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I help executives, employees, teams and organizations create the ‘what’s next’ through customized packages and programs specific to their needs. I help them define the next level of their legacy, leadership and what’s possible for them and their organizations.

Are you looking to increase employee engagement or reduce undesired attrition?

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1-1 Executive Coaching and Accountability Coaching Circles

Purpose, Values and Future Goals Sessions

Superpower and Strengths Workshop

Leadership retreats and off-sites

Exclusive VIP Sessions

We must first start from where you are in order to get to the next level of your company, business or life.

All transformation starts by fully owning where you’re at. We do this from a strengths-based perspective knowing that personal awareness, utilization of strengths and talents, and asking generative questions leads to greater engagement, innovation, success, creativity and a collective wisdom.

I utilize integrative tools and models from my custom LEVEL UP framework, appreciative inquiry techniques, mindfulness practices, Emotional Intelligence training, strength-based assessments, and growth mindset.

Connection to one another is the main ingredient to creating a robust team. Through an experiential facilitated engagement, we uncover, discover and draw from individual strengths to create a collective genius. You’ll be guided through an interactive conversations around purpose, values and goals to build greater team collaboration and connection

Connect here about our next-level consulting custom packages. We are eager to learn more about your specific needs and desired outcomes.