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Want to get on our podcasts?

We are looking for entrepreneurs, thought leaders and incredible human beings that LOVE to share their message about being the ‘you-est you’ and are passionate about their content. If you have experiences that you want to share, consider yourself well spoken and have a message you want to bring to the world, fill out the form below.

Great candidates include authors with newly released books, professional speakers, entrepreneurs, thought influencers, start ups with generous experience and of course those with magical powers.
A few requirements before you fill otu the form below:
  1. Subscribe to The You-est YOU™ Podcast on iTunes
  2. 5-Star review the show and provide screenshot via form below.
  3. You must have a professional microphone and headphones. No exceptions. For about $40 you can get them. No cell phones or ear bud mics please.
  4. Once the show airs, we need to know you agree to help to promote the episode.
If you are good with these steps, fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you soon to schedule the interivew!
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