Habit, four #1 bestselling audiobooks, the #1 podcast on Audible, as well as signature online courses that have changed the lives of more than half a million students worldwide. Her groundbreaking work on behavior change has been translated into 36 languages and is used by healthcare professionals, veterans’ organizations, and the world’s leading brands to inspire people to be more confident, effective, and fulfilled. As one of the most widely booked and followed public speakers in the world, Mel coaches more than 60 million people online every month and videos featuring her work have more than a billion views online, including her TEDx talk, which is one of the most popular of all time.

Tara Brach

Dr. Martha Beck is a New York Times bestselling author, life coach, and speaker. She holds three Harvard degrees in social science, and Oprah Winfrey has called her “one of the smartest women I know.” Martha is a passionate and engaging teacher, known for her unique combination of science, humor, and spirituality. Her newest book, The Way of Integrity: Finding the Path to Your True Self, was an instant New York Times Best Seller..

Tara Brach

Aaron Abke was born and raised as a Pastor’s Son in the Silicon Valley of California. He desired to work in Church Ministry like his father and went to college at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa Oklahoma, graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Music and Theology. He spent one year working as a full time worship pastor at a church in San Jose until eventually, at 23, he felt called to leave his religion and pursue a deeper and more authentic spirituality. At 27 years old, Aaron had a dramatic spiritual awakening that changed the course of his life.

Tara Brach

John Lee Dumas is the founder and host of the award winning podcast, Entrepreneurs On Fire. With over 100 million listens of his 3000+ episodes, JLD has turned Entrepreneurs On Fire into a media empire that generates over a million listens every month and 7-figures of NET annual revenue 8-years in a row. His first traditionally published book, The Common Path to Uncommon Success is the modern day version of Think and Grow Rich with a revolutionary 17-step roadmap to financial freedom and fulfillment. Learn more at

Tara Brach

Susie Moore is the author of Let It Be Easy, Stop Checking Your Likes, and several other books. She is a former Silicon Valley sales director turned life coach and advice columnist, and her work has been featured on the Today show and Oprah and in Business Insider, The Huffington Post, Forbes, Time, Inc, and Marie Claire. She lives in Miami with her husband Heath and her Yorkshire terrier, Coconut. Find out more about her work at

Tara Brach

Since 1989, Lee has brought the loving messages of Kryon to the world. Lee Carroll is the author of fourteen Kryon books, and co-author of: The Indigo Children, An Indigo Celebration, and The Indigo Children Ten Years Later. (17 books total). These Indigo books introduced the world to the term “Indigo Children” in 2000, spawning many follow-up books by various authors, a movie, a documentary, and lots of interest worldwide regarding our changing kids! The Indigo books have sold almost half a million copies world-wide in 24 languages.

Tara Brach

Laura Belgray, founder of Talking Shrimp and co-creator of The Copy Cure, is a copywriting expert who helps entrepreneurs find the perfect words to express and sell what they do in a way that gets them paid to be themselves. Through her work with hundreds of clients (including online biggies like Marie Forleo and Amy Porterfield) she’s seen firsthand that putting “you” into your copy and all through your business is pure magic for getting people to love you up, share your ideas, and happily click your Buy button.

In addition to online types, Laura’s list of clients and credits include NBC, Bravo, HBO, TBS, Fandango, and many, many more. So if you watch TV — and don’t skip the commercials — you’ve probably seen her words on air.

Tara Brach

Lynya Floyd is the senior media coach for Selena Soo’s Impacting Millions program, where she works with entrepreneurs, coaches and experts who want to elevate their status using the power of the media. She has helped clients land stories in media outlets like Forbes, Fast Company, Business Insider, Well & Good, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur on Fire and more.

Lynya has nearly two decades of experience working in the media as an editor at magazines including Glamour, Essence, Family Circle, Seventeen. As a journalist, her articles have appeared in national publications like Oprah, Money, Health, Cosmopolitan and Martha Stewart Living. She has also been featured as a health expert on The Today Show, The Dr. Oz Show, The Doctors, FOX, NPR and more. When she’s not helping her clients put a megaphone to their message, she’s ghostwriting books and working as a nationally certified integrative health coach in New York City.

Tara Brach

John Assaraf is one of the leading mindset and behavioral experts in the world who has appeared numerous times on Larry King Live, Anderson Cooper and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
John built 5 multimillion-dollar companies; one went public on NASDAQ and one, RE/MAX of Indiana, grew to 1,200 sales associates and $4.5 billion a year in sales. He has written a new bestselling book, Innercise: the New Science to Unlock Your Brain’s Hidden Power , in addition to his 2 New York Times Bestselling books ( Having It All and the Answer ) that have been translated to 35 languages. John has been featured in 10 movies, including the blockbuster hit “The Secret” and “Quest For Success” with Richard Branson and the Dalai Lama.
Today, he is the founder and CEO of, a company dedicated to using the most advanced technologies and evidence-based brain training methods to help individuals strengthen their mindset and emotional skills, so they unleash their inner power and maximize their results.

Tara Brach

Amy Porterfield is an online marketing expert and the host of the top-ranked podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy. Before building a multi-million dollar digital course business, Amy worked with mega brands like Harley-Davidson and Peak Performance Coach, Tony Robbins, where she oversaw the content team and collaborated on ground-breaking online marketing campaigns. Through her bestselling courses and popular podcast, Amy’s action-by-action approach proves that even the newest online entrepreneurs can bypass the overwhelm, and instead generate exciting momentum as they build a business they love.

Tara Brach

Mary Morrissey has made it her mission to empower people to create and live a life they love.

For over 50 years Mary has studied the art and science of transforming dreams into results.

Mary is the founder of the Brave Thinking Institute, the world’s premier provider of transformational training and coaching. Through life-changing books, events and programs, Mary has helped millions of people tap into the power within them to achieve new levels of success and experience a deeper sense of meaning and purpose.

Click here to learn more about The Brave Thinking Institute™

Tara Brach

For more than 20 years, Lynne McTaggart, an internationally bestselling and award-winning author and journalist, has been examining the bridge between frontier science and spirituality.

Lynne is mainly known for the quality of her narrative non-fiction and the depth of her research, her inspirational speaking style, and her uncompromising role as a New Thought leader and spiritual change agent. Over the years, Lynne McTaggart has been variously called a ‘metaphysical rock star’, ‘the Madonna of the Quantum World,’ ‘the Malcolm Gladwell of the New Science’, and even ‘The Dalai Mama.’

Tara Brach

Matt Kahn is the author of the brand new book All for Love, published by Sounds True. He is also the author of bestselling books Whatever Arises Love That; Everything Is Here To Help You; and The Universe Always Has a Plan. His books have been translated into more than a dozen different languages around the world. In 2020, Matt was named as one of the 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People in the World by Watkins Magazine.

He is a spiritual teacher and highly attuned empathic healer who has become a YouTube sensation with his healing and often humorous videos. More than 20 million YouTube channel viewers are finding comfort, inspiration, and relief from the challenges of daily life through his intuitive updates and helpful, uplifting heart-centered messages.

Tara Brach

Rosie Acosta has studied yoga and mindfulness for more than 20 years and taught for over a decade. She hosts a weekly conversational wellness podcast, Radically Loved. Rosie has traveled all over the world leading workshops, retreats and yoga teacher trainings. She’s been featured in Yoga Journal, Well + Good, Forbes, The New York Post. She lives in Los Angeles. YOU ARE RADICALLY LOVED is her first book. For more information visit her at

Tara Brach

Jenna Kutcher is a born-and-raised Minnesota wife, mother, and entrepreneur who aims for two things daily: helping others wake up to life and staying in comfy pants. Creator and host of the top-rated Goal Digger Podcast, she’s helped thousands redefine success and chase bold dreams through her decade-long work as a leading online personality and educator.

Tara Brach

Yanik Silver has been called a Cosmic Catalyst, a Maverick Mischief-maker and a Galactic Goofball. He redefines how business is played in the 21st century at the intersection of evolutionary growth, impact and fun. Yanik is the creator of the Cosmic Journal, author of Evolved Enterprise and the founder of Maverick1000, a global collective of visionary entrepreneurs making a serious difference in the world, without taking themselves too seriously. In fact, it’s not unusual to find him dressed as a lemur, a showgirl or even in matching mermaid tails with Sir Richard Branson.

Tara Brach

Cathy Heller is a fire hose of inspiration. She’s the host of the popular podcast Don’t Keep Your Day Job, which has over 30 million downloads and has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, HuffPost, Inc Magazine, Business Insider and several times by Apple.

Each week Cathy encourages thousands of listeners to find more purpose, make an impact, and build an abundant life by doing what they love. Throughout the show, she has interviewed successful authors, celebrities, entrepreneurs, spiritual leaders, experts, and everyday heroes about what led them to the biggest moments in their lives, and how you too can create a life that you can’t wait to wake up to every single day.

Tara Brach

Alan Cohen, M.A., is the author of 30 popular inspirational books, including the best-selling A Course in Miracles Made Easy, the award-winning A Deep Breath of Life, and the classic Are You as Happy as Your Dog? He is a contributing writer for the New York Times #1 bestselling series Chicken Soup for the Soul, and his books have been translated into 32 foreign languages. His work has been featured on, in USA Today, The Washington Post, and 101 Top Experts. He is a featured presenter in the award-winning documentary Finding Joe, illuminating the teachings of renowned mythologist Joseph Campbell.

Tara Brach

Sonia Choquette is a NY Times bestselling author and international speaker, widely regarded as today’s preeminent leader on the subject of intuition. Reawakening humanity’s sixth sense is Sonia’s mission, passion, and gift. Rising up from her family’s challenging circumstances, she began offering intuitive readings to adults at the age of 12 and started her training with two master teachers in metaphysical arts and spiritual law. Since then, Sonia has traveled the globe for over four decades, presented on the world’s biggest stages, and collaborated with leading spiritual teachers and media platforms to help millions reconnect with their innate intuitive intelligence. 

Tara Brach

Terri Cole is a licensed psychotherapist, global relationship and empowerment expert, and the author of Boundary Boss-The Essential Guide to Talk True, Be Seen, and (Finally) Live Free. For over two decades, Terri has worked with many clients, including stay-at-home moms, celebrities, and Fortune 500 CEOs. She has a gift for making complex psychological concepts accessible and actionable so that clients and students achieve sustainable change. She inspires over 450,000 people weekly through her blog, social media platform, signature courses, and her popular podcast, The Terri Cole Show.

Tara Brach

Ophira and Tali Edut (The AstroTwins) are bestselling authors, speakers, and astrology experts. The identical twin sisters are the co-founders of the global brand Astrostyle, which reaches millions of loyal readers worldwide. Since 2009, they’ve been ELLE magazine’s in-house astrology columnists and published 13 books. Major media, including The New York Times, have featured the twins who have appeared on-air for Good Morning America, The Today Show, and Sirius XM. In August 2022, The AstroTwins debuted as the astrologers and matchmakers of Amazon Prime’s “Cosmic Love,” the first streaming reality dating show to use astrology. 

Here’s what our listeners have to say…

“Vital info for professional humans”

Julie is providing resources that we can ALL learn from no mater what your background. I just binged a bunch of episodes and heard everything from a mom that home schools her kids and runs a business, to Marie Forleo, to a doctor. She brings a calmness to the process of growth that lets me know that everything will be ok.

February 28, 2019 by sarahcurnoles from United States

Empowering & Inspiring

I have learned so much from these podcasts. Every episode is jam-packed with really useful content. Julie is so authentic and honest. What a breath of fresh air. Whether you want to grow as a person or an entrepreneur or both!, this podcast is a keeper. *I especially enjoyed the most recent episode with the Elevating the Globe women. Very mind-expanding.* Thank you!

January 9, 2019 by kllamoreaux from United States

Informative and inspiring

I love the variety of the guests on Julie’s You-est You Podcast! Her passion for connection and learning is contagious and brings the questions she asks her guests are top notch for a great learning in each interview!

September 20, 2018 by Marni Task from United States

Such a fun and uplifiting Podcast!

I loved The Youest YOU Book and now Julie’s podcast is bringing all that magic to us through her podcast! I absolutely love hearing from these creatives, innovators and teachers about their journey to being their Themest Them! hehe this play on words is super fun too! Each person has a unique story and they’re all doing awesome things for their communities and world around them and what I love most is everyone is so relatable! Truly a job to tune in each week!

July 23, 2018 by JessicaVR26 from United States

One of my favorites!

Julie has a natural gift of teaching that allows her to leave a lasting impact on you and draw the very best from her amazing guests. Her wisdom, stories, and show will help you grow into your highest and most authentic self!

June 19, 2018 by Kelly Resendez from United States

One of my favorite podcasts! l humans”

Julie is the real deal! She is genuine, kind, intelligent and knows how to engage her guests and audience. Each episode is inspiring, uplifting, entertaining and helps listeners get in touch with their inner light and highest Self. I can’t recommend this podcast enough. It is a breath of fresh air in a clean, crisp nature preserve. Ahhhh!

June 1, 2018 by hgdghjuyrfchh from United States

Motivational & Inspiring!

Listening to Julie guide her interviews is like going on a journey. She masterfully elicits gems of knowledge and experience from her inspirational guests. I look forward to new episodes with the excitement of knowing that I will grow and expand by listening! Thank you, Julie!

April 11, 2018 by mjs0201 from United States

Julie shares authenticity to effect life changing results

Julie is a high energy speaker and writer who gives listeners a rare gift–the skills and processes to connect with their true, authentic selves, stripped of socialized beliefs and preconceived thoughts of who they should be or how they can conform to other people’s expectations.It is a journey of discovery of our real,unvarnished selves and ultimately a guide to how to let our real selves emerge and shine.

April 6, 2018 by The Meanest Woman Alive from United States

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Known as America’s Life Designer®, Julie Reisler is the host of the popular global podcast, The You-est You®,  in over 175 countries with 300+ episodes. Julie has been featured in Forbes, MindBodyGreen, The Chopra Center, and Thrive Global for her work as a heart-led mentor and change-maker. As the author of the Amazon top-pick Get a PhD in YOU, Julie has spoken on two TEDx stages and to large crowds in North America. She is also a course creator on Insight Timer, the number-one ranked mindfulness app, with over 170,000+ downloads.

Julie holds a master’s degree in Health & Wellness Coaching from the Maryland University of Integrative Health and is on faculty at Georgetown University in their coaching program.

Julie is the founder of the Life Designer® Coach Academy, a leading-edge program where she certifies transformation coaches from all over the world. Julie is a mentor to hundreds of coaches and entrepreneurs.