Begin every day with a powerful intention.

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Begin every day with a powerful intention.

Enter your info to receive The You-est You™ Morning Declaration Cards.

What does the next level mean to you?

What is the next level of your company culture, of your ROI, of your employee engagement, of your sales, or your client list? What would your next level meeting look like? What about your next level team or your next level achievements?

We all have strengths, yet they are often under utilized. Not using one’s strengths will deplete personal energy, commitment and engagement.

Let’s leverage your existing resources to:

  • Access your employee’s strengths to maximize your collective potential
  • Set up employees for success to show up as the fullest versions of themselves
  • Create a purpose driven culture based on collaboration, engagement and living out your mission and values.

You already have who you need to level up.

Participants will leave with clarity, focused action plans and a commitment to their next-level vision.

How do I help you achieve your company’s next level?

My expertise is in coaching and facilitating groups using a strength-based model, design thinking and appreciative inquiry.

I spent 11 years working for the most successful franchise of a Fortune 500 food company as the Director of Recruiting and Director of Guest Relations. During my time in HR at Panera Bread, I conducted many leadership trainings, coached applicants and worked with a diverse community of managers, accountants, directors and the executive team to ensure the success and thriving of all managers. I went back to school and got my Master’s Degree in coaching and over 12 certifications in leadership, mindset and positive psychology.

I serve and work with executives and leaders who are ready to own all of themselves so that they can create what’s next. We focus on strengths and welcome diverse view points. This inclusive and powerful approach leads to a collective genius – the next level – far beyond what any one individual can contribute.

Imagine a purpose driven corporate culture based on full engagement, effective communication and living your mission and values. This is next-level leadership.

Through my LEVEL UP framework, you will experience in-depth conversations and interactive activities consisting of deep questions, meaningful discussion and actionable next steps. My training as a Certified Facilitator with the Flourishing Leadership Institute incorporates a proven positive psychology based methodology that is successfully used with companies such as BMW, Facebook, Vitamix, Green Mountain Coffee, Sodexo, and many others.

The strengths I bring to my clients are my positive energy, deep listening skills and ability to hold space for greater openness, engagement and vulnerability with each attendee.

Your employees will be part of a highly interactive, thought provoking, action orientated and transformative experience. They will get a deeper connection to their ‘why’, to their vision and to their strengths. Positive psychology principles, which are proven to change your mindset and outlook, are woven throughout.

Find out more about my next-level individualized, customized corporate packages and leadership coaching programs for executives and teams.

I work with executives and their organizations looking to create the next level of their business, of their company culture, of their lives. Contact me to learn more about my corporate offerings.